Suction power: what is it and what is the optimum for a vacuum cleaner?

Suction power: what is it and what is the optimum for a vacuum cleaner?


The quality of cleaning is directly affected by the suction power of the vacuum cleaner: the higher it is, the purer your carpets and the paths will be. Therefore, buyers are trying to find the device with the largest capacity. However, if you do not know some of the nuances, you can make the wrong choice. For example, a large figure of 2000 W on the case will impress only the inexperienced consumer, but a person who knows much about such purchases will not have any emotions. Why? Now tell.


  • 1Confusion in numbers
  • 2How much air do you need?
  • 3Types of regulators
  • 4What determines the quality of cleaning
  • 5Maximum and average performance
  • 6Few examples

Confusion in numbers

The fact is that any vacuum cleaner has two power values: consumption and suction. The first one indicates the "gluttony" of the electric appliance: how much it consumes electricity. The second is precisely what characterizes his ability to draw dust. Since the power consumption of the vacuum cleaner is always higher than the suction power, manufacturers write it on the case in very large numbers to attract the attention of consumers.

Suction power is either written slightly nearer to the side, or indicated only in the technical passport. Sometimes, in order to distinguish between these two indicators, the vacuum cleaner's ability to draw dust is measured not in watts, but in aerovrots. However, this unit of measure is not recognized by all manufacturers, therefore it is not considered mandatory.

Note that the power consumption is not related to the suction power.

That is, electrical appliances with different ability to draw dust can require the same amount of electricity for work and vice versa.


How much air do you need?

The optimum suction power of a vacuum cleaner for your apartment depends on several factors:

  • for a linoleum, a parquet or paths with a short pile it is enough to buy a vacuum cleaner up to 250 aerovatts;
  • if you want to shorten the time for cleaning or your windows overlook a dusty street, the vacuum cleaner must be more powerful (up to 350 aerovats);
  • in the house with pets it is better to buy models from 350 aerovats.

It is desirable that the body or pipe of the vacuum cleaner has an air suction force regulator: this will allow you to define and set the optimum value for each type of floor covering. So, if you clean a room without carpets every other day, you can use the minimum power of the vacuum cleaner, and if cleaning for you is a whole event, it is better to put the maximum value.


Remember that too much work of the vacuum cleaner can lead to premature deterioration of the carpet and the details of the device itself.


With the same suction strength in two different models, it is better to buy the vacuum cleaner, which has less power, since this will allow you to save on cleaning.

Types of regulators

The air intake regulators can be:

  • mechanical, when the intensity of dust extraction is manually adjusted by means of a special relay;
  • digital, when the suction power is controlled by the remote control.

Naturally, digital models are more expensive, as they are stuffed with complex details. However, if the vacuum cleaner is equipped with all the other necessary characteristics, it makes no sense to overpay for expensive "stuffing" - a mechanical relay is sometimes quite enough.

What determines the quality of cleaning

The power of absorption of a modern vacuum cleaner (and therefore the quality of cleaning) is affected by different factors:

  1. Filters. The more filters, the lower will be the draft inside the device, since air collides with natural obstacles on the way. Small filters prevent it from moving at high speed, but retain more dust. However, this does not apply to expensive models, because in them the manufacturers took into account this nuance and added performance.
  2. Design. Vacuum cleaner with a cyclone filter sucks worse than a model with a bag. However, when the paper or tissue bag is filled, the air retraction capacity falls. Cyclonic models are spared this disadvantage: the quality of their work does not depend on the filling of the dust bag. The vacuum cleaner with the aquafilter draws in the air a little worse than other models, since it cleans it more thoroughly, passing through the water. However, even more expensive models boast greater power.
  3. Build quality. If all parts of the vacuum cleaner are fitted correctly and there are no slots between them, the quality of the air sucking will be higher than that of the assembled models. That's why after expensive European models there is much less dust than after their cheap Asian counterparts. In this case, the passport and the one and the other vacuum cleaner can have the same indicators.

In addition, over time, the quality of cleaning is reduced, as filters become clogged and different parts of the vacuum cleaner wear out. Try to keep track of your household assistant so that he can serve you as long as possible.


Maximum and average performance

Distinguish between maximum and average effective suction power. The first is achieved only when the vacuum cleaner is turned on and holds literally 5-10 seconds after the start of work. This is most often pointed out by manufacturers, in order to attract as many buyers as possible. However, the vacuum cleaner can not work "full" during the entire cleaning. Gradually the dust bag is filled, the filters are clogged, and the device itself pulls the air with dust no longer so intensely.

The average effective power is below the maximum by about a third. More precisely, it can only be determined with the help of special equipment. It is this indicator that characterizes the quality of the device: how long the vacuum cleaner can effectively perform its tasks.

Few examples

We compared several models of well-known brands, the price of which is approximately the same:

Characteristics LG VC73184NHAR Samsung VCC8855H3S / XEV Philips FC8658 / 01
Dust bag type Flask Container Bag
Power consumption, W 1800 2200 2100
Suction power, W 380 380 425
Volume of dust container, l , 2 4
Filtration system Cyclone Multi-cyclone Multiple filters
Property Management Mechanics Mechanics Mechanics
Weight, kg , 2 7 kg , 8

If you pay attention only to the quality of suction, it is better to choose a model with a bag Philips FC8658 / 01 - here this figure is the highest. However, for a small apartment is quite enough and 380 watts (still you will rarely turn on the device at maximum). Therefore, if you do not want to mess with bags, you can buy a vacuum cleaner with a container. Choosing the two remaining options, stop at LG VC73184NHAR, as it is more economical. On the other hand, Samsung VCC8855H3S / XEV is almost twice the volume of the dust bag, therefore, it will have to be cleaned less often. But the weight of this device is quite impressive - as much as 7 kg. There is something to think about.

Approximately the same scheme you can compare any other models you like. Remember that when choosing a vacuum cleaner, you must always take into account its suction power, since it depends on it the quality and speed of harvesting. Enjoy the shopping!

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