Juicer: which model to choose for home

Juicer: which model to choose for home


If you think that you can not buy health, you are right only in part. Yes, you can not assess your health with any money, but you can buy things that will help to keep it and increase it. For example, a juicer. If only not to be lazy, you can drink fresh juices daily and treat your household members to them. But before choosing a juicer, it is worth to learn a few secrets, which we are happy to open to you right now.


  • 1Variety of species
    • 1.1For citrus fruits
    • 1.2Centrifugal
    • 1.3Screw
  • 2Secrets of choice: criteria that are important
    • 2.1Ability to switch gears
    • 2.2Maximum Acceleration Speed
    • 2.3Power Consumption
    • 2.4Materials from which the electrical appliance is made
  • 3Important little things
    • 3.1Video: advice on choosing a juicer
  • 4Comparison of some species

Variety of species

Choosing a good juicer for the house is not an easy matter. Especially if you clearly understand what you are pursuing. Do you want to give the child fresh juice from apricot, apple and peach from the garden every day? Or do you need an assistant device for seasonal "crop control"? Or maybe you are one of those lucky people who are available all year round fresh oranges, tangerines and other citrus fruits?

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Depending on how you plan to use the juicer at home, and you should choose the right model. By purpose and mode of operation, they are divided into 4 types.

For citrus fruits

As a rule, these are small low-power devices that can cope only with oranges, grapefruits, lemons and other citrus fruits. They are very easy to use, convenient and inexpensive. They can be mechanical (in the form of a press) and electric (in the form of a small jug with a motor). Ideal for small portions of fresh juice.


This is perhaps the most numerous "army" of such devices. Suitable for both hard vegetables and juicy fruits, because of what they are also called universal. Work on the simplest algorithm: crush the fruit or vegetable into small pieces, and then pass it through a fine sieve. However, before you choose a juicer for your home, keep in mind that with large volumes such models do not work well, since they periodically require a stop and rest. Suitable for the whole family. They are divided into two main types:

  • With a round separator - in these devices the entire used cake remains inside, so after 2-3 glasses of such an electrical appliance must be disassembled and washed. But their efficiency as a rule is higher, that is, juice can get a little more. Ideal for making juice for a child.
  • With a separator in the form of a cone - this assistant herself removes the cake in a special container (some mistresses substitute a package for him, which can simply be thrown out after use). Juice turns out a little less, but it's much more convenient to use such models. If your family consists of 4 or more people, it is better to choose such a device for the house.

These are the same centrifugal devices, only with special nozzles for citrus. They are rare and usually cost so much that it is sometimes easier to acquire two different models and use them at home as needed.




Many of these children are familiar with these models. This apparatus works like a meat grinder: fruit or berries are fed into a special compartment and ground. In this case, the juice flows into one container, and the unnecessary cake is sent to another. Can be manual and automatic.

They have the highest percentage of juice production, but also work with them much longer and more difficult.

But they are coping with large volumes, so it is better to choose them for the annual "struggle against the harvest." The screw juicer will help to make beautiful houses at home for the winter, which will please all household members.

Read more on this topic in the article How to choose a screw juicer for your home.

Secrets of choice: criteria that are important

If you have already determined which juicer is right for your home, it's time to think about the purchase. In order for it to last a long time and bring the maximum benefit, it is necessary to take into account only a few important points. Let's determine how to choose the right juicer.

Ability to switch gears


When buying a universal juicer, look at the number of its speeds. It is advisable that she has at least two of them, as this will allow you to get more juice from different vegetables and fruits. Usually at a fast speed it is better to press hard products, and on a slow one - soft ones. However, more than three or four speeds - this is too much.

Maximum Acceleration Speed

To quickly obtain juice, it is sufficient to choose a centrifugal juicer at a speed of 8-10 thousand. rpm. Lower speeds force it to work longer (and consume more electricity), while excessively high ones only slightly increase the efficiency and at the same time pull "excess" electricity. Screw instruments or citrus apparatus have low speeds.

Power Consumption

For automatic "presses" for citrus, it is small (an average of 30 watts), but it is enough to cope with juicy orange or lemon. But the universal juicer should be chosen only when it has a power of 700-1000 watts.

Materials from which the electrical appliance is made

All parts must be of good quality and strong enough. For example, a strainer in good models of centrifugal devices is made of stainless steel. In auger from the same stainless steel should be a sieve-separator. All plastic must be strong and designed for food.

All these are important things that determine the longevity of the device. But there are other features that should be looked at.

Even the most powerful and robust electrical appliance will dust on the mezzanine, if it is inconvenient to operate.


We will show you how to choose the juicer correctly, so that it is not only reliable but also comfortable.

Which juicer is right for you?

Answer a few questions and you will find out which type of juicer is right for you.

Which juicer is right for you?

Answer a few questions and you will find out which type of juicer is right for you.

Important little things

Any juicer is nice to use if it has such important little things:

  • Removable container for collecting cake. If you choose a juicer that does not need to be disassembled and cleaned during operation, it will be very convenient to use at home.
  • Wide diameter of the feed opening. Ideally - about 9 cm. Then you can put whole fruits and vegetables here.
  • Safe mode - the juicer does not turn on if it was not picked up correctly.
  • System "drop stop" - after turning off the device you need to raise or rotate the nozzle, and then the last drops of juice do not fall on the table.
  • Pusher for products, which is ideal for the loading throat. Sometimes it is also used as a measuring cup.
  • Separator for foam separation. Very convenient, because the finished product does not need to be filtered.
  • Rubberized legs for stability.

Video: advice on choosing a juicer

Comparison of some species

If you still do not understand what kind of juicer for the house should be chosen for you, check out our comparative table for different types:

Options For citrus fruits Centrifugal Screw
With round separator With conical separator
Speed ​​of work Manual work slowly. Automatic work pretty quickly. It works very quickly, but 2-3 cups of juice should be disassembled and cleaned from the cake. It works very quickly, it is not necessary to interrupt the work. From time to time you need to pour the cake from a removable container. It does not work as fast as a centrifugal one.
For which products is suitable Only for citrus fruits For a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries. Sometimes there are difficulties with too soft products (for example, bananas or peaches), which can turn into mashed potatoes. For a variety of vegetables, fruits and berries. Sometimes there are difficulties with too soft products (for example, bananas or peaches), which can turn into mashed potatoes. It is better for soft fruits and berries. With solid, too, manages, but slightly worse than the centrifugal.
Ability to process large volumes It is better for small volumes. Needs to rest every 5-6 minutes. Needs to rest every 5-6 minutes. It can work very long without interruption, making workpieces for the winter.
Ease of use All the details can be washed in a couple of minutes. At large volumes, it is necessary to interrupt the work in order to disassemble and wash the device. After termination it is necessary again to disassemble and wash all. In the process, you can simply pour the cake from a removable container. After use, it must be disassembled and washed. There are so many different details, each of which needs to be washed and dried after use.
Performance 2-3 cups 2-3 glasses (need to switch off and clean) 4-6 glasses (you need to turn it off and let it rest) A lot of. Suitable for workpieces.
Suitable for: For connoisseurs of fresh citrus juice. For a family of two or three people. For a family of four or more people. For lovers of closing juices for the winter.

Now you have learned everything about "the most juicy gadgets" and for sure you will be able to find a suitable model for yourself. With its help you can take care of your own health and the health of your loved ones.

The main thing - do not forget to regularly prepare fresh juices. And you certainly will not forget if your new assistant will like you. Enjoy the shopping!

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