Review of washing machines Eurosoba (Euronova)

The Swiss brand of washing machines Eurosoba is not very well known in Russia, few consumers generally know about the existence of this brand. Despite this, the company produces interesting models of washing machines with a compact body.

Lack of extensive advertising does not provide information to the user, so we will tell the history of the brand, we will consider the basic models of washing machines Euronova (EuroSoba).

Review of washing machines Eurosoba (Euronova)

Content of the material:

  • 1Where do Eurosoba washing machines
  • 2How is the washing machine
  • 3How to choose a Eurosoba model: customer reviews
    • 3.1Euronova 600 EU 352
    • 3.2Euronova 1000 EU 355/10
    • 3.3Euronova 1150
    • 3.4Eurosoba 1100 Sprint

Where do Eurosoba washing machines

In 1947, the Austrian Karl Steiniger opened a firm for the production of washing machines Eudora. Then they worked not on electric energy, but on the burning of firewood. The company had to go a long way to recognition - popularity in the region appeared only in 1950. And in 1956, the users began to use the "Kangaroo" washing machine. At that time, she could heat water, wash and press laundry.

More modern automatic machines were launched in 1965. In the 70s the company "Evronova" beats all records, creating the smallest car in the world Eudora-Goldkind.

In the 1980s, it began shipping its products to Switzerland, and already in 2003 the Eudora brand merged with Otto Schumf, also a famous household appliance manufacturer. So the company "Soba" was formed, and then its modern name - Eurosoba.

Soon the Swiss company bought the Austrian plant Eudora. Therefore, today, Switzerland is the producer country of styrene.

Where do Eurosoba washing machines

Since 2004, washing machines of this brand are sold in Russia. The equipment is branded Eurosoba or Soba.

Now you know that this technique deserves attention. The Swiss are known for their accurate and accurate work. Let's look at the advantages of their machines.

How is the washing machine

The choice of washing machines "Eurosoba" is small. The plant produces only 6 models, and their device is similar to the model Eurosoba 1100 Sprint. Only certain functions and modes can differ.

The company lets out only built in models under a bowl. The capacity of the car is quite small - only 3 kg, and in all models. Therefore, for a large family, the styralka will not work. Since the body of the machine is low, the company additionally produces sinks - to install the equipment in the kit.

The control panel of the SMA "Soba" has rotary selectors, an indication. The operation of the machines is quite simple. The tank and drum are made of stainless steel, so they have a long service life.

How is the washing machine

Advantages of Eurosoba stylals:

  • Compact size. On average, the dimensions of the models are 46x45x68 cm. They can be built not only under the sink, but also in furniture, kitchen sets.
  • With proper operation, the life of washing machines is 15 years.
  • Mark Euronova is known for the quality of painting. The coatings of the washing machine are reliable and durable.
  • The simple design of the machine will fit into any interior. No tricks, everything is simple and understandable.
  • Panel change. The brand began to develop multi-colored front panels. If you are tired of the appearance of your equipment - order a new thing.


  • High cost models. The starting price is 18 000 rubles. At the same time, the stylalki differ in standard functionality and characteristics.
  • Small capacity. Three kilos of laundry can be washed only by a bachelor or a family of two. When more things accumulate, you will have to operate the machine in non-stop mode.
  • Functionality of the AGR is banal and simple. No display, no drying, no extra modes.

But the technique is different in build quality and durability. Let's consider separate models.

How to choose a Eurosoba model: customer reviews

Where to buy a washing machine Soba? Since the brand is not very popular, you can find cars in shops in Moscow and the Moscow region or order in online stores.

Euronova 600 EU 352

The cheapest and simple model. A compact, front-loading machine can hold 3 kg of laundry. The dimensions of the case are 46x45x67 cm. Energy efficiency and quality of washing leave much to be desired - class B.

Euronova 600 EU 352

The spinning power reaches 600 rpm. The mode can be adjusted or disabled. The machine was not protected against leaks, but there is an imbalance control. Standard washing programs (total 5), among which is the washing of delicate items.

The design of washing machines seems to have been preserved since the 80s. Compared with modern models of SMA, the choice of programs is small, but the manufacturer adheres to the tested build quality. The compactness of the model is also worth considering. For those with a tiny bathroom, the model 600 EU 352 is perfect.

The price is from 18 000 rubles.

User Reviews


I bought this car back in 1997. It works like a clock! I have no complaints. Compactness is the main advantage of this styralka. In a cramped bathroom it fits perfectly.


The washing machine has been working since 2001, the quality of the assembly affects. The compactness of the machine is beyond praise. We have it in a niche, in the corridor. The control is simple, the laundry launches well, if the powder is properly selected. Of course, to a small spin of 600 turns already accustomed, but I would like more. The laundry remains very wet.

Euronova 1000 EU 355/10

Front washing machine with a capacity of 3 kg. The overall dimensions are 46х46х67 cm. The energy efficiency of the model remained at the C level. Washing quality is class B.

Unlike the previous model, the spin speed here is 1000 rpm. The residual humidity of the laundry is 66%, so things dry much faster. The car did not receive protection from children or leaks, but its hatch is blocked until the end of the cycle. There is an imbalance control.

Euronova 1000 EU 355/10

The control panel is conveniently located at an angle. With a small height of the case you do not have to bend over to set the mode. Built-in five washing programs, which can be selected using the rotary selector.

In the model 1000 EU 355/10 there is a function of weighing the laundry. The machine automatically calculates the consumption of detergents and water. On the drain pipe there is a valve, which allows you to save up to 30% of detergents.

The cost is from 23 000 rubles.

User Reviews


I bought the car 12 years ago. Until now, it is enjoyed by our whole family. No complaints and breakdowns have never been. Therefore, I say confidently - the technique is worth the money. What advantages can I single out:

  • Reliability and build quality.
  • Good washing clothes. Presses well, too.
  • Has been working for 12 years in a row.

Cons: withIt vibrates and vibrates when pressed. When fully loaded, you can jump around the room, so install special pads.

Euronova 1150

A stand-alone model with front loading, at a time you can wash 3 kg of laundry. The size of the case is 46х46х69 cm. In this machine, electronic control is provided. Energy efficiency class increased to A, water flow per cycle - 46 liters.

Euronova 1150

The spinning in the Euronova 1150 model exceeded expectations - 1100 revolutions. You can specify the spin speed. The choice of programs is wider - 7 modes. You can wash woolen, delicate things. You can also use pre-wash and express laundry. The heating temperature is adjustable.

The panel is at the top of the case, the control is simple and straightforward. The assembly is standard, as in previous models. From technologies there is protection of the case from leaks, control of imbalance and foaming.

User Reviews


Stiralka has served 16 years with 4 loadings a week. One time I had to change my belt. Compact body and reliability outweigh the disadvantages.


Immediately I will say - the washing machine did not like it, it broke after a year of work. The machine strongly vibrated during spinning, even the seals did not help. Then I began to wring out my underwear. The quality of washing and wringing quite satisfied. It can be seen that the hull is also assembled qualitatively, from a thick material. But I can not advise, the year of work is too little.

Eurosoba 1100Sprint

This model differs from the rest with modern modifications. The load is still 3 kg, but the energy efficiency is class A +. The control panel is equipped with a display! The overall dimensions of the machine are 46х68х45 cm.

Eurosoba 1100 Sprint

The spin speed can be adjusted, the maximum power is 1100 revolutions. There is a program for washing things allergy sufferers. Washing takes place in a large quantity of water with additional rinsing. At the same time, the system reduces the washing regimes by 2 times, for which Sprint received a prefix to the name. Electronic control panel in Russian.

The Stiralka automatically weighs the laundry, calculates the water consumption. Start the program can be delayed for 12 hours.

User Reviews


Bought in a small apartment this miracle machine. I already despaired, I thought that with our bathroom machines I can not see. Thanks to the manufacturers who came up with this baby. Stiralka did not take up any excess space at all. When installed, it has become in the place where the knee is from the shell.

Of course, the download is small, but surprisingly enough for our family of 4 people. All the same, I wash separately children's things from adults. In general, it's been 9 years! One minus. When you squeeze out, he jumps about the room.

We told you about the merits and demerits of Eurosoba washing machines, and you also read user opinions about Swiss technology. Draw conclusions and make successful purchases.

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