Modes and washing time in a washing machine LG

Most users do not particularly study the instructions before using the LG washing machine. Indeed, what's complicated is: I loaded the laundry, turned on the program and started washing.

However, in order to obtain the best quality result, it is important to understand which LG mode is suitable for a certain type of fabric. Also, you need to choose the right temperature and spin so that clothing does not shed or stretch.

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Table of LG programs: description and symbols

Washing modes in the LG washing machine have their names. There are almost no signs on the control panel, the manufacturer signed each program.

The decoding of programs and modes is shown in the table below.

Name Value For what type of fabric The approximate time
Cotton Due to the multidirectional movements of the drum, the laundry is washed much better at a temperature of 40 to 95 degrees. Used for white and colored cotton things, underwear. 105-120 minutes.
Cotton Quickly (Eco) Program for lightly soiled laundry. Runs faster than the previous function, consuming a small amount of energy. The water temperature is 60 degrees. Designed for the same fabrics as in the previous case. 90 minutes.
Casual Wash (Synthetics) For mixed things that do not require special care. The mode is performed at a temperature of 40 degrees. Synthetic, polyester, acrylic. 110 minutes.
Delicate Gentle washing for things from thin fabrics at a temperature of 30 degrees. Blouses, lace clothing, tulle. 60 minutes.
Wool (Hand wash) The mode is performed at 40 degrees, with a slight rocking of the drum. Suitable for products made of wool, knitwear, cashmere with a mark on the tag "Hand wash". 56 minutes.
Fast 30 Washing for lightly soiled things for 30 minutes at a temperature of 30-40 degrees. Suitable for colored fabrics. 30 minutes.
Duvet The program will allow you to wash large items with different filler at a temperature of 40 degrees. In this mode, you can not erase only delicate things. But it is great for duvets, pillows, bedspreads, coverings of sofas. about 90 minutes.
Baby Clothes The powder is qualitatively split into enzymes, allowing washing different stains. Rinsing is carried out in a large amount of water, so the rinse is completely rinsed. For children's clothes. about 140 minutes.
Bio-care Removes complex contamination of protein origin. For fabrics that withstand high temperatures: cotton, linen. about 15 minutes.
Hypoallergenic washing Set the mode if you need to get rid of allergens in the fibers of the fabric: dust, wool, mites. The water temperature is 60 degrees. Also the linen qualitatively gets rid of the powder. Suitable for children's things, bedding and underwear. -
Quiet washing The program is held as quietly as possible, at a temperature of 40 degrees. The vibration level is reduced. For lightly soiled clothes, for example, pajamas, dresses. Depends on the type of fabric.
Refresh A very useful feature if you need to refresh your laundry without washing. The technology of steam exposure is used, due to which clothes are smoothed and get a fresh smell. For cotton and mixed clothes. 20 minutes.
Intensive 60 Intensive operation at a temperature of 60 degrees. Reduced power consumption. For things from cotton and mixed fabrics. 60 minutes.
Dark fabrics You can erase dark things using a special powder. Prevents discoloration. The water temperature is 30 degrees. For all the dark things. 90-110 minutes (depending on the type of fabric).
My program Self-tuning parameters. Depending on the type of fabric, the mode is set. -

* The table lists the approximate indicators, the washing duration for your model, see the instructions.

How to choose washing modes in LG

After reviewing the description of the modes, it's time to learn how to install and configure them. In general, all the EJ dashboard panels are similar. They can differ only in the presence of a display. In its absence, indicators are installed that let you understand which mode is running.

With the selector, you can select a wash program for each fabric. As shown in the photo below, after the function is selected, the corresponding indicator lights up. The display shows the time until the end, the degree of spin and the temperature of the water.

Below, below the display, there are buttons. With their help you can:

  • Start or stop washing.
  • Select the spinning power.
  • Set the temperature from 30 to 95 degrees.
  • Enable or disable the machine.

Next to figures 1 and 2, the display shows a lock. This means that if you press the keys at the same time, the panel is locked.

Buttons 3 and 4 on the screen are marked with an asterisk. So you can turn on the laundry for 1 hour and 35 minutes. The key layout can act as a diagnostic function.

Most users install only a few programs. The rest are used very rarely. The most popular washing mode in the LG car is the "Quick Program" for 30 minutes. Also "Cotton" and "Washing of children's clothes". The program of "Delicate fabrics" is used less often.

Other functions can also come in handy with time, so do not lose their designations.

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