Overview of devices for fast cleaning and cutting apples on lobules


The apple tree is one of the most unpretentious trees, and its fruits are the most common fruits in our country. They are eaten raw, of which drinks are made and used in cooking.Apples are a hypoallergenic product containing a large number of vitamins, manganese, potassium, iron, so their benefits are undeniable. This article provides an overview of devices and devices for cleaning and cutting apples, as well as tips for processing apples after cutting so that they do not darken.


Table of contents

  • Apparatus for slicing and cleaning apples
    • Machine for cleaning and cutting
    • Set of apple and apple cutting
    • Knives for cutting apples with lobules
    • Vegetable cutters with double-sided knives
  • What to do to make the grated apple not dark

Apparatus for slicing and cleaning apples

For cleaning and cutting apples, many tools have been devised to help save time and effort on these processes.

Machine for cleaning and cutting

This device for a few moments will clear the fruit from the rind and cut it with a fine neat spiral.

Machine for cleaning and cutting apples

With the help of a powerful sucker this machine is attached to the table or working surface of the kitchen. With a little effort, the apple is worn on a special pin. And it remains only to twist the pen -the fruit will not only be cleaned and cut, but the core will be extracted from it. If you want to get apple slices, then the resulting spiral is easy to cut on them.

Set of apple and apple cutting

Another device that facilitates the processing of apples is a set of apples and apple cutters:

Set: apple and apple cutter

If you need a peeled apple slice to make a pie or apple casserole, then it's just an irreplaceable thing in the household.First you need to put the apple on the pin and, by rotating the handle, the peel will be cleaned. Then the fruit should be cut with an apple cutter - 8 identical lobules will be obtained and the core will be extracted simultaneously.

Knives for cutting apples with lobules

This device is present in almost every house. They differ in the shape of the pens and in the number of lobules to which the fruit is cut. On the shelves of stores such devices are found in round shape, in the form of apples, but they are all made of durable plastic, and sharp knives are made of cast aluminum. Colors of plastic can be any, so you can easily pick up such a knife in the color of the kitchen.The number of lobes varies from 8 to 12, respectively, the more lobules, the more thin they are.

. . Plastic vegetable cutter for 10 lobules.. Vegetable slicer for 8 lobules with curved handles.. Plastic vegetable cutter for 8 lobules.

Vegetable cutters with double-sided knives

It is convenient to clean apples from the peel with conventional vegetable cuttings.Two-sided knives in stainless steel, fixed or floating. The handles are made of wood, steel or colored plastic.

. . Vegetable slicer with a metal handle.. Vegetables with colored plastic handles.. Vegetable slicer with a wooden handle.

Of course, you can clean and cut apples with ordinary kitchen knives, but this will take quite some time. thereforedistinguish the following advantages of special devices for this:

  • Muchthe time for processing this product is shortened. Especially it is necessary in families with small children, after all for the preparation of fruit puree you need purified fruits;
  • Machines and knives for apples compactand do not take up much space in the kitchen - they are convenient to store in a kitchen cupboard or on a shelf;
  • Machines for cleaning apples are universal- they can peel potatoes and other solid vegetables, similar in size;
Cleaning and slicing an apple with a machine
  • These adaptations will becomeA great gift for any mistress;
  • Tools are equipped with stainless steel knives, so they will last for decades;
  • Machines for cutting and cleaning apples are equipped with suction cups- they will not slide on the work surface. And the apples themselves are firmly fixed on them with the help of pins;
  • With the help of apple-cuts, neat lobules are obtained, equal in size, which is useful in the preparation of pies;
  • When using these toolsapples do not lose a lot of juice;
  • All constructionsconvenient and absolutely safe- You can not be afraid to cut yourself while working with them.

What to do to make the grated apple not dark

Cut or grinded apples quickly darken

Freshly cut in half or a slice of apple quickly darkens by reacting the enzyme contained in them with oxygen in the air.There are more than a dozen simple ways to help avoid oxidation. Here are some of them:

  1. On chopped apples you needapply lemon juiceor soak for several minutes in a container of water and lemon juice (1 tbsp. spoon of lemon juice for 1 glass of water). Then drain and rinse.
  2. Instead of lemon it is allowed to useorange juice or lime juice.
  3. Soak the apples in a salty solution- per liter of water half a teaspoon of salt. Wait 5 minutes to brew the apples, then rinse.
If you use the proportions correctly and do not over-restrain the fruit in the solution - they will retain their taste and will not become salty.
  1. Apples are soaked in soda flavored with lemon. If you want them to acquire additional flavor, you do not need to rinse.
  2. Use of a freshener for fruit- also a great way to protect apples from darkening. This powder consists of ascorbic and citric acid. It's enough just to sprinkle the powder on apples and stir so that it is evenly distributed.
  3. BlanchingIs a method suitable for apples, which will then be used for cooking, since after blanching the fruit pulp softens. This method involves cooking pieces of apples 3-4 minutes, so the reaction of the apple enzyme with oxygen stops.
Blanching apples
  1. Wrapping pieces of apples in a food film, you can save them from oxidation. However, this method is not very convenient and effective, because it is necessary to achieve complete absence of air under the film. And it's rather difficult to do this. And you should wrap each piece separately, so the process will take a long time.
  2. Sliced ​​apple is pulled together with a regular clerical rubber bandth, restoring it in its original form. So the cut sections will not contact the air and oxidize.
All these methods protect the cut of the apple from darkening only for 5-7 hours. After a while, the oxidation process will begin again.

It is also proved thatthe rate of oxidation of apples depends on their grade and on the blade of the knife. If the knife is old, it will leave the salt on the cut of the fruit, which speeds up the oxidation process. Already cut apples are best stored in the refrigerator - so they will keep freshness longer.

Despite the benefits of apples and their easy access, we must not forget that it is not recommended to consume them in large numbers to people with ulcers or gastritis. Because of the large content of iodine, it is not advised to eat more than 5 apples per day.

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