How to wash the stove: the best ways to effectively fight fat and dirt

How to wash the stove: the best ways to effectively fight fat and dirt


The stove is the first assistant in the kitchen, in the center of attention. With daily use on its surface gradually accumulates fat and carbon deposits. Not everyone has enough time and energy to take care of the stove after each cooking. More often than not before the hostess there is a problem in the form of burnt fat drops, growths on the grill, a thick layer of carbon in the oven. We have prepared for you an overview of tips on how to wash the plate off grease, make it easier to clean the hob, and also the care of the gas and electric stoves.


  • 1Gas stove - launder grease stains and stains
    • 1.1Ammonia
    • 1.2Strong soap solution
    • 1.3Express remedy for fat removal
    • 1.4Melamine sponge
    • 1.5Shumanit
  • 2We remove fat from the electric plate: easily and effectively

Gas stove - launder grease stains and stains

On the gas stoves, in their majority, the cooking surfaces have an enamel coating. Enamel is susceptible to scratches, so the options for cleaning from fat abrasive, salt, metal mesh or brush are not suitable. The basis is taken only funds with a sparing composition, some of them can be made at home.


Undiluted ammonia alcohol stains are removed in a couple of minutes. It is enough for 1 bottle of chemically liquid ammonia. Tissue napkin thoroughly permeate with ammonia, and process the problem site. If necessary, repeat the procedure. At the end, wipe the surface with a cloth dampened in clean water. The minus of this method is ammonia alcohol has a strong odor, so it is necessary to wash the device of fat with the hood turned on or open windows.

Strong soap solution

Household soap, thanks to the high amount of alkali in the composition, dissolves the dirt well and clears any surfaces from grease. To wash the problem area, you need to prepare a solution of 300 ml of water, shavings of laundry soap and 1 tsp. ammonia. Apply the soap solution to a greasy surface with a sponge. Leave for 10-15 minutes, rinse.

Express remedy for fat removal

With this mixture, you can clean the surface without unnecessary effort. Dissolves all contaminants: food and fat remnants, oil droplets, carbon deposits. It takes 4 components - a glass of warm water, 15 g of detergent, 30 g of soda (preferably calcined), and 10 g of liquid clerical glue. Pour all the ingredients of the composition into a bottle with an atomizer, shake. Apply to a layer of fat, or to the entire problem area. The remedy should work for half an hour. Then simply wipe the hob with a sponge and clean water.

Melamine sponge

Melamine sponge is a new organic product that allows to remove all the soot and grease from the kitchen unit without auxiliary chemistry. It is an externally ordinary sponge of white color. Method of application - water with water and immediately proceed to wipe the contaminated area. After cleaning, the sponge loses its shape, becomes thin, and is unsuitable for further use.


A popular chemical in the form of a spray or gel, designed to remove fat from any surface. According to the instructions, the product is applied to the problem area, then 10 minutes of rest, washed off with water - and together with the remnants of the remedy, everything is removed - carbon deposits, frozen oil drops, stains on the stove and stains fat. The disadvantage is that it can damage the skin of the hands, it is not safe to use.


We remove fat from the electric plate: easily and effectively

Electric stove to wash off fat and divorce is easier than gas. The surface of the electric stove - ceramic or glass - is not as sensitive to abrasive cleaning agents as enamel. Here are some tips on how to properly care for your electric stove.

  • It is easier to clean the electric stove from dirt when the hob has completely cooled down.
  • Glass hobs of electric cookers are recommended to be treated with special compounds that will thoroughly clean the surface of any contaminants. But it is not forbidden to take care of the stove with the usual dishwashing detergent and a damp sponge.
  • The electric cooker with glass-ceramic coating is easiest to clean from fat with the help of a special scraper. It will easily clean the surface of food residues and post-cooking grease spots.

Important! Before conducting wet cleaning, always disconnect the appliance from the mains.

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