How to choose a vacuum cleaner without a bag: basic parameters

How to choose a vacuum cleaner without a bag: basic parameters


Have you decided to buy a new vacuum cleaner? Yes, not simple, but without a dust bag? And right! With the help of such an assistant, cleaning will be much easier and more fun. Just pick the right one will not be so easy: there are too many differences between the models. Moreover, the fanless vacuum cleaner has its own characteristics, which you need to consider when buying. And do you know about its shortcomings? Do they agree to be reconciled? Let's check which vacuum cleaner without a boring dust bag suits you better.


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Pros and cons of vacuum cleaners without a bag

There are two types of models without a dust bag: cyclone vacuum cleaners and electric appliances with an aquafilter. In the first case, air passes through a special container, where it is twisted into a spiral and filtered: in the middle there is a large debris, and on the walls - small. In models with an aquafilter, air is purified by water, which is considered more effective.

Compare these vacuum cleaners the easiest way with a small nameplate:

Options Cyclonic With aquafilter
Quality of cleaning Good Excellent
Weight and dimensions Compact and convenient Pretty big and heavy
Contact with dust Minimal (when cleaning the container) No (all dust settles in the water)
Degree of filtration Good Excellent
Ease of use The container should be washed periodically (but not every time it is cleaned) Constantly it is necessary to disassemble and dry all details
Wet cleaning No Yes (you can even wash windows, collect liquid and clean pipes)
Humidification of air No Yes
Storage space You can just hide under the chair after cleaning Requires a lot of space for both the device itself and for components
Price Acceptable "Bites"

It is absolutely clear that vacuum cleaners without a bag for collecting dust with an aquafilter better perform their duties and allow the housewives to carry out a very high-quality cleaning.

The main difficulties in working with them, which sometimes do not allow them to choose, is the need long tinkering while cleaning and have a special space for storing all the parts in the disassembled form. And indeed: dubious is the pleasure after a minor cleaning for another 15-20 minutes to put in order the device itself. In this they lose even to models with a garbage bag.

Alternatively, you can choose an expensive device with an aquafilter for general cleaning and some small model with a disposable dust bag to use it for small cleaning. Or a cyclone vacuum cleaner "for every day" plus a modern model with an aquafilter to fight for cleanliness on weekends. But how to choose a hairless vacuum cleaner?

Important Selection Parameters

If you have already decided which vacuum cleaner without a bag is better, consider the following characteristics:

  • Power. Vacuum cleaners differ in suction power (higher - better cleaning) and consumption (it affects the economy of the model). Suction power starts from 250 W (sometimes it is indicated in aerovrots), and power consumption is from 1300 W. Try to find the optimal values ​​for yourself.
  • The possibility of adjusting the suction power allows you to remove complex rooms with high power, and simple - small. This function, so familiar to models with a dust bag, is virtually inaccessible to cyclone model owners. And all because the whirlwind reacts very badly to power fluctuations: it can get off even from a simple suction of the curtains, because of which all filters quickly clog. Vacuum cleaners with aquafilter usually have this capability.
  • The length of the cord. Yes Yes! This is an important indicator, since a short cord will make you constantly interrupt during work to move from one outlet to the other. And this is tedious.
  • Possibility of automatic winding of the cord. You will be surprised, but some vacuum cleaners do not have it. The risk group includes instruments with an aquafilter. It's better to find out before the hummed vacuum cleaner is in your house.
  • Filters. It's better if you can change them periodically, because even a high-quality wash can not remove all the dirt. In addition, they must detain even small particles, which is incredibly important for allergy sufferers. From this point of view, vacuum cleaners with an aquafilter are preferable.

By the way, unlike the model with a dust bag, an electric appliance without a bag can sometimes be washed to preserve the quality of its work.

  • The noise level is checked in special laboratories. It can be learned from the technical specifications. Of course, it is desirable to choose a quiet model, because the headache of noise after each harvest is hardly included in the list of pleasant bonuses. Be sure to ask to turn on the vacuum cleaner without a dust bag right in the sales area to evaluate this figure.
  • Weight and dimensions. Compact models - our all in small apartments. I also would like the device not to be heavy. Here, cyclonic electrical appliances win. However, if the quality of cleaning is extremely important for you (there is an allergic person in the house), then you have to sacrifice this parameter in favor of an impressive aquafilter.
  • Suction pipe. Of course, it must be regulated. Moreover, it is desirable to choose such a device, where it is done effortlessly. Also pay attention to the pipe material: the metal is more durable.
  • Wheels. Must be strong, easy to rotate and maneuver. Vacuum cleaners should easily cope with obstacles in the form of corners, turns and thresholds, otherwise you will suffer during cleaning. However, models with aquafilter can not be maneuverable by definition: with sharp turns and jumps, water is poured out of them, so it is necessary to clean them carefully.
  • Container for dust collection in cyclone models. It is plastic and consists of several compartments (a minimum of two) to make it easier to filter garbage. By the way, this is one of the advantages of models without a bag in comparison with devices with a bag for dust: in the first case, you can quickly check the contents and select from the general mass of accidentally "swallowed" an electrical appliance an important trifle, in the second one will have to dig through all this "Magnificence".
  • Additional attachments. More, of course, better. But to choose this particular model only because it has two more nozzles, it is still unreasonable. In the end, the same turbo-brush can be bought later. The main thing is that your vacuum cleaner without a boring dust bag is good in everything else.
  • Pleasant improvements. For example, a blade for debris pressing in cyclone models. Or a bumper for protecting furniture. Or clearing the dustbin with a light movement of the hand. Try to choose the most modern variant.

All other parameters: bright color, fashionable design and other indicators of uniqueness, are no longer so important. Take advantage of our advice when choosing a vacuum cleaner, and you'll love even the most modest cleaning assistant, because it will be so convenient!

Video: how to choose a vacuum cleaner

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