Stainless steel sandwich pipes for ovens

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The sandwich pipe has been popular in the construction market for many years, although few people use them, in most cases they are specialists in the construction and laying of ovens. Most often people use brickworkwhich requires regular cleaning, several times a year, and very frequent repairs.

Chimney on the roof of the house


  • Features and scope
  • Manufacturing technology
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • How to do it yourself?
  • Fire safety
  • Recommendations and cost

Some people do not even suspect that there are special chimney designs that can be assembled in a few hours, without complicated work and special tools.

Sandwich pipe Is a double-circuit element in the chimney system. It is made of two pipes of different diameters. Between themselves they have a heat-insulating layer.

The sandwich pipe consists of an inner casing - it is made of steel that does not rust or corrode. Then comes the outer raincoat - made of the same materials as the inner one. Finally, a ball of basalt is a layer of thermal insulation that runs between the pipes. If the materials are of high quality and compact, weigh a little, then the installation of the pipe will be a pleasure.

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Features and scope

Sandwich pipesThe main quality of sandwich pipes in their construction, it prevents condensation from forming in winter. When there is no condensation, less soot and soot are formed, which are deposited on the walls of the chimney.

This helps to use the pipe much longer without having to carry out repair work. The structure is made of two stainless pipes, which are placed one inside the other.

They are separated by a 50 mm ball of insulation. To make it easier to work, specialists made a separate system for a pair of elements, and attached special connectors to them that can connect the structure.

Depending on the field of application and types of fuel, different thicknesses of heat-insulating material are taken; for this method, stone and mineral wool are used.

When equipping chimney pipes in a wooden building, external insulation of the outer pipe is used. They use sandwich pipes for gas water heaters and boilers, fireplaces and fireplace inserts, heating stoves.

Manufacturing technology

Chimney sandwich pipe device
Chimney sandwich pipe device

To make a pipe, high-alloy stainless steel is used, which is fastened with a stainless steel method. Chimneys from such steel are used to remove smoke and gases from furnaces and boilers. Sandwich pipes are made of heat-resistant and stainless steel.

Insulation is laid in the gap between the pipes, which will withstand high temperatures. Rock wool with a basalt or fiberglass base is best for this method.

Steel sheet and insulation depend on the thickness of the chimney, namely:

  • heating temperature;
  • ambient temperature in winter;
  • chimney features;

Installation of a chimney from sandwich pipes is the latest technology for the construction of chimneys for pipe insulation. The length of the compartments is approximately one meter.

The diameter of the pipe can be different, the main thing is that they are suitable for the device of any chimney. It can be wide or narrow. When choosing a chimney model, remember that the quality of the chimney depends on the operation of the fireplace, stove, boiler, and do not forget about fire safety.

Advantages and disadvantages

Chimney sandwich pipeAdvantages:

  1. Chimney installation can be carried out in the middle of the house and attic, as well as outside.
  2. The pipes do not take up much space. They are lightweight and compact.
  3. Easy to install: separate elements are collected and connected to each other. This can be done by a non-professional in a few hours.
  4. No foundation needed for sandwich pipe, so there is no need to waste time, money and effort.
  5. When making sandwich pipes, stainless steel is used. This helps to withstand aggressive air environments and high temperatures. Due to the fact that the pipe is made of stainless steel, condensation and soot do not settle on its walls, this extends its service life.
  6. High degree of fire safety.
  7. Light weight allows you to pass under ceilings and roofs.
  8. Long-term operation, when using high quality sandwich pipes.

Few drawbacks, but still, they are:

  1. Sandwich pipes are much more expensive than conventional pipes.
  2. Short service life, in comparison with conventional chimneys made of bricks.
  3. Depressurization of the pipe joints subsequently due to temperature changes.

How to do it yourself?

Sandwich chimney installation diagram
Sandwich chimney installation diagram

It is very easy to make your own sandwich pipe. For work, take a steel pipe, galvanized with iron. Wrap the pipe inside with stone wool, and attach galvanized steel on top of the wool. There is nothing complicated here.

The outer shell is made from a couple of pieces. Don't forget the seams. Attach the galvanized iron with flea beetles and screws. Fasten not in one place of the sheet, but between them. A sandwich pipe can be made from different materials.

If you want to install sandwich pipes, you need to be careful, careful, study the construction plan in detail.

Prepare these tools:

  • ladder;
  • pipe;
  • clamps;
  • screws;
  • sealant;
  • stone wool;
  • professional cardboard;
  • scissors;
  • assembly instructions;

It will take you a few hours to install the pipe and a willingness to work.

Put the adapter on the boiler or stove hose, pre-lubricate it with sealant, and then clamp it with a metal clamp. If the chimney runs vertically, install an additional pipe on which to place the water heating tank.

Chimney location options
Chimney location options

It is impossible to install the pipe right away, because the thermal insulation layer can melt. If you are installing on a heated boiler with access to the street, then after the adapter pipe, install a horizontal section. It should be no more than one meter long. Be sure to close the ball of thermal insulation that remains with a professional plug.

You will need to punch a hole in the wall so that a gap forms between the wall and the sandwich. Inside, the wall is sheathed with special cardboard. Then you can insert the block. Pass a pipe through the block and connect it to the boiler, fill the space with stone wool. Cover everything outside with a metal plate.

Install the pipe on a flat roof at least 50 centimeters above the roof plane. The device must pass through the roof of a sheet of steel, the size of which is equal to the size of the pipe. Put the sheet with its upper end, under the ridge of the roof. Then wrap the pipe with silicone sealant. Attach the sheet to the coating, coat the joints with a sealant with special screws.

Fire safety

It is necessary that there is a section of an uninsulated pipe near the stove or boiler. Do not install the sandwich pipe over the stove, despite its thickness and strength, it will burn out.

Install the pipe taking into account that condensation will form on the wall inside. Condensation will collect on the cold wall of the chimney.

To make the condensate disappear somewhere, special tees are made. The pipes are installed with the sockets of the inner pipes upwards, with the help of this, the condensate will not go anywhere from the chimney, and the outer shell, on the contrary, is joined by smoke.

This part will prevent the coals from entering the room. Install the pipe away from combustible objects.

Recommendations and cost

Sandwich pipesThe pipes are made of stainless steel, thanks to which the chimneys are used for the removal of combustion products. The price depends on many qualities, for example: what material, what type of object, what assembly, what location, length, complexity. Sandwich pipes are much more expensive than conventional pipes.

The price range for sandwich pipes is 550-10500 rubles.

In order to install a sandwich pipe, you do not need to call professionals, the main thing is to have a great desire and interest. It is not difficult and there are no special secrets for installation, the installation can be done by yourself, while getting a lot of pleasure. Most importantly, do not forget about safety precautions, be careful and attentive.

Read the installation instructions before use. Prepare all the necessary tools and materials for the job. If you don't have time to install yourself, you can hire workers and buy all the materials.

It is best to buy materials from one manufacturer in order to avoid any problems later. Details of different companies rarely coincide.

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