What is a heat exchanger in a dishwasher?

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Since the release of the first dishwashers, it's been a long time. The equipment was changed, improved, new functions and technologies were developed. All of them assumed the presence of additional elements - one of them is a heat exchanger. What is it and what is it for?

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  • 1Heat exchanger in the dishwasher - what is it
    • 1.1Advantages in operation
  • 2Which dishwasher to choose
    • 2.1Bosch SPV69X10
    • 2.2Bosch SRV 53 M 03 EU

Heat exchanger in the dishwasher - what is it

Both users and manufacturers are thinking about saving water and electricity. It is proved that connecting the dishwasher to a hot water pipe is not as effective as most people think:

  1. From the hot water pipe, small debris and rust come into the system. Therefore, do not be surprised if the flow filter is clogged and water does not enter the tank.
  2. The hot stream still mixes with the cold, only more water is expended.
  3. During the drain, a temperature difference arises between the water and the pipes. Therefore, the pipes wear out more quickly.
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A heat exchanger solution was found for this problem. It is installed in the latest models of Bosch, Asko, Siemens and is a flat container. This container is filled with water and is located on the side of the hopper.

The principle of operation is simple:

  • You start the sink. Water enters the chamber.
  • At the very beginning of the cycle, cold water is poured into the heat exchanger.
  • Then it heats up to the set temperature and starts washing.
  • The circulating pump supplies water to the sprayers, from where it flies out under pressure and washes the dishes.
  • Sticking, the water comes into contact with the walls of the heat exchanger and cools down. Leaving in the sink, it will not cause damage to the pipes. At the same time, the tank heats up, accumulating heat, and not warming up the air in the kitchen.
  • After the end of the wash, the heat exchanger, allowing heat, allows the dishes to dry more quickly.

So the producers learned how to use energy efficiently. What are the advantages of a dishwasher tank?

Advantages in operation

Having figured out what the built-in heat exchanger is for, let's consider what advantages it gives:

  • In contact with the cold reservoir, the hot water gradually cools. This allows you to not damage the details, smooth out the temperature differences and generally prolong the work of the equipment.
  • Warm at the end of the sink, the water in the heat exchanger gives off heat when rinsing and drying. Therefore, the machine does not spend additional energy on heating.

  • The high temperature has a negative effect on the ion exchanger. The resin inside it is destroyed, which leads to rapid deterioration.

To find out if there is an additional tank with water in the dishwasher, you can use a sticker on the case: three wavy vertical lines, and two arrows around.

To facilitate your choice, we have compiled a small overview of the PMM with the function of heat accumulation.

Which dishwasher to choose

Machines with a built-in heat exchanger are more expensive than conventional models. In this case, "it's expensive, but it will be cheap considering how much energy this development will save.

Bosch SPV69X10

This is a narrow built-in model with dimensions of 45x55x82 cm. What is interesting about it, besides the heat exchanger:

  1. Awesome download for 10 sets.
  2. Complete protection from leaks and childproof.
  3. VarioSpeed ​​- accelerated intensive washing.
  4. IntensiveZone - increased water pressure in the area of ​​the lower basket.
  5. Variodrawer - the ability to rearrange the basket with dishes, changing the general space of the bunker.
  6. HygienePlus - antibacterial function dispenses dishes with water 70 degrees.

In one cycle, the machine consumes 9 liters of water and, 1 kW / h of electricity. It is convenient to choose from 6 programs thanks to electronic control.

The cost of 49 000 rubles.

Bosch SRV 53 M 03 EU

Narrow, fully-tuned model. The hopper is designed for 9 sets of dishes. Energy efficiency class A + (total, 1 kW / h). The machine consumes, liter of water. Works quietly - 45 dB.

The control panel allows you to select from 5 programs. There is a mode of half loading and delay of start to 24 hours. What else is interesting:

  1. Heat exchanger.
  2. Sensor of purity - determines the level of turbidity in the tank. The rinse will repeat until it becomes clear.
  3. Load sensor. The system automatically determines the weight of the dishes and selects the optimum mode.
  4. The basket is height adjustable.
  5. VarioSpeed ​​Plus - improved high-speed washing.
  6. Quiet inverter engine EcoSilence Drive.

At the end of the cycle, a beep sounds or a beam appears on the floor.

The price is from 32 000 rubles.

Now you know what the heat exchanger is for. Even models of dishwashers with condensation drying, which is considered inefficient, thanks to the reservoir become very popular. We presented the most interesting models from the brand "Bosch" in terms of functionality and economy. When choosing the technique, carefully look at the technical specifications.

Video on improving the work of the dishwasher:

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