Correct preparation of onion for planting in open ground


To obtain a good harvest of onions, many truck farmers use seedlings grown from seeds as planting material. Simple preparation and processing before planting will help to get amicable shoots and create protection for the culture from pests or diseases. The measures taken will also affect the process of vegetation and the formation of the head.

Before planting and sowing in the open ground, the onion seeds must be prepared in a special way - disinfect or etch, trim the top, treat with phytosporin from the fungus or to reduce arming.


Table of contents

  • Is it necessary to cook onion seeds before planting in the open ground
  • How to make a pre-sowing seedling in the spring
  • Correct processing
    • From pests and diseases
    • To stimulate growth
    • To reduce the arming
    • Preparation before processing
  • Is it necessary to trim the top of the onion before planting
  • Methods of preplanting circumcision onions

Is it necessary to cook onion seeds before planting in the open ground

Experienced horticulturists recall the times when they did not even prepare for onions to plant a speech. It was believed that the onion - the plant is enough

unpretentious. They managed except for a bulkhead to remove the damaged bulbs.

With the current ecology and caprices of the climate in different regions to dream that the culture will grow by itself is not worth it.

In addition, each stage of the preparatory process gives the planting material the preferential qualities:

  • growth stimulation;
  • destruction of harmful bacteria by disinfection;
  • strengthening immunity (resistance to a number of diseases and pests);
  • prevention of rotting turnip;
  • increased resistance to weather disasters.
A rich harvest of onions depends on the preparation of the crop before planting

The removal of a generous harvest of onions depends not only on proper care. The lion's share of success depends on the quality of preparation for the landing.


How to make a pre-sowing seedling in the spring

Strengthen the immunity of the sowing for resistance to pests and diseasesby soaking. Prescriptions of solutions for preseeding procedure are quite numerous, you can easily make and choose a convenient option.

Among the popular components:

  • salt;
  • manganese;
  • copper vitriol;
  • baking soda;
  • ammonia;
  • Birch tar.
Soaking in a salt solution helps to fight pests

The main enemy of the bow isonion fly. To prevent her invasion of the beds will help to process the sprinkling of salt solution. The same way will save the culturefrom thrips and ticks.

And in the fight against fungal spores has proven itselfpotassium permanganate. Soaking in a weak solution will help to destroy microorganisms on the planting material, the main thing is to drain the solution in time.

To obtain rapid seedlings, various growth stimulants are used. Preconditioning accelerates sprouting of shoots for 3-6 days. Among effective means -solutions of zircon and humate, "Energen".


Correct processing

Planting material begins to prepare for the planting season from autumn.

During its storage it is necessary to observe the temperature regime and not to allow an increase in the humidity of the air in the room.Good ventilation or regular airingprevent spoilage of the seed. In spring, just before planting, the onion undergoes a complex treatment.

From pests and diseases

To disinfect the seed, soak in manganese

Seva for planting is purchased or used its own, grown from the seeds of black cherry. Visually determine the presence or absence of fungal spores and other harmful bacteria in it, so it is recommended thatdisinfection procedure.

There are a lot of drugs and various means that can cope with this task. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account before use.

Many gardeners use the old proven method of processing planting material - soak itin a weak solution of potassium permanganate for 20-25 minutes. Another method involves the use of saltpeter (2-3 gr.), Which is diluted in a bucket of warm water.

Increase immunity and get rid of harmful bacteria will help the usualsalt. In a bucket of water, 5-6 table spoons of salt are bred, after which the sowing is immersed for 4-5 hours. A little less concentrated salt water pours the soil under the beds for the purpose of decontamination.

Do not abuse the amount of salt or frequent use. From diseases, this will help protect plants, but the soil will spoil for a long time. It is recommended to conduct one-time procedures.
Phytosporin will help get rid of the fungus

From fungal infections, onions will protect the treatment with the drugPhytosporin. In a bucket of water, 35 gr. Phytosporin and immersed in the liquid prepared heads for 20-30 minutes.


To stimulate growth

In order for the seedling to grow quickly and give a good harvest before planting, it is recommended that it be treated with growth stimulants. The most accessible and popular way is to usewood ash, rich in potassium and natural antiseptics.

The procedure in addition to accelerating growthprevents rottingmaterial in the earth. It will be necessary to dilute in 5 liters of water 250 gr. ash, then immerse in the bulb solution for 10 minutes. Further, for 2-3 hours you need to dry them.

Effectively copes with the task the drugEpin-Extra. In warmed water up to 50 degrees add 1 capsule. The soaking time is 10-15 minutes. You can also use other tools:Biostim, Silk. The solution is prepared in the proportions specified in the instructions.

. . Epin Extra - to stimulate growth.. Biostim.. Silk.
When planting onions for winter growth stimulators, the material is not processed.

To reduce the arming

Warming upIt is necessary to prevent the early formation of arrows. Some gardeners carry out the procedure under the sun's rays (at a temperature of not less than 20 degrees).

Others send sowok (in a cardboard box) to the battery, where under the influence of heat no more than 40 degrees the planting material is maintained for about 10 hours. It is important that the onion does not over-rest and not overheat.

If there is no time for warming up, and the planting time has already come, you can pour the onions' cans with hot water (about 50 degrees) for 15 minutes, then necessarily pour cold. Such express processing will not completely eliminate the release of arrows, but significantly delay the time of their formation.

. . Having warmed the nest in the sun.. In hot water, the heating is carried out directly in the grid.

When carrying out soaking, it is recommended to dip the onion into a solutionin the grid. On top of it you need to lay out a small weighting so that the nets do not float up. Use too heavy objects can not, as they damage the integrity of the heads, which will damage the planting material.

Preparation before processing

The preparatory process consists of the following stages:

  • sorting of planting material;
  • drying;
  • warming up;
  • soaking and disinfection;
  • drying.

While performing the sorting, it is important not only to remove the damaged bulbs, but also to sort the material suitable for plantingin size.

Large turnips are planted first on the beds, after them in the medium sent to the soil, and the smallest sprout faster than all, so their turn last.

Sorting onions by size before planting

Planting seed beds of approximately the same diameter,uniform development of seedlings and forcing out the feather. In turn, root crops will be formed about the same size, which is convenient for later storage.

After the soaking procedures it is important to wash the seed in clean water, changing it 2-3 times. About this fact very few people mention, and inexperienced gardeners miss this stage.


Is it necessary to trim the top of the onion before planting

If the landing is planned in a small area, then it is rational to supplement the process by pruning the bulbs.

For large plantations, this crop is difficult due to large volumes. Top head removalaccelerates shoot germinationand creates favorable conditions for a good vegetation.

In addition, proper pruning makes the soaking procedure more efficient, it is much easier to penetrate the solution between the scalp scales. Careful preparation virtually eliminates unpleasant surprises during the cultivation of bulbous cultures.

When pruning, do not delete too much of the tip. This will provoke decay of planting material or will not allow the onion to let out greens.

Crop top pruning makes the steeping procedure more efficient

Methods of preplanting circumcision onions

When growing onions on a feather from large headscuts 1/3 of the top. This makes it easy to extract greens when it reaches the desired height. If the goal of agrotechnics is to obtain a root crop, then only the tail has to be cut off, without hitting the white peel.

Some varieties (for example, Msergey) are cut off from both sides:and the tip and the bottom. This is done to accelerate the growth and rapid formation of the root system. Such manipulation gives the result literally the next day, when the process of shoot growth already begins. On the dry bottom, roots are formed much later.

According to the reviews of experienced gardeners, in any case, there is a reason to remove the woven portion of the top. Feathers break through a dense barrier is difficult, it is a factor inhibiting vegetation.

Having weighed all the pros and cons of preparing the crop for planting, we can state with certaintythe need for these procedures. The cost of time and money will be minimal, and the quality of the bulbs and the entire crop is significantly increased.

In addition, it is possible to develop your own recipes for processing planting material, share them and the results of application with all gardeners. If the purpose of cultivation is to produce a feather (greens), the preparation is often limited to sorting only.

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