How to choose and install a dishwasher outlet

After the dishwasher was delivered to the house, the fun begins - installation and connection. It's not enough just to connect the device to the network and start using it, it's important to properly organize the wiring and pick up the outlet for the dishwasher. How to make your own choice and install everything, we will now tell you.

The right choice and connection of the dishwasher outlet secure you and your home

Content of the material:

  • 1Correct connection
    • 1.1What you need to connect to the mains
    • 1.2Installation of electrical communications
  • 2What can not be done when connecting the PMM to the network

Correct connection

The dishwasher is a powerful energy consumer, which is dangerous to connect simultaneously with other devices. Since the technique can work without supervision, many users, having loaded the dishes, go to their own business. If the PMM is connected via an extension cable or to an unprepared terminal, a fire may occur.

Experts recommend choosing a reliable outlet with a grounding and moisture-proof casing, since the work passes with water and electricity at the same time.

To connect the dishwasher, you must select an outlet with a grounding and waterproof housing

Where do I install the dishwasher? Both a detached and an embedded model is recommended to be located near the sink. This will facilitate the organization of connections to the water and the sink.

If you have old aluminum wiring laid, you need to change everything. By distributing the current correctly, you will protect yourself and appliances from unforeseen situations.

Since the power cord of the PMP is usually short, the height of the outlet from the floor should be 40-45 cm.

What you need to connect to the mains

First you need to choose a wire. It is important that it is a copper three-wire with insulation. If you are going to connect only one device, give preference to the wire with a cross section, If you connect additional, choose a section,

To supply electricity and install a dishwasher outlet, a three-wire cable

It is recommended to calculate the load per wiring in advance. Then there will be no problems if an additional device is connected.

Then you need to pick up the machine. You can choose a PMM of any brand, the main thing is to calculate the voltage that it will create. If you do not know what machine to put, see that it was single-phase and rated at 16 amperes.

To connect the dishwasher we recommend the installation of a robust machine with protection against interruptions

In addition, you may need a stabilizer.How to choose a stabilizer for the dishwasher, we told in one of the last articles.

For the trouble-free operation of the dishwasher, you can use a voltage regulator

What kind of socket is needed? Preferably European type, only with a moisture-proof casing and grounding.

To connect the dishwasher and other household appliances, select a grounded outlet

Now you understand what wire and accessories will be needed to install the built-in and detached dishwasher. It remains to organize everything correctly.

Installation of electrical communications

Work with electricity is better to trust a specialist. But if you are sure that you will manage yourself, first determine where it is better to make a conclusion for connection. It will be correct to prepare a detailed drawing and on it already to lay out communications.

  • After determining the direction of the cable, start the installation. You can place it through cable channels, which is less time-consuming. You can pick a channel in the wall for the wire.
  • Organize the space and install the outlet. To it, connect the voltage regulator, and to the stabilizer - the equipment.

To supply electricity and place the built-in sockets for dishwashers, a professional

  • Make the connection through the machine.

After the organization of electric wiring, it is possible to deal with drainage and running water.How to connect the dishwasher correctly, can be read in a separate article.

What can not be done when connecting the PMM to the network

  • It is forbidden to use carry, tees, extension cords. Overloading can lead to fire.

It is not recommended to connect the dishwasher through a mains filter or tees, which could lead to an accident

  • It is forbidden to use the place of connection of the electric stove for the dishwasher.
  • You can not connect a PMM without a Difa Automaton. When overloading, he disconnects the equipment, saving electronic components from combustion.

When the work is done, you can runtest start of the dishwasher. Check that the control panel, indicators and keys are working properly. Experiment with the choice of washing modes.

See useful video on the topic:

Now you know everything about the correct location of the dishwasher, the choice of sockets. Good luck in independent connection.

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