How to wash bath towels in a washing machine

If after washing the terry towel becomes hard, then the washing rules have been violated. Do not worry, there is a way out. From the article you will learn how to correctly wash terry towels so that they retain softness and color. Also you will learn how to return the original look to the washed goods.

Content of the material:

  • 1Which modes are suitable for washing towels
    • 1.1What affects the quality of washing
    • 1.2On what mode to wash
    • 1.3Pressing
  • 2Than wash terry towels
  • 3How to soften the towels after washing
  • 4How to Dry Towels
  • 5Care instructions

Which modes are suitable for washing towels

If you load towels in the stylalk, cover with the usual detergent and put a quick program - you will pull out the stiff and poorly washed products.

What affects the quality of washing

Looking at the surface of a terry article through a magnifying glass, you can see hundreds of loops. They give softness, good water permeability to products. A new towel always quickly absorbs moisture, while washed only scratches the skin. Due to improper care, the tissue is damaged. This is facilitated by:

  1. Rigid water. The high content of salts leads to the fact that they settle on the surface of the tissue. Mahra sticks together, becomes stiff and scratches the skin.
  2. Unsuitable powder. For terry products, as for delicate woolen fabrics, a special liquid is required.
  3. Invalid mode. On what program the washing is carried out, the further appearance of the product depends. High temperature (boiling) and a high spin speed lead to a loss in the quality of the fabric.
  4. Drying in the open sun or near a heat source. As a result, the fabric is overdried and becomes stiff.
  5. Wrong ironing mode. It is allowed only steaming, and not dry ironing.

How to properly wash the towel at home?

On what mode to wash

Initially, separate the white towels from the colored ones. Choose a standard program with a full cycle: it involves the use of a large amount of water, which reduces friction between products. It is desirable to install additional spin. At what temperature should I wash? Not higher than 60 degrees for white towels, and 40 degrees for colored. The latter are prone to molting, so it is better not to risk and keep the color of the product.

Wash heavily soiled products will help soak in a soap solution overnight.

You can use balls with pimples to "break" the mahra.


The spinning power should not exceed 500 revolutions. If you select a delicate washing mode, the squeeze and so goes at minimum speed, but you can turn it off altogether. Then always dry the product in the fresh air, otherwise it prohibits.

Than wash terry towels

Use liquid powders in bottles or single soap nuts, which are thrown into the drum.

To preserve softness, use folk remedies:

  • The salt has softening properties. Add three tablespoons to the dispenser compartment or dilute the salt in a container of water and pour into the tank.
  • Add three or nine percent vinegar to the tray dispenser section. When washing manually add vinegar directly to the bath or the pelvis.
  • Soda makes the fibers softer. Pour three or four tablespoons into the powder compartment. So does concentrate of soda and vinegar.

You can use a silicone-based rinse aid. Constantly soften the water will help filter cleaning: the washing machine will receive water of good quality, then the detergent will need less.

How to soften the towels after washing

To make the towels hard after washing, they are soft, leave them to soak overnight in warm water. Then wring out and dry gently. Another option is how to soften the towels: after washing, soak the items in the water with salt for several hours.

You can always refresh and refresh products from mahry. But it is better not to bring things to a lamentable state.

How to Dry Towels

Do it better in the fresh air. Try to avoid direct sun, otherwise the fabric will dry and become stiff. Ideal - on the street in the shade. You can install a dryer on the balcony and hang the towels there, or simply spread it on the surface - but then a cotton cloth is put under the bottom.

Care instructions

Do not put towels together with other dirty things, the fabric quickly absorbs foreign smells. Try to wash products as they are contaminated, separately from the rest of the laundry. Use liquid or special means for mahry. The primary color and softness of the fabric can be preserved if you take care of things in a timely manner. Do not wait until the towel in the basket absorbs dirt even more. When buying products try to choose a quality product, which will remain even after washing in the typewriter.

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