Sprinkler (impeller) for the dishwasher - device, replacement

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Have you ever wondered how the dishwasher works? How can household appliances clean the dishes without brushes and sponges? Inside the bunker there are rocker arms, out of which are jets of water and dishes. How to choose the right sprinkler for the dishwasher when replacing, as it functions, read in the article.

Content of the material:

  • 1Types of sprinklers and the principle of operation
  • 2Replacing the PMM sprayer

Types of sprinklers and the principle of operation

The impeller of the dishwasher Electrolux, Beko, Candy, Coopersberg works with the pressure of water. The circulation pump pumps water into the rocker where it leaks out of the nozzles (holes) with great pressure.

In the PMM chamber there is an upper and lower sprinkler. The number varies from two to three pieces.

Since most manufacturers manufacture internal parts from plastic, the rocker arms often break with the wrong arrangement of the dishes. To find a suitable replacement, you need to know what parts are installed by those or other brands. Our review will help you:

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  • Electrolux (Electrolux) often have only one plastic blade with round ends. The design quickly wears the seal, which is recommended to buy in the kit (suitable for models Zanussi and AEG).

  • Whirlpool. Sprayer for MMP of this brand goes on sale together with the fixing nut. Rockers sizes 3, x45 cm are used for all models of this manufacturer.
  • Beko. To the dishwasher, you can buy sprinklers only black. The manufacturer convinces customers of the quality of assembly of equipment and all components.
  • Bosch. A wave-shaped impeller with a nut comes in for sale. Suitable for the brands "Siemens "Neff Gaggenau.

  • The Kaiser. The usual blades are 31 cm long.
  • Hansa. Details may vary for each model. Therefore, when buying, keep a broken sprayer with you.

If you notice that the rocker in the dishwasher does not turn, or the dishes become badly laundered, check the part. The reason may be in a blockage. Pieces of food, small debris, scum - all this clogs the nozzle holes, preventing water from entering. We will tell you how to clean and repair the impeller.

Replacing the PMM sprayer

If the sprinkler does not rotate, you need to check it for blockage or replace broken items. To do this, remove the part from the seat:

  1. Unscrew the fastening nut.
  2. Remove the nebulizer.
  3. Inspect the seat of the upper rocker arm.
  4. It happens that its mounts pop up. Then the water does not flow into the nozzles, but the flow goes to the side.
  5. Replace the fasteners with the part from the repair kit.

Inspect the spray nozzles carefully. If they are clogged with scum or debris, clean them with a toothpick, rinse under the pressure of water.

After removing the bracket on which the impeller is attached, inspect it. It is also susceptible to calcareous deposits. As a result, the flow does not reach the nozzles, and the instruments are not washed.

If the plates in the chamber are washed partially, and in a certain area the dishes are not touched, check the arrangement of the devices in the baskets. It happens that a large dish blocks the impeller, preventing it from spinning. About,how to use the dishwasher properly, read in our article.

To avoid problems with scum and clogs, follow the simple rules:

  1. Thoroughly clean the appliances of food debris.
  2. Do not overload the dishwasher.
  3. Use a special salt and install filters to clean the water of impurities.

Now you know how to clean the nozzles of scale. Carry out periodic preventive maintenance techniques, and the problems of technology will not bother you.

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