Toilet shower

In the event that your bathroom cannot boast of a special spaciousness of the room, then place some additional devices for the implementation of personal hygiene procedures are not so easy due to the insufficient amount required space.

Toilet with hygienic shower


  • Description and working principle
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Varieties
  • Shower toilet
  • Bidet cover
  • Built-in washbasin mixer
  • Model with thermostat
  • Wall-mounted hygienic shower
  • How to choose?
  • How to install it yourself?
  • Price and reviews

And if the existing dimensions of the space may not be enough for you to install the bidet, then it is most effective to use the universal and a compact hygienic toilet shower, which can be an excellent alternative and replace any other similar equipment.

This article will help you get to know this device in more detail, understand its principle of operation, so that you can easily perform an independent installation of this device in your bathroom.

Description and working principle

This design consists of a small watering can and an auxiliary button, with which you can adjust the force of the water supply pressure.
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Toilet bowl with a hygienic shower is a wonderful invention that takes up a minimum of space, thus allowing you to save the necessary space, and performs all the tasks assigned to it, thereby keeping your body clean and okay.

This equipment can be built into the toilet itself or its lid, or use special wall-mounted options that do not take up much space in your bathroom.

The principle of operation resembles the work of a bidet toilet, which serves as an analogue and also allows you to perform all hygiene procedures, but may require more space from you for installation.

The hygienic shower is distinguished by sufficient functionality, allowing you to carry out not only all the necessary actions to maintain personal hygiene, but and perform various additional procedures, ranging from a convenient set of water in any containers and ending with the ability to wash the toilet and the cat tray.

And its compact size allows you to install this device even in those bathrooms, the space of which is not very large.

Advantages and disadvantages

Toilet with hygienic showerA hygienic toilet shower is a very useful equipment that can please you with the following advantages:

  1. The ability to use a shower for comfortable washing of newborn babies and children of any age.
  2. Effectively simplify essential care for the elderly.
  3. The invention boasts a rich functionality and healing effect, due to which all kinds of rectal diseases are treated.
  4. The ability to wash the toilet itself and conveniently rinse various trays and chamber pots.
  5. Moderate cost of models, allowing buyers to save a lot of their money investments.
  6. The mechanism allows you to save a large amount of free space in the bathroom, which is not very large.

There are also some downsides:

  1. Even after switching off the device, the remaining water may drip from it for some time.
  2. Some types of shower can only be installed on one specific water pipe.
  3. The presence of excess splashes during operation, which force you to do additional cleaning.
  4. Lack of the necessary comfort in operation by those people who are overweight.


Today the market can present you the following types of models:

Shower toilet

Shower toilet

This is a special hygienic shower that is built directly into the toilet itself using a retractable nozzle fitting.

Bidet cover

Toilet bidet cover

This structure is installed in the toilet seat. There are electrical and non-electrical models.

Built-in washbasin mixer

Hygienic shower with sink

A similar model is installed if there is a sink next to the toilet. The mechanism works by removing a special shower hose for the toilet.

Model with thermostat

Hygienic shower with thermostat

This creates an additional opportunity to regulate the most comfortable temperature regime of the water used.

Wall-mounted hygienic shower

Wall-mounted hygienic shower

It is represented by external and internal varieties of models.

How to choose?

Before deciding on a specific model, you should consider a few points:

  1. It is necessary to give preference in favor of one or another model, based on your preference as to where it is best to install the selected shower in the future.
  2. Choose the right materialfrom which the watering can is made. It can be plastic or brass. If your finances allow you to choose more expensive models, then it is more advisable to opt for mechanisms made on the basis of brass.
  3. If there is a sink next to the toilet, then the best option would be to purchase a special mixer with a hygienic shower.

How to install it yourself?

Basic steps for assembling a hygienic shower or bidet cover

Installation work will depend on the type of bidet shower you choose. If you focus on the shower toilet, then its installation involves the same steps that are required in the process of mounting a conventional toilet. In addition, it is only necessary to supply water and install a mixer.

The bidet cover is mounted as follows:

  1. The water from the tank must first be drained by closing the shut-off valve after that.
  2. The next step is to remove the hose through which water flows into the tank.
  3. Next, remove the top cover from the toilet and install the tee. The tee should be connected to the tank using a special hose, after completing the subsequent installation of this element.
  4. A bolt should be inserted into the plug and into the base plate, and then the plate and all bolts and plugs are connected to the main part of the mechanism.
  5. The main mechanism is installed thanks to the holes made in the toilet bowl, securing the device with bolts, after which the nuts are tightly tightened and special plastic washers are attached.
  6. At the final stage, the mechanism is connected to a tee and the water supply is checked.

Wall-mounted models are mounted in two ways:

  1. Open mounting. The mixer is installed on the wall in such a way that the flexible hose connects to the shower head, and then hang the shower holder. In the process of installing a hose with a shower head and a mixer, gaskets should be placed between these elements.
  2. Concealed installation. Such mounting involves the creation of a special niche in the wall, followed by the laying of strobes in order to supply water to the mixer. The main mechanism is installed in the created niche, after which the joystick lever is installed, and a hose with a watering can is connected.

Price and reviews

Toilet shower

The assortment is presented by various options of European manufacturers, such as Grohe, WasserKRAFT and others, which offer customers a variety of hygiene heads, sets and headsets.

The cost will depend on the manufacturer and model chosen. Prices for watering cans and sprayers range from 700 to 2000 rubles. The cost of hygiene kits is an average price of 2,000 to 15,000 rubles.


  1. Olga, g. Samara. “A hygienic shower is a wonderful thing, thanks to which you can easily pour a bucket of water and wash the cat litter box. And as for the inconveniences that some people focus on, this is generally a very controversial issue. After all, what will be comfortable for one person may not be so convenient for another. This is already a matter of tastes and preferences. Personally, if I had a place in the bathroom for a bidet, I still installed a hygienic shower because of all the advantages of this device. Moreover, running right after the toilet in a regular shower is somehow not very convenient, as for me, don't you think so? "
  2. Maxim, g. Arkhangelsk. “Personally, I would prefer a bidet over a hygienic shower. Especially if there is enough free space in the bathroom. I come from my own experience. When using the shower, there were often such incidents that completely spoiled the whole impression of buying such a compact device. Sometimes it was very difficult to establish a suitable water temperature that would be most comfortable for the intimate area. The jet was sometimes too cold, sometimes very hot, if the tap was on in the kitchen. You should also pay attention to the shape of the existing toilet. Because with a strong pressure of water, you can spray the entire bathroom floor, and this leads to the need to do daily cleaning and wipe all tiles after each wash. "
  3. Sveta, g. Moscow. “Because of my cleanliness husband, I had to install a hygienic shower. Personally, he is very pleased with everything, although water drips in the same way as from a regular shower. Fortunately, the fluffy rug that we placed on the floor saves. And I personally like the most ordinary shower, so I do not always understand such an indescribable delight of my husband. Although the cat's tray is very convenient to wash with the help of the hygienic option. In this regard, he was very useful to me. "
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