Connection Integrated dishwasher

Already talked about connecting embedded Bosch dishwasher, today, for the sake of experiment with Siemens. The company has a subsidiary for the German company, not very surprised that in the address bar of your browser and websites like design is not too different (from Siemens design better descriptiveness worse). Connecting Siemens dishwasher easy to implement. Try searching for the interest of the assembly instructions for the products of Electrolux. It can not be done, and at Siemens pictures on the site are laid out! Consider the connection Dishwashing machine custom size - height 60 cm.

Compactly integrated dishwasher SC76M522RU

Size 60 cm - unusual for height. Feature: under heavy load will fall under the sink.

Connecting the dishwasher yourself

SpeedMatic works three times faster with lightly soiled dishes. This surprising quality, just remember to Porsche Tiptronic (Manumatic). Germans like to give high-profile names. Machine dishwashing accommodates 8 sets with a width of 60 cm. Mention that dishwashers with full height of 87 cm and a width of 45 cm will download 9 sets (sometimes 10). Before us is a miniature device, holding a half-section, capable of performing the function of "adult" of the device.

Machine economical (8.3 liters per cycle) and quiet (46 dB). This does not limit the characteristics, but the baby to come. The heat exchanger ensures respect for the wine glasses. The water warms up in the coil until the initial temperature, so as not to shock the delicate glass. Inverter motor without brushes is reliable, water-heater built.

Smart device determines the water hardness, using a salt as needed. SC76M522RU dishwasher recognizes the type of detergent. Allowed to use 3 in 1 tablet.

Countertop complete vapor-proof plate, door closer on the door will cover it if necessary. There are indicators the presence of salt and rinse aid, protection of children, the indication of the residual cycle time. Delayed start timer allows the device to include schedule.

Connecting the dishwasher

The instrument panel is put to the front part. The door handle is equipped with a full-length. A full-fledged unit with the listed options will pull 25 thousand rubles. In the shops the price starts from 26,000 rubles. We came close to the bull's-eye, but pointed to the sky. Additional thousand rubles is taken more for the small size of the dishwasher.

Installation of the dishwasher SC76M522RU

Directly on the site are placed pictures showing that the minimum dimensions of the compartment for the installation of equal size dishwasher. It's unusual. Try to describe how to carry out the installation of the dishwasher:

  1. Installation in outdoor section. The bottom compartment is separated from the wall by at least 4 cm. Height 60 cm with a tolerance of at most 4 mm side. The depth is at least 50 cm (equal to the depth of the dishwasher). Width - 56 cm + 8 mm tolerance. When said above that the dishwasher 60 cm wide, meaning the front panel. Immediately housing 5 cm smaller.
  2. Similar requirements apply if the lead connection compact dishwasher on the top shelf. Then slightly decreases allowable height (cm to 59 + 2 mm tolerance).

In the diagram, carefully specified permissible communication length and reaching complete:

  • Drain hose 2.2 (4.2) m.
  • The inlet hose 1.45 (3.65) m.
  • Cord 1.2m.

Installing built dishwashers

It left as seen from the front. The right side of the cord is elongated by 45 cm, shorter hoses 20 and 50 cm, respectively, for the inlet and drainage systems. It will reflect the asymmetry of the product on the vertical axis.

The site links are available on the installation instructions. In the right pane window, where advance carefully hammered "instructions". Clicking on the button next to fall to the search box, which is to enter the name of the model. Installation instructions dishwasher modest, no decorative fascia. On a sheet of paper just shows the process steps indicated by black circles with tsiferkami. Let us briefly enumerate particular connection of the dishwasher.

Are two types of installation, already obgovoronnyh, plus a complete set of products available. Preparations actions are not considered. Just in figures executed in order without numbers. Initially establish a protective plate under the front part of the tabletop. Will protect the furniture from the steam coming out of the dishwasher through the slot near the door. The indentation in the floor compartment is required for proper ventilation.

It is understood that the air passes under the product housing and the shoots along the wall. Why Not Set the gap between the dishwasher and the wall, it remains unclear.

Preparations completed nibbles fastening tapes hoses and the locking elements of the isolation valve protection against leaks. Then plug the power cord and hoses. The figure recommended by the ends of the corrugated first wash. The pictures indicated that the company will acquire extension hose and cord specified length. Add that these undesirable operation. Comes with wall mount for the drain hose, which is set no higher than 80 cm from the floor (needed if the product is on the floor to prevent the return of effluent from sewage when being dishwasher drain connection cars).

Then the contour is fixed frame of decorative strips. The illustration shows how to install the components. The equipment is placed in a niche. Securing the dishwasher to the compartment being screwed, screwed into the side wall on the front side. To find the holes for the screws, open the door.

Now, connect the communication. The first step is the drain. The figure shows that at least the siphon tube 17 mm in diameter. The clutch is put on him and dragged special fasteners that are provided. Entrance to the sewer system does not have a higher than 0.8 meters above the floor (see. the conditions of the location of the bracket for the hose).

Connection Integrated dishwasher

Tap to connect the dishwasher threaded (three quarters of an inch) over a length of 10 mm. If the tube has a diameter of ½ inch, it will need a special adapter. At instruction is written, the water pressure should be from 0.5 to 10 bar at a temperature of maximum 60 ° C. The supply valve must provide a flow rate of 10 liters per minute or more.

It is interesting! The residents called awkward procedure designate tubes. For example, a half-inch steel is measured according to the passage diameter (15 mm). Three quarters of 21 mm. The dimensions do not correspond with the usual inches by 2.54 mm. Plastic pipe measures the outside diameter.

Today it is fashionable to collect water with their hands. Details will help not to get lost. Electrical connections are made in a grounded outlet. Without this differential circuit breaker unable to function.


Instructions long, be sure to check with the part, which tells about the filling into the salt. It is a curious procedure. to connect the dishwasher Master repeatedly performing these steps, but users can not boast.

Cover for a salt container is hidden at the bottom of the working chamber. For the first time at the opening to pour water on the neck. Special salt is loaded in an amount corresponding instructions. When the lid is closed, immediately begin to wash the dishes. Notice in this model detergent loading occurs on the inside of the lid. We see the inscription that the dirty water will have to sacrifice a large amount of powder.

Equipment maintenance is a periodic washing of filters. First there is the main, at the bottom of the working chamber. Remove the large cover and remove the filter cylinder. Rinse under running water, and I will plant in place. Here settles dirt from dishes. The idea is to clean the filter automatically, but it does not occur ideally, sometimes equipment should help.

For proper installation of filter use triangular notches on the housing and the bottom working compartment. We must be the same. Periodically have to clean the rocker. Them in the dishwasher Two. Bottom simply pulled out, unscrew the top. Presumably thread left. Disassemble carefully. Rocker rinse under running water, clean holes toothpick if necessary.

Compact built-in dishwasher SC76M522RU quite unique device. No special mounting brackets, nothing is said about the holes in the cabinet. We believe that the installation is provided primarily under the sink, then you do not have to drill.

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