How to choose the Integrated dishwasher: what to look for when buying the best brands + review

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Having made the decision to buy a dishwasher, do not rush to the store immediately. First you need to decide on the list of technical parameters and functions that are really needed. Since this equipment is quite expensive, you can not miss a single detail.

Before you choose an embedded dishwasher, we propose to consider the key issues in more detail.

The content of the article:

  • Intelligently Purchase Criteria
    • Methods for incorporation and dimensions
    • Software suite
    • Additional features techniques
  • TOP 5 best brands
    • Location number 1: unmatched quality Bosch
    • Location number 2: a combination of style and functionality from Electrolux
    • Place number 3: The capacity and efficiency of Gorenje
    • Location number 4: The functionality and availability of Indesit
    • Location number 5: Advanced Korting
  • Useful videos on the topic

Intelligently Purchase Criteria

The right choice of equipment should begin with a thorough comprehensive study of the model you like, as well as an objective assessment of its pros and cons. When buying, consider the size and type of integration technology, especially the working conditions, the presence of additional features.

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Methods for incorporation and dimensions

By the size of the built in dishwasher is not very different from the stand-alone models. Usually it is produced in widths of 45 or 60 cm. This parameter directly depends on capacity.

For example, the bottleneck equipment is designed for loading 6-10 tableware sets. Full Size model can accommodate up to 10-14 sets of kitchen utensils. Standard kit includes several cutlery per person.

Capacity of dishwasher
Major kitchen utensils does not refer to a standard set of glassware to be considered when calculating the capacity of the machine. Therefore, defining a suitable dimensions of the washing machine, you need to keep in mind about how many pots, pans and saucepans have to download to cart

Capacity of equipment is chosen, focusing on the number of family members:

  • for two people with a head is enough for 4-6 sets of equipment;
  • 3-4 households the best solution will be a device 6-10 sets;
  • for large families of 5 or more people will approach the machine with the load on the sets of 8-14.

Dishwashers, which are presented in the category under consideration differ in the way of installation kitchen. The range of well-known manufacturers are models, built-in furniture in whole or in part.

The first type of technology is completely hidden behind the surface of kitchen furniture, harmoniously merging with it together. It is often used in areas with complex interior design, where every detail is important.

Seat for dishwasher
When choosing a model, it is necessary to know exactly the dimensions of the seat by a car. For this preliminary measure its depth, width and height using a roulette

The second type of machine is covered partially. The control panel in this case remains open, making it easier to control the process.

Outside, the machine looks quite neat and does not spoil the look of furniture façade. If successful, choosing the right color scheme is well combined with the overall style of any kitchen.

Software suite

Embedded dishwashers, there are different operating modes. Typically, manufacturers supplying equipment 4-12 programs focused on certain types of dishes and the degree of contamination of cutlery.

Delicate program for delicate items
Delicate mode is designed for products that are made of breakable brittle material requiring careful washing. For example, glass, ceramics or china

The simplest modification work in such basic modes:

  1. Quick. Performs a short half-hour wash cycle with a temperature of not more than 40 degrees. It is necessary for rapid cleaning fragile and not very dirty dishes immediately after use.
  2. Intensive. It cleans even the most serious pollution, including a dried and burnt fat. This cycle is the most prolonged in time. It occurs when the water temperature elevations to 70 degrees.
  3. Daily. Designed for washing of accessories with an average level of pollution. During operation, it heats the water up to 55-65 degrees.
  4. economy. It directed at power savings that is achieved by the liquid at the heating temperature (50-55 degrees). The cycle lasts about 180 minutes.
  5. Pre-soaking. Rinses the dishes loaded with cool water for 10-15 minutes, effectively removing residues of products. Detergent is not used.

Dishwashers with advanced features may have a few more useful programs. Among them it is worth noting half load. It gives the ability to run the machine after every meal, without having to download it to the maximum.

This option reduces the duration of washing and good saves resources spent.

Some models with automatic program are able to determine the condition of the loaded items and select the optimal cleaning cycle automatically. This is possible thanks to the sensors and controlling electronics system.

The function of the variable wash
Machines with the function of the variable intensity of the wash sink is distributed for each basket separately. They can both be washed almost clean glasses, glasses and cups with soiled pots and pans

The large amount of software has the technology, the higher its price. Before buying you need to think carefully about whether to pay for the extra programs.

Many users claim that a basic set is sufficient for daily cleaning quality.

Additional features techniques

delay timer. The ability to run the car on schedule is especially useful for users who live in homes with two-tariff electricity meters. Timer allows you to easily transfer the start of the period, when there are the most favorable rates.

control type. Most dishwashers are fitted with an electronic control unit with a keypad or touch screen.

Those users who are accustomed to the button should be aware that they are a little more difficult to care: in tight gaps that exist between them and the body of the device continuously collects garbage.

Touch control differs only in the presence of sensory fields instead of buttons. It almost always has a function of protection of children, the actual machines with an open bar.

Dishwasher with display
Desirably, the selected model for dishwashing present display informing about the settings and performance of the process step completion time

noise. Since the built-in machines are hiding in the furniture, they make a lot less noise compared to peers, to install it separately. On average, this figure is in the range of 40-50 dB.

Of course, that those consumers who are planning to regularly operate the dishwasher at night, should be seen more quiet model. If the equipment will run mostly in the afternoon, the difference between the values ​​of a few dB less principled.

drying views. Machine dried cutlery, using a condensing method or turbosushku. Cost models with condensing type significantly cheaper. They work on the principles of ordinary laws of physics.

Dishes pour a hot liquid stream accumulated at the surface of the moisture condenses on the equipment walls and then flows downward. Less drying such that it is quite long time. Sometimes, after the need to further wipe the dishes.

Machines with turbosushkoy more expensive. With a built-TENu and fan which blows the dishes, drying cycle which is much faster.

Upon completion of the procedure cookware remain perfectly dry. The only drawback turbosushki - additional electricity costs.

Consumption of water and electricity. Each model of machine has different indicators of resource consumption. It is clear that the purchase of more economical device will be more expensive, but in the future it quickly pays for itself.

The purity of the washed ware
The degree of purity of the washed kitchen utensils can be measured by labeling - from A to G. The best cleaning quality belongs to the class A

Less demanding model consume about 8-9 liters of water for one cycle. The median is equal to 11-12 liters. Devices that need more than 15 liters of liquid should not be considered.

electricity consumption related to the previous parameter. The less water is required to operate the machine, the less power it consumes.

For example, if the model uses 8 l water, then light cost is about 0.62 kW / h. High efficiency category designated class A +++, flow - A.

Safety system. Mechanisms to prevent overfilling, - one of the essential components of modern dishwashers. They can provide full or partial protection. The second option is sometimes found in the budget modifications.

Device against leakage
In case of damage of the casing, tubing or other machine fault protection function blocks further flow of water off the heater and the remaining liquid drains into the sewers

Economize on safety is inappropriate: in emergency situations, the system will prevent flooding and its neighbor's property.

Internal hopper equipment. For ease of use in the dishwasher should be at least two baskets with pull-out stainless steel mechanisms. Well, if they have enough folding shelves and holders for different types of dishes.

You should also specify the number of sprinklers, washing the dishes. They are largely dependent on the quality of cleaning.

Best results show machines with three sprinklers: two standard rotating structure and a top made of chopper type shower.

Wire basket system
If the machine could be an overall wash kitchen utensils, equipment should be selected with a basket equipped with a permutation system that allows you to quickly adjust the height

Beam on the floor. Looking for a dishwasher with a fully embedded design, it is necessary to choose the machine that supports the light display technology.

Its meaning is that during the procedure next to the machine Indication projected beam on the floor. He informs the user of the completion of washing. It is very convenient, because in such devices the control unit is closed and is not always clear whether the process is ended.

TOP 5 best brands

Built-in dishwashers produced many famous brands. Buyers give preference to these manufacturers, as the quality and reliability of their equipment is always up to par. Judging by the number of positive ratings from users and experts in the ranking of the best firms were five companies.

Location number 1: unmatched quality Bosch

German Bosch brand is considered one of the best manufacturers of embedded dishwashers. His technique is a market leader in the category in question.

It differs traditionally soundly assembly: during manufacture every detail dishwashers subject to severe laboratory tests.

A variety of design design makes it easy to choose a model that is ideal for kitchen style. The machines are designed for installation in cabinets, countertops and other kitchen.

The new line of embedded dishwashers working on the inverter motor, which saves energy and creates less noise during operation.

Dishwashers Bosch
For standard rooms and large families Bosch offers equipment width of 60 cm, cramped rooms with limited space provided narrow modification - up to 45 cm

Constantly improving proprietary technologies provide perfect washing process results at a minimum cost of electricity and water.

Advantages of Bosch appliances, marked with users:

  • optimized internal ergonomics;
  • quality service before and after your purchase;
  • excellent sound insulation, are not a problem in the night;
  • sverhberezhnaya costly cleaning glasses, porcelain;
  • informative TFT-display;
  • rapid purification function VarioSpeed;
  • multilevel Aqua-Stop system, which protects against leaks;
  • intelligent sensors, pressure regulating parameters and the water supply;
  • many built-in programs and additional functions.

As for the disadvantages, then to them belongs the price of products, which many consider excessive.

This nuance is offset by efficiency, high performance, worthy of the technical specifications of the equipment. In addition, in the range Bosch has a good economy offers.

The most successful models of the German brand called Serie 2 SMV24AX00R, Serie 4 SMV51E30EU, Serie 8 SMI88TS00R.

Demonstration of one of the models of dishwashers from Bosch:

Location number 2: a combination of style and functionality from Electrolux

Swedish trade mark Electrolux manufactures ergonomic built dishwasher with innovative technological stuffing. In its technique the company is focusing on the versatility and energy-saving characteristics.

Open panel models, embedded in the furniture part, pleased with a large choice of colors. The range can find a good solution in white, red, black or silver shade for every kitchen.

The range of Electrolux dishwashers
The Electrolux range includes appropriate options of embedded dishwashers for any buyer: the model with increased capacity of a series of Real Life, narrow and compact units Real Life Slim, user-friendly operation of the machine ComfortLift

The new versions manufacturer reduced noise level (now it does not greater than 45 dB) and added their unique AirDry technology.

This option automatically opens the door after the machine cycle. This eliminates the detrimental effect on color built-in appliances and kitchen furniture structure surface, it promotes natural drying glassware.

In the review, the owners of dishwashers Electrolux listed the following benefits:

  • original lifting mechanism ComfortLift, facilitating the bookmark / download and adjustment of the position of baskets;
  • a special device for spraying cleaning efficiency increases;
  • roomy removable trays;
  • the possibility of placing tableware any form;
  • special treatment of fragile glassware;
  • quality disinfection, destroys up to 99.9% of germs.

Some users complain that the modification of the budget category brand have only partial protection against leaks. However, this problem can be easily solved by further acquiring the double hose.

Among the most popular dishwashers Swedish company is to provide one of the latest developments ESL97540RO. Also in great demand model ESL94200LO, ESL95321LO, ESL4550RO.

An overview of one of the built-in models dishwashers from Electrolux:

Place number 3: The capacity and efficiency of Gorenje

Kitchen appliances Slovenian company Gorenje attracting advanced technologies, stamina, excellent performance. Basically its range of proposals presented by the medium price segment.

Features Gorenje dishwashers
Feature embedded firm dishwashers - the rational distribution of the interior space, a lot of intelligent solutions and perfect cleaning results

Slovenian dishwashers consume a minimum of water per cycle. For example, for washing tableware 16 sets it takes only 9 l. The latest generation SmartFlex models provides many additional features.

For users are important benefits such technology:

  • automatic cleaning of filter components of food residues;
  • convenient mechanism for moving the baskets;
  • purity sensor monitors the quality of rinsing;
  • function contraction cycle, which assumes washing dishes for 15 minutes;
  • durable protective AquaStop system against overflows;
  • several levels of liquid spray.

Among the brand dishwashers drawbacks include the lack of function of half-load and light indication of the end of the process in some machines.

Best installed models Gorenje dishwashers believe GV66161, GV65324XV, GV68260.

Location number 4: The functionality and availability of Indesit

Italian brand Indesit manufactures embedded dishwashers with the best feature sets in the economy segment. machine assembly is done in China and Poland.

By making the model, the manufacturer takes care of their high hygienic properties, comfortable and safe operation, carefully consider the internal organization.

Design dishwashers Indesit
Universal design dishwashers Indesit, decorated in a classic shade of metallic or white, can be easily combined with the overall color scheme of any kitchen interior

The new line uses eXtra art dishwasher hydraulic system and an improved inverter motor, which increases the removal efficiency of various types of contamination.

Indesit dishwashers have several advantages:

  • simple control system;
  • an extensive selection of operating modes;
  • reduced energy consumption;
  • BabyCycle cycle for gentle cleaning supplies young households;
  • guaranteed destruction of bacteria during rinsing at a temperature of 72 degrees;
  • additional sections for small appliances;
  • Good capacity.

As the shortcomings indicated the absence of function, regulating water hardness, low quality Wash in economy mode, ECO, the lack of a separate regime for fragile goods expensive in some models.

Also of note is that the quality of Chinese firms build instruments inferior to European.

The most popular models of the Italian brand recognized DIFP 8B + 96Z, DISR 57H96 Z, DISR 57H96 Z.

Location number 5: Advanced Korting

Korting German company engaged in the production budget dishwashers. Despite this, they are worthy rivals of the more expensive counterparts in terms of reliability, the number of embedded technologies and useful features.

In the process of manufacturing equipment manufacturer uses high quality materials and components, proven advanced electronics.

Benefits dishwashers Kerting
In most dishwashers Kerting model provides a convenient system audible and visual indication, led-display. You can connect the machine not only the cold, but also to the hot water supply

Capacity of embedded machine allows you to place them in up to 14 sets of china. The transformable baskets easily fits bulk cooking utensils.

Dish Korting technique pleases users numerous benefits, including:

  • simple operation;
  • option program changes and reloading after the start cycle;
  • turbosushki productive technology;
  • the highest energy efficiency class;
  • quality system AquaControl, warning leakage and overflows;
  • S-shaped sprinklers to ensure washing of dishes from all sides.

Among the shortcomings is isolated underdeveloped service network brand technology, which causes some problems in the case of breakdowns.

Most models have earned the trust of buyers KDI 4540, KDI 45165, 60165 KDI.

Useful videos on the topic

Tips for choosing a built-in dishwashers:

Built-In Dishwashing machines hidden from the eyes and does not take up valuable space. Selecting the right model for your kitchen, no longer will need to allocate a lot of time on tedious washing dirty dishes mountains. The machine will do it all yourself, spending a minimum of process water and electricity.

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