Technical characteristics of dishwashers

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When choosing dishwashers, the buyer pays attention to the technical characteristics and appearance. Studying the spaciousness, the class of washing, the economy of the model, you can lean towards one or another dishwasher. In the article you will learn how to choose the best dishwasher and what to pay special attention to.

Content of the material:

  • 1Features of dishwasher selection
    • 1.1type of instalation
    • 1.2Dimensions and capacity
    • 1.3Classes of washing, power consumption, drying
    • 1.4Management type
    • 1.5Design
    • 1.6Security
    • 1.7Noise level
  • 2Secondary characteristics
    • 2.1Equipment
    • 2.2Programs and functionality

Features of dishwasher selection

Today, everyone uses the Internet - before going to a real store, the user will review reviews about the product. An important factor in the selection is the dishwasher brand: Bosch, Korting, Hansa, Whirlpool, Siemens, etc. In the Russian market, the most popular is the PMM "Bosch". Manufacturers offer a wide selection and different prices.

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What to look for after? On the technical characteristics of the model. Here is an overview of the most important characteristics for a dishwasher.

type of instalation

You must decide where you will install the equipment. Is there room for a full-length model, or will only fit the built-in compact PMM?

Embedded type. Excellent fit in any interior, because it can be hidden behind the facade. A decorative door is hung on the front panel. The built-in PMM can be narrow or full-sized. Partially built-in options are also convenient, but the front door has its own, without hanging. Here you need to consider the external design of the model.

Stand-alone type. The machine is installed in any convenient place, without binding to furniture. Stand-alone PMMs are full-sized, narrow, compact.

Dimensions and capacity

These are two very important indicators. Classification of dishwashers:

  1. Full-size. Can be mounted separately or between kitchen cabinets. Standard sizes are 60x60x85 cm. The capacity of the bunker is from 10 to 14 sets.
  2. Narrow. Are built in furniture or installed on the floor. Conveniently placed under the table top. The width of the body is from 45 cm. There are 6 to 9 sets of dishes.
  3. Compact. Are placed on the countertop or in the furniture, niche, under the sink. The standard dimensions are 45х55х45 cm. There are 4 to 6 sets of dishes.

Choosing a model for capacity, consider how many people live in the house. One set of dishes includes 11 items. For a family of 2 people there will be a fairly compact PMM. From 3 to 5 people - a narrow or full-sized model.

Classes of washing, power consumption, drying

The energy consumption classes of dishwashers are divided into 7 types. Classes A, B and C are considered the most economical. Classes D and E - the average quality of energy efficiency. Classes F and G - the lowest energy efficiency.

Washing is characterized by classes from A (highest) to E (lowest). By the amount of water consumption dishwashers are divided into three classes:

  • A - 14-16 liters.
  • B - 17-20 liters.
  • C - 20-25 liters.

Even the most inefficient machine consumes less water than a person washing with hands.

PMM is produced with different types of drying:

  1. Condensation or natural. The most economical, does not consume electricity. At the end of the sink, the dishes are rinsed with hot water, the door opens slightly. Due to the air circulation, drying takes place.
  2. Turbosushka. The most effective. The design includes a fan and an additional heater. The latter heats the air, and the fan accelerates it through the chamber.
  3. Heat exchange. A heat exchanger is installed in the side of the housing. Inside the tank there is cold water. During washing, hot water heats the tank, which then gives off its heat when rinsing and drying dishes.

Management type

Types of management:

  1. Mechanical. The user installs programs, temperature and other parameters independently.
  2. Electronic. Assumes the presence of a display, conventional or touch keys. You can set the automatic selection of programs.


Basically, users prefer a simple and concise design of technology. Sometimes design decisions are required. The dishwashers are available in standard colors:

  • white;
  • the black;
  • silver.
  • color of stainless steel.

If the equipment is installed separately, then the enclosure must be combined with the overall design of the room.


What to pay special attention to? Certainly for safety. In the models "Ariston "Electrolux "Bosch" there is full and partial protection against leaks "Aquastop". Full protection includes a mechanical valve on the inlet hose, as well as a float sensor in the pan.

Some MMPs provide protection from children. After starting the program, the control panel and the door are locked from accidental pressing / opening.

Noise level

An important factor if you like to run the car at night. If you look, you can find a model with a noise level of 44-45 dB. The main series is produced with characteristics from 52 dB. Of course, the dishwasher does not vibrate as a washing machine, but the sounds of dialing and draining the water can also interfere.

Secondary characteristics

Each customer himself determines what is important for him in technology. We attribute these characteristics to a section of secondary importance.


Includes the presence of baskets for dishes, as well as the possibility of their adjustment. So, the second basket can be rearranged on levels, have folding holders. This allows you to make room for large appliances (pots, pans).

The holder for glasses, glasses helps to conveniently and safely place fragile objects in the chamber. Glass appliances are better to clean and rinse.

Programs and functionality

Basic modes:

  • Fast cycle. Suitable for lightly soiled dishes. The water temperature is 35-38 degrees.
  • Intensive. Washes away the dried up dirt, burnt parts of pots and pans. Water from the nozzles is fed under a strong head at 70 degrees. The program lasts 40-50 minutes.
  • Delicate. Reduced head pressure allows you to gently wash fragile products. The temperature is 40-45 degrees.
  • Standard. For dishes with medium and heavy pollution. The water temperature is up to 70 degrees.

After studying the feedback of customers, we identified the popular additional features:

  • Pre-soaking. Helps cope with complex withered dirt.
  • Half load. If the dishes do not accumulate at full load, put half and turn on this option. Then the machine will consume 30% less water and electricity.
  • Delayed launch. In most models, you can defer the start of the wash to 24 hours. For example, you came home from work, and the sink just ended. It remains to get clean dishes and place them in places.

  • The use of 3-in-1. This means that the technique recognizes different types of detergents. Therefore, you can use tablets and capsules.
  • Alternating sink. During washing, water is supplied from the top, then from the lower sprayer, which reduces its costs by 15%.
  • Sound indicator or beam on the floor after the end of work.

Indicators of rinse aid and salt are also convenient. You will know when to sprinkle one of the means. The ability to adjust the hardness of water allows you to protect parts from scale using a special salt.

When choosing a dishwasher, be aware that it can have an unlimited number of functions. But not all of them will be useful in daily use. Decide what is really important to you, and go shopping.

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