Toaster repair their own hands

The first looked like toasters irons. Heating of the reaction was monitored by bimetallic strip attached to the compartment. Sunbeam models were produced in 1952, will give a hundred points a fresh design, able to throw the bread on achieving availability, themselves loaded inside. It should put a piece in the feed slot, after 5 minutes you get toasted slices. It looked just amazing - you wonder. How to organize the toaster repair their own hands, whatever curiosity nor visited the hand of the master. We talk at the same time discuss the wonders of the world.

Apparatus typical toaster

Rare Toaster equipped with a temperature sensor. Some operate according to the program set by a timer. Start going into the lowering lever with toast, toaster finishes bounds. Inside two compartments, one for each piece. On both sides there are spiral heaters. Total, there are three things:

  1. Central-sided.
  2. Two side-way heating.


As mentioned Sunbeam 1952 release from the edges are two vertical spiral wrapped around the ceramic rods. The central plate bears little resemblance to the configuration of modern details. Why just did not make svezhatiny. Most likely, the point of the bimetallic plate, located in the center. Here are the key information who wish to repair their own hands toaster. Really say curiosity looks fantastic!

The toaster lying on the counter, the role of the latch lever carries a magnet. Devices just darkness. A distinction is normally closed, normally open design:

  1. In the absence of the power lever will not snap. Normally open design. The bracket is equipped with a small magnet that interacts with a coil, located near the base. Power toaster in order - induction pulls a piece of metal. It should lower the handle mechanism sticks, kicks off the program. Releasing the coil produced timer signal (less thermostat). Hit by a magnet on the pad will fall, the lever remains in the down position will not. A similar situation if there was an open supply chain. We need to pass along the line, assessing serviceability of the element. Dismantling toaster
  2. Unlike the second design: lever regardless of the presence zalipaet supply. Under it there are two couples (one on each side) bent pins on the horizontal magnet printed control board. Between the lever parts included, remaining motionless as long as you want. Tripping invoked timer signal. The electromagnet attracts metal plate, bent pins, napruzhinenny release mechanism. Toasts to crawl out. Their testimony over the program.

You want to know the timer structure? Typical printed circuit board, the position of the regulators is transmitted potentiometers, pushbuttons defines a fixed program. Sensing a predetermined event occurs, a signal is generated that goes elements magnet control. In our view, the second mechanism is a more economical in terms of energy consumption, but the contacts are deformed just erased a long use.

Below the working chamber should crumb tray, change often wakes up in the compartment of electronic components. The device need to disassemble, clean. The screws are located either under the rubber feet, or near the amount of 4 pieces. Working compartment formed by a single rectangular wall extending perimeter lid bottom. Fixing is carried out zagibnymi ears, it is easy to turn away in the right direction with pliers. The heating plate is inserted into the bottom, a roof. Contact us below. You get access by removing the screws around the legs, lifting the bottom of the toaster.

Repair of toasters

Each heating plate is provided with regularly spaced notches along the top, bottom edges. Nichrome wire (fechral) laid linearly on both or one side. Considering where the plate is located. Looks wire glued, the authors tend to think: amateur, Arise need wound. The plates look like quartz. Of course, the heat-resistant.

Food is infra-red radiation, convection. Spirals do not touch bread sandwiched with special grids capture. Toasted slices excellent addition table. Reasons for failures explained the instructions,. Getting inside the paper, wire heater will burn. Fix the toaster will not be easy. Although it is possible to put a pair of "bugs".

As for the independent repair toasters magnets. He refuses to work part of the instrument. testers repair process costs ability to find fault circuit board removed. Capacitors design lacks: chip resistors plus.

Identify the problem is not difficult. Refuses to work the system lock-release lever - Check the mains power coils at the right time. Major faults lie in the e-filling, the mechanical parts are durable heater.

automatic loading and unloading device Sunbeam

Toasters brands of self loading surprise bread. Put a piece, slices swallowed, leaving out ready. It's amazing. The internal mechanism of the standard alien toaster. Staple balanced two spring mechanisms, one can adjust the screw, located on the bottom plane of the compartment.

  1. The spring force pulls up the bracket to the upper border of the working compartment. Spiral easily find located near spectacular thermostat (bimetal), which resembles iron available in size about three times more.
  2. The second mechanism is not obvious. Bracket resembles a zigzag end. The bottom edge flush with the bottom of the working chamber. In the middle stands the spring, lower grid for bread. Regulated mechanism screw located on the bottom center of the compartment.

The lever on and off the toaster

Two springs oppose each other. With the end of the mesh structure plus calipers like the letter Z. Under the lower edge is spring lowers the net, the upper side fastened lifting mechanism near the response temperature regulator bimetal thermostat toaster. On the opposite side of the mechanism, when the availability of bread pusher construction upstairs. With a free state without slices, mesh does not fall down, hold the latch. Detail will allow to put into the bread machine itself is loaded fries, unloaded ago. It looks just fine.

Describe the work. Man down in the gap bread. Food presses the locking clip, a spring mechanism is released. The mechanism of lifting the cell is turned off, the time has not come. Staple begins to descend, the lever presses the contact closing the circuit feeding the heating elements. Toaster glows orange, went baking process. Staple descends smoothly start defined precision accuracy of adjustment springs. Drag one or bread refuses to come out of the end of the cycle, or afraid to fall inside. Preload bimetallic strip (rather lever) is regulated by the thermostat knob. Must be set to the desired type of bread, not very convenient.

Between the vertical side spirals resembling springs, leaving space through which the heat falls on a bimetallic vertically disposed bracket. Reaches a predetermined temperature, a click is heard, NC heating simultaneously operates the lifting device. Bread briskly moves out of the toaster. Extent baking quality determined correctness a thermostat. Power heating plates is released. Toaster is ready to accept the new bread.

Later guessed it: a wonderful mechanism is inconvenient when a large batch of baked bread. Because the two pieces (even four) little family. While the device is not fully cooled down, will not be ready to take a new batch. The spirals have a considerable inertia catches windings steel enclosure. Instead of storing heat, a secondary heating toaster will be faster, it means that the bread is not completely propechetsya. When reloading the slices fall into a heated environment, thus preparing a little faster. However, the factor can not smooth out first. Therefore, we believe: the adjustment in pipeline mode will have to do a little more rigid.

What can go wrong in a toaster Sunbeam? You've seen the same thing we are! Anything can go wrong. However, the durability of the device is due to the simplicity in terms of electricians. There is not a single resistor, capacitor, transistor, electric toaster branch reliable. We have to adjust the mechanical part. The bimetal plate is durable. Toasters work 60 years without showing signs of fatigue! whether species are available for voltages of 230 volts, we do not undertake to say. He caught the eye of the American version. toaster device is admirable!

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