What kind of washing machine should I choose?

"What kind of washing machine is better?" - our readers ask. Some brands combine a wide range of functions, others please the size or capacity. Any styralka can easily claim the title of the best. But your task is to choose the best for yourself.

In this article we will talk about the advantages and disadvantages of different brands. We will help you to understand which washing machine is better to choose.

What kind of washing machine should I choose?

Content of the material:

  • 1Choice of washing machine
  • 2Overview of brands of washing machines
    • 2.1Electrolux
    • 2.2Bosch and Siemens
    • 2.3AlGe
    • 2.4Ariston and Indesit
    • 2.5Ardo
    • 2.6Beco
    • 2.7Zanussi

Choice of washing machine

Having studied the information about brands, you can quickly decide on which SM to choose. Pay attention to what you have in priority: compactness, design, programs and options, capacity or degree of protection.

To consider at purchase only one factor is irrational. The choice of the machine should be weighed. Therefore, we suggest that you consider the points from which you should start, going for the typewriter.

The cost.It's not even how much you are willing to pay for the AGR, - determine the price limits and categories. Compare the two machines with the same characteristics. And if they coincide, but one model is more expensive than the second, then think about whether to overpay for the brand.

Mark.Experts argue that rely on the brand's fame is meaningless, often it is not justified. Pay attention not to beautiful letters, but to the functionality and capabilities of technology. If the brand is known, it does not guarantee that the machine will work for a long time.

Dimensions and the possibility of embedding.If you need a small car, then the design, spaciousness and washing programs go into the background, since the main criterion is the size.

Design.In the market you can meet the usual and exclusive options. Cars with an exclusive design are often twice as expensive.

Washing modes.According to statistics, SMA is more in demand, providing programs for washing synthetics and cotton.

Drying function.This option is very popular - with its help you can save time, forget about the clothesline. Models with drying are much more expensive than conventional ones.

Drum capacity.If you put only one large thing in the machine, you have to wash the laundry several times. Today there are models that are designed to load 12 kg of laundry.

Direct drive.It is believed that a good washing machine-machine - those that have a straight, rather than a belt drive. This ensures the durability of the machine and the saving of electricity.

Protection from leaks.If suddenly there is a breakdown, the water supply will stop. Such a machine is distinguished by a reliable design of hoses and housing.

Economical.If you are thinking about what kind of manufacturer of washing machines is better to choose, then choose economical models that can significantly reduce the cost of light. You need a model with an energy consumption of class A.

Noise level.During washing and spinning things at high speeds, the styalka makes loud noises - it's not always pleasant to the ear, especially at night.

On a note! You can select the machine by type of loading: vertical or horizontal.

Drum.Plastic drums are less durable than metal ones. The drum of metal is not afraid of lightning, rivets and locks on clothes.

Backlight.It is especially necessary if the machine is in a poorly lit place.

To understand the question of which brands of washing machines are the best, we will conduct a small survey, we will point out their advantages and disadvantages.

Overview of brands of washing machines

You do not know which brand to choose a washing machine? Carefully study the pros and cons of different brands.


Technique with a rich choice of functions. Machines are equipped with a convenient control panel, they work almost silently. Owners of this brand rarely seek help from a service center.


Bosch and Siemens

These stilalki attract simplicity, reliability and a large selection of models. You will be able to find the AGR at an acceptable cost to you. In inexpensive models standard functions are provided, models are more expensive equipped with additional modes.

The disadvantages include expensive parts, which must be ordered only from the manufacturer.


Korean-made equipment is easy to use, attracts users with strength and durability. The machine easily removes dirt, squeezes out clothes, while working practically without noise. Rarely fails.

Direct drive is provided in almost all models of recent years.


Ariston and Indesit

Choosing the best quality washing machines, you can look at the models of these brands. They are distinguished by good stability during spinning, functionality, user-friendly interface and a variety of modes. The range includes both budget and expensive models.

An important disadvantage is that the stylals of these brands have a cast tank, and when the bearing breaks down, it is necessary to replace it completely. Such repairs will significantly damage the budget.


Among the main advantages are stability, attractive design and low noise level. Disadvantages: the mounting of shock absorbers and the suspension of the tank - they often break down.



The technology from the Turkish manufacturer is functionality at an affordable price. Specialists do not emphasize this brand. But the owners of the stylals leave positive feedback on the convenience, ease of use and durability.

Of the shortcomings: loud work.



Not long ago, the stylals of this brand were popular. Today, Zanussi's machines are often broken, so specialists suggest purchasing it only if the assembly is European.


We offer you to watch a video in which 10 best models from different manufacturers are presented:


It is difficult to say with certainty which manufacturer of washing machines is better. We made an overview of the criteria and brands - hopefully this will help in the selection.

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