How to prevent washing machine

Why do I need to prevent the washing machine? This allows you to extend the service life, avoiding breakages and malfunctions of the stylalki. The process consists of three stages:

  • daily prevention;
  • periodic chemical and physical cleaning;
  • car inspection.

Next, we'll talk about all the stages and take a closer look at how to prevent the washing machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Breakdowns in the AGR: how to prevent
  • 2Chemical and mechanical cleaning are two effective methods

Breakdowns in the AGR: how to prevent

Of course, it is impossible to insure AGR from wear of parts or factory marriages. There is no guarantee that even the most expensive washing machine will last long. Many factors influence the service life and efficiency of work:

  • quality of assembly and components;
  • water quality;
  • Terms of Use;
  • a condition of an electric system;
  • Force Majeure.

If you regularly follow the rules of operation, while not forgetting about prevention, there is a great chance that the styralka will last much longer than indicated in the technical passport. Of course, you have to spend a little more time, but it will give a positive effect.

Recommendation! Try at least once in 3 years to disassemble the machine and to see if there are no faults or breakages.

Prevention - a way to extend the life of the machine The washing machine guarantees high-quality, effective washing and Uninterrupted operation in the event that to carry out preventive actions not only after washing, but also before switching on programs. Often the main problem of scale formation on the heating element is hard water used for washing. This threatens a serious breakdown.

Interesting! According to statistics, most often in old washers the masters find large volumes of water stone. If you do not take any measures, then your machine will have the same fate - premature failure!

To avoid the consequences, it is very important to make the water softer before washing. To do this, add special substances into the powder collector, which include softeners. Such actions should be carried out daily if you use the machine constantly. But that's not all you need to do.

  1. Before you send the items to the drum, inspect the pockets, remove the trifled stuff. If a button or a coin sticks in the typewriter, it will lead to breakage.
  2. Do not forget to monitor the volume of things by laying them in the drum. If you overload the machine with excess clothing, the washing machine will fail.
  3. As little as possible use the temperature regime of 95 degrees - this harms the typewriter.
  4. When washing things with metal parts: buckles, locks, buttons - send them to washing, previously placed in a special bag.
  5. While things get erased, do not leave the stiralk for a long time without supervision, so that if necessary, take action in time. For example, if a leak occurs. You will notice signs of breakage: knocking, noise, rumbling and so on.
  6. After the end of the program and the extraction of things, you should carefully wipe the drum with a dry rag. Do not forget about the powder collector and rubber seal - they also need proper care.
  7. Always clean the filter. Remove the remaining water from the machine.

Important! Do not unplug the power cord from the outlet during washing, as this will damage the control board!

Chemical and mechanical cleaning are two effective methods

The use of water softeners does not mean that the washing machine does not need to be cleaned. According to the advice of the masters, mechanical prophylaxis of the washing machine with their own hands should be carried out at least once every 3 years. As for dry cleaning, this measure is obligatory once every six months. Cleaning with the use of chemicals does not take much time and effort. The whole point is to add a special cleaning agent to the powder collector. The longest program is set at high temperature. The chosen remedy cleans all the internals of the stylal from any contamination and germs. That's all the cleaning. Mechanical cleaning is more difficult, because it is necessary to go through several stages:

  1. Remove the top cover and the back of the stylalki.
  2. Remove and clean the contaminant drain plug of the machine.
  3. Pump and nipples should also be removed from the inside and cleaned.
  4. Get out of the machine dustbin, filling and drain hoses; rinse.

Let's draw conclusions: preventive maintenance will help prolong the life of your machine, just try to pay attention to it as often as possible. We wish you as often as possible to use your styralka and do not face any more damage!

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