Vases from glass bottles: decor, painting and pruning

  • Master-class №1: Stylish and simple
  • Master class No. 2: Bottle painting with contours
  • Master class № 3: how to cut a bottle and make a vase, candlestick and other decor objects from it

Glass bottles made from wine, cognac, champagne, milk, butter and even beer are excellent materials for making vases for flowers with their own hands. Painted and decorated vases and vases can decorate not only the dining table and shelves in the house or at the cottage, but also serving at a wedding or a party, and even from decorated bottles you can make a wonderful gift.

Master-class №1: Stylish and simple

For such a painting of bottles, bottles of any shape and color of glass will suit, in this master class transparent bottles for milk are used.

Materials:for degreasing - acetone or alcohol, as well as wadded disks, for painting - acrylic paints in jars or ballonchik (it is better for glass and ceramics), a nylon brush, as well as paint or usual scotch needed width. Instead of tape, rubber rings can be used. If you use a spray paint, then you can use foil, food film or plain paper.


  1. Prepare the glass - remove the labels, wash the glue, wipe the bottles dry, and then degrease the surface with a liquid to remove varnish or ethyl alcohol.
  2. We glue the future vase with scotch, forming a pattern: strips of different widths, zigzags or spiral. Scotch here plays the role of a stencil.

  1. We start painting the vase in the right places.

Tip: if the paint requires baking in the oven, then consider in which position the painted bottle will be dried. So, if you cover with paint and the bottom and neck, then drying the vase will be problematic, but you can make a design of thick paper and buttons as shown in the photo below.

  1. The method of drying depends on the chosen paint. The producer, as a rule, indicates the required baking temperature (if required) and time. The baked acrylics dry for about half an hour in the oven at 170 degrees, and then it is advisable to leave the bottles to dry naturally by 1-2 days to make the coating maximally durable. The paint in the spray that was used in this master class is not necessary to bake, but they dry for 24 hours.

With the help of this master class you can come up with a variety of designs, playing with color, width and location of tape or rubber bands.



For example, you can use unusual shades - very effectively look bottles, painted in soft pastel colors or gold or silver paint. Look at the next selection of photos - these colors are best for decorating glass bottles to decorate a wedding or a party.



And here is another original idea - by pulling an elastic band or pasting an adhesive tape diagonally, you can paint over only the bottom of the bottle.

Master class No. 2: Bottle painting with contours

And now we will proceed to a more complex and long, but very beautiful method of decorating bottles with our own hands - mural painting with contour volumetric paints. With their help you can draw patterns and ornaments in ethnic style, apply a complex and simple drawing or write beautiful inscriptions, monograms, initials (photo below).


Also contour paints can be painted in the technique of point painting as in the photo below.


And in combination with stained-glass paints, the contour painting turns into stained glass.

Materials:any alcohol-containing degreaser, cotton wheels and sticks, a needle and contour paints. If desired, the painting can be completed with sequins, as well as acrylic and stained-glass paints, as in this master class.

Tip: if you do not have outline paints or if drawing them seems complicated, then you can draw with the help of improvised tools: toothpicks, needles, cotton buds or a thin brush.


  1. First we need to come up with an idea and prepare an auxiliary sketch. You can find it on the Internet and print it in a suitable size or draw with your own hands. Also, you can use a self-made or ready-made template or a stencil.
  2. If you are confident in your drawing skills "from the sheet then you can skip this paragraph. If you are a beginner, it is better to transfer the desired picture to the glass, that is, to outline the main details and lines of the pattern / pattern. To do this, you need to: draw or print a picture, cut it (you can roughly), then densely paint it back with a soft with a simple pencil, and then attach the image shaded with the wrong side to the glass and circle all or just the main parts of the drawing in the same way with a pencil. On the bottle should remain hardly visible, but useful in the work line. If the image is not too complicated, then it is sufficient to map out the basic details directly on the bottle.
  3. Now you need to degrease the glass and wait until it dries.
  4. If desired, you can cover the entire bottle with colored acrylic paint and wait for it to dry completely.
  5. We proceed to the painting: we circle all the contours, from time to time clearing the tip of the tube with a needle and, if necessary, correcting the flaws with a cotton swab dipped in water. It's better to start a drawing with more details.

  • If you draw a contour in stained glass technique, then the contours should be closed, and the stained-glass paint should touch them. Also, make sure that all parts are painted completely without any color, otherwise the coating will be short-lived. Pouring of contours with stained-glass paints is possible only after 2 hours, but you can accelerate their drying with a hair dryer;

  • In the technique of dot painting, the main thing is to observe the same and the minimum interval in one line of the pattern and maintain the same diameter / volume of points (in one line).

Tip: first practice drawing with a contour or putting dots on paper. Remember that you have to apply the same pressure on the tube.

  1. When the drawing is ready, you will only have to dry it or wait for the paint to dry, following the recommendations of the manufacturer. Most often, the painted glass is baked in the oven at a temperature of 170 degrees for about 30 minutes or leaves it to be dried naturally for a day.

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the following video lesson, where you can see how to decorate a bottle with your own hands using contours in chiseled technique.


And here are other interesting ideas for painting bottles with contours for your inspiration.


Master class № 3: how to cut a bottle and make a vase, candlestick and other decor objects from it

So, with the painting and decor, sorted out. And now let's talk about how to make a vase from a regular bottle, a candlestick, a pencil holder, a glass or some interior decoration like in the photo below.

You can cut a glass bottle with your own hands in many ways. In this master class we use the simplest methods, which can be easily repeated at home.


Method 1. How to cut a bottle with an alcohol thread

This method is more suitable for cutting bottles of wine and bottles with thin glass.

  1. First you need to wrap the bottle with a thick cotton thread and cut off the excess (the upper photo on the left).
  2. Now this thread needs to be moistened in any alcohol-containing solution - white spirit, ethyl alcohol or in a liquid for removing varnish, as in this master class. After the thread gets wet well, it needs to be wrapped around the bottle in the right place again.

  1. Now you need to gently ignite the thread, quickly rotating the bottle until the flame goes out.

  1. Next, you need to lower the bottle in a pre-prepared container of boiling water for 3 minutes, and then quickly lower it into cold water - from a sharp temperature drop, the glass should crack in the right place.

Tip: if you want to make a vase from a bottle of champagne, then steps 2-4 will most likely need to be repeated.

  1. Carefully break the bottle, and then we process the sharp edges with a punch - first coarse, and then fine-grained. Vu-alya, the vase from the bottle is ready!

Method 2. How to cut a bottle with a glass cutter

You can also trim the bottle with a glass cutter. For this you need:

  1. Make a cut with a glass cutter. To make the edges smooth, you can wrap the bottle around with a rubber band or tape. Instead of a glass cutter, you can use a glass drill;
  2. Then the place of the incision is burned, then we lower the bottle into boiling water for three minutes, and then - into a container with cold water;
  3. Gently break the bottle;
  4. We process the edges of the sandpaper.

With bottles of champagne and other bottles with thick walls will have to tinker, but the bottles of wine are broken quite quickly and simply.

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How to cut a bottle with your own hands using a glass cutter can be seen in the following video:

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