Is it possible to calculate the power consumption of the TV

Can I Calculate the Power Consumption of the

TV?But not everyone knows that in addition to such uneconomical models of equipment as washing machines and refrigerators, the power consumption of the TV can also be calculated.

TV is usually not perceived as a big expense item - usually we just turn a blind eye to the electricity consumed by it. But studies have shown that the regular operation of an ordinary TV receiver can also cost a pretty penny.

And regardless of the manufacturer's model, be it Samsung, Philips or LG.


  • 1 Marking
  • 2 Other ways to calculate
  • 3 Sound and brightness


Many people are interested in the power of the TV in kW, especially when it comes to businesses and office space. In the reception rooms, lounges or the lobby is often installed a TV that can work around the clock. It is not surprising that the owner of the enterprise will be interested in such an item of expenditure - the business requires strict accounting. Is it possible to find out the power consumption in kW according to the technical description of the TV or a special sticker?

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This is a rather difficult question. Since 2010, the European Union has adopted uniform standards for the consumption of plasma and LED TVs. The Commission approved such markings as:

  • A +;
  • A ++;
  • A +++.

But the fact is that modern devices rarely correspond to these parameters. Not every modern LED TV has such a sticker. Even widely advertised LED products from Bravis, Samsung and Sony rarely boast such markings. Therefore, such marks are of little use these days, unless of course you are going to wait for 2017 and the subsequent revolution in the field of television.

If we talk about really informative stickers, they are very similar to the markings of washing machines known to everyone. On the screens of almost every plasma or LED TV of a modern design there are stickers with a kind of “rainbow” of flowers, which are marked with Latin letters from A to G. The standard is the consumption level of class F. On this sticker there is a mark informing about the device's power in watts.

Additional information may also be available here, for example, on standby power consumption. If there is a corresponding button on the panel, it can switch the device to the mode, due to which the power consumption will amount to symbolic 0.01 kW.This figure in kW is truly impressive, but only the latest models can boast such achievements. It is very easy to determine the presence of such an indicator - if your TV is able to consume no more than 0.01 kW per hour in standby mode, the sticker will have the corresponding check mark.

Other methods of calculating

How to independently calculate indicators in kW?No matter how trite it may sound, you have to measure the screen diagonal. For a start, it's worth noting that LED TVs and plasma samples consume 3 times less energy than models with a kinescope. And if the savings for you in priority, it is worth thinking about replacing technology.

For a more obvious example, consider a separate model, for example, the widely used Samsung LED TV with a 20 ”diagonal. Such a sample of Samsung will regularly consume up to 70 watts. This consumption can be compared with the consumption of an ordinary incandescent lamp. Energy characteristics can also be affected by the additional characteristics specified in the instructions. According to research, the most energy is spent during the standby mode. Yes, during power-up, the device "eats" three times more power, but this is only a short-term jump.

The above indicators can be considered a generally accepted standard, as Samsung is considered quite economical technology.

There is a simpler way - use a power meter. This device will help to easily determine the consumed power, which then after simple manipulations can be converted to kW.If you try to test the above Samsung LED model, you will see that the researchers' calculations were correct.

Sound and brightness

We should also consider the issue of sound volume. It is believed that the volume of the sound can affect power consumption. If this influence exists, it is rather insignificant. In addition, it is very rare to turn on the TV at a volume above average. If you are trying to save money, special attention should be paid not to the volume of the sound, but to the brightness of the screen. Current models with an LED screen can spend more electricity with a higher backlight brightness, so you should control this option. From this we can conclude that the sound power does not play a special role, so it makes no sense to pay much attention to this issue.

What about sound and brightness in plasma screens? Studies have shown that such products consume slightly more energy than LED samples, and regardless of the manufacturer - Bravis, Samsung or Sony. Pay attention to this figure when buying a TV receiver, and then you will not have any problems with excessive expenses.

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