Compressor from the refrigerator with their own hands

A small problem to make a compressor out of the refrigerator with your own hands. Few people know how to properly operate the device. Standard DXM produces a pressure of 10 atmospheres( enough to pump up the wheels of a passenger car), special professional stations are often manufactured for 2 atmospheres. It is not difficult to guess - the factory compressor is endowed with several advantages. Today we will try to test the theses on the soundness of common sense, let us tell you what a compressor is. Let's start with the 10th hallmarks of the homebrew solution.

Professional and home-made compressors: 10 differences

Buying a pneumatic tool is cheaper( the difference reaches the order).An additional advantage is the extensive use. Think about it. In the middle of the field there is an armature. Will you cut with an electric tool? Imagine dry forest trees. Bears do not know the electric generators, and the pneumatic saw will cope( on a par with the gasoline).

We recommend to start reading the review from the end.10 differences characterizing the motor-compressor of the refrigerator, you will not understand without knowledge of the principles of functioning.

  • A professional compressor uses an ordinary asynchronous electric motor, via a belt drive or directly transmitting torque to the working chamber with a freon transfer mechanism. Most often, the actuating mechanism is an ordinary piston. The refrigeration compressor is assembled in the same housing with the engine and without belts.
  • A factory-made professional compressor for technical needs is supplied with the right set of automation and units: an emergency pressure relief valve, a pressure measuring switch, an inlet filter, an output filter, pressure gauges, a receiver( steel cylinder).The refrigeration compressor will have to be installed, having independently calculated the options, selecting the adjusting equipment.

  • The factory compressor often operates automatically controlled. The simplest models constantly have to be turned off by timer. Time is recorded manually on the clock. Refrigeration compressors are equipped with protective relays( in addition to starting ones).The engine shuts down when the sensor element is overheated, does not burn.
  • Lubrication factory compressor - a separate problem. The industry even produces dry piston models fitted with graphite rings. Motor resource is smaller, as well as cost. But it is not necessary to lubricate, the air will be clean. This is important using capricious spray guns that do not tolerate impurities when pumping tires in the garage( pneumatic tools, on the contrary, like oil, requires installations on the hose of lubricator lubricators).Refrigeration compressors are bathed in oil, as are air conditioners. Swim in the bath, you can drill holes on the body for driving grease, other suitable substances, use the service pipe. Synthetic oil is a natural antagonist, be careful not to pour arbitrary components inside.
  • Refrigeration compressor is made to meet the standards of release of household appliances, works silently. If all the tubes are sealed, the condition will be maintained. None of the neighbors of the garage cooperative will hear that the humble servant of the board has decided to pump up the wheels. Factory compressor for technical purposes behaves more pathetic, because the requirements are different.

  • The refrigeration compressor is purchased cheaply, we remove the unit from the old household appliances. Regulatory valves will have to buy, the price is within one thousand rubles. Factory compressor station is purchased in the store according to the general conditions. For comparison, the automobile pump Airline Classic-2 CA-030-02 with a capacity of 30 liters per minute with a working pressure of 7 atm costs 1,400 rubles, is not supplemented with a receiver( or rather a small balloon), therefore it is unsuitable for the whole, exceeding the amount of wheel pumping.
  • Taking the refrigeration compressor as the basis, build the station according to your needs. Customize the purchase of the unit is not possible. If the performance is low, the wheel of the bike will remain. Supply a homemade compressor with a large receiver. Having pumped 8 atm inside, it will be a joy to use most pneumatic equipment( screwdrivers, drills, saws).Tangible plus.
  • The layout of the compressor station is predefined. The author's gentleman's device is free to accommodate any spiritual needs. Some enclose the parts of the assembly inside the hangar-like case, which was previously equipped with sewing machines, supply the design with a handle, simplifying manual transportation.
  • The case of the compressor of the refrigerator is black, it gives off heat better, the craftsmen cut off the upper part of the casing, enhancing cooling. We recommend instead to install a fan that blows the device outside.

  • The refrigeration compressor is being manufactured by the UHL, therefore, it is clamped by some restrictions on the operating conditions. Temperature limit above 10 ºС.We present the approximate values ​​of climatic modifications:
  1. N( normal) - 16-32 ºС.
  2. SN( subnormal) - 10-32 ºС.
  3. T( tropical) - 18-43 ºС.
  4. ST( subtropical) - 18-38 ºС.

Much more often there are combined classes, denoted by a dash, include both ranges by addition: 16-38 ºС.These differences are not the only ones, the authors tried to make it clear: a homemade station from a refrigeration compressor will sometimes give 100 points for the odds purchased, although the device is not designed to work with the atmosphere. During normal operation, get oil, water, air. The refrigeration compressor will slow down to faint when it sees oxygen, diluted with nitrogen, inside the casing.

The working pressure of refrigerators reaches 25 atm( depending on the model), sufficient for domestic needs. The main thing is to stock up on a bigger receiver. Beware of the explosion. Most equipment deliberately uses low pressure for security purposes.

Compressor design through eyes Kulibin

The compressor motor is often equipped with three nozzles:

  • inlet freon;
  • output freon;
  • technology wizard.

Engine bathes in oil, dissolving and freon. It is difficult to correctly change the brand( type) of the refrigerant. When vacuuming wait a quarter of an hour: the oil will give the old freon. Compressor will have 15 minutes to idle. The process of changing the oil is not easy, although you can perform the procedure. Before refilling make sure: there is no water inside, air, replaceable freon. What for? The old R12 is considered to be the worst enemy of the ozone layer; it is being replaced everywhere by a new, explosive, but not in concentrations inherent in the premises operating refrigerators, if they leak into the environment.

When working, experiment lovers note: oil is thrown from the outlet. As part of the refrigerator nuance devoid of lethal consequences. The liquid flows back into the oil bath. When building a home-made compressor from a refrigerator, equip the output path with cleaning filters. Accessories must stop the oil, water. Motorists apply Lada Kalina fuel fine filters at the price of 100 rubles apiece. Turn on, it will be visible through the light-transmitting case: the paper filling swells up. The main thing is not to break.

It will be useful to install a safety valve, a Chinese gun equipped with a pressure gauge, is not a problem to buy. A couple of words characterizing the device. The main components of a homemade compressor station will be called:

  • compressor;
  • receiver;
  • control valves;
  • connecting hoses.

Receiver is represented by a tank. Experienced citizens recommend making a suitable container out of a fire extinguisher, the authors prefer the idea of ​​welding a part from a piece of thick pipe, sheet steel. Pick up the size of the place, needs, fittings crashes into arbitrary places. It will take four holes:

  • input from the compressor;
  • output for use;
  • control for manometer;
  • service for condensate.

The latter is located near the bottom of the tank. Before you make the compressor yourself, find the documentation of the unit removed from the refrigerator. Tortured with laziness - expect a working pressure of 8 atm. Enough to pump up the wheels, purge the engine - with interest. Blowing out the candles, stock up at a limit of 15 atm. When choosing a valve, calculate the maximum pressure while making a margin.

The test port is supplied with a pressure gauge, a pressure sensor that automatically shuts off when the setpoint is reached. Remove the compressor from the refrigerator with your own hands together with the start-up relay( there are two relays in separate housings).The power of the set of mechanisms is supplied with a voltage of 230 V. It would be better to find a surge protector similar to a guarding an old washing machine. The unit will protect the device. The inhabitants of the garage cooperative often brewed, the stability of the voltage leaves much to be desired. The nominal differs from the standard, often contradicting the requirements of GOST to the quality of electricity supply services.

A few words about the operation of the compressor. The receiver needs to stabilize the pressure, allows the rest of the motor to work. A compressor injects a balloon with air, controlled by control valves. The bypass valve protects the system from an accident; the start-over relay controls the normal operation of the engine and protects it from overheating. Air pumps up the receiver, is taken away by the output hose, equipped with a filter. Entering the compressor, the outside air is cleaned, the dust is eliminated, if possible - moisture. Some motorists pump the receiver 8 atmospheres, store the device for weeks. This can not be done, although it is possible!

Comic note with serious consequences allows you to usefully say goodbye, ending the subsection.

The simplest compressor of the old refrigerator

There are a billion options, every time there are people who are few. How to make a compressor out of the fridge with your own hands - the dilemma torments the seekers at night. Today it is proposed to start considering the problem with a minimum set of accessories, which together make up a device designed to pump up wheels, blow surfaces, serve as an air source to spray guns. There are many applications of compressed jet, do not expect to power a self-taught machine with a built-in unit. Although we are sure there will be people who will patiently pump up 500 liters with the necessary pressure, trying to see the result. Then send the photo to the portal, there will be an extra advertisement for the project! Not ours, of course.

The simplest compressor includes:

  1. A passenger car air filter designed for the desired pressure. The price of the issue is limited to 100 rubles.
  2. Sanitary bypass valve( restrictive, disruptive), combined with a return valve of 6 atm. At the price of 150 rubles apiece.
  3. Synthetic hose( polymer, rubber) that can withstand 6 atm.25-meter bay costs 1000 rubles. If there is a segment of the desired length, of course, will cost less.
  4. Chinese gun, without gauge. A tasty unit costs 750 rubles, a private soldier will be three times cheaper.
  5. Storage tank of the required capacity. The more, the less will have to turn on the compressor.
  6. Connecting communications from copper tubes, hoses of arbitrary formation. What is at hand.

The cylinder will be a battery( receiver) that accumulates air. The pressure decreases as work progresses( fulfilling the hyperbola graph).Motorists ignore changes when it comes to tire inflation, where the threshold is below 3 atmospheres. For pneumatic tools jumps are critical. However, for our reasons, we have to admit: the home-made design is endowed with its own advantages.

Let's start the tank. Durable, steel, with at least three connections:

  • input;
  • output;
  • drain( condensate removal).

The last pipe after installing the container is strictly below, the liquid pours out without problems. With a compressor, the problem is trying to spit out the oil. Therefore, bend the outlet to look strictly up. In parallel, the hose should go in the direction of the tank. Fence intake pipe bend upward, supplying with a not long piece of rubber tube, on the end of which a passenger car air filter is mounted. Perhaps the fuel will go - Lada Kalina. The section of the tract does not face increased pressure, the requirements are relatively low.

A water check & bypass valve serves two purposes. Placed between the cylinder and the compressor, preventing the air from coming back, is the simplest indicator that the pressure has reached the set point. Reaching 6 atmospheres, will begin to hiss, then it is time to turn off the compressor engine. A typical refrigeration unit produces at least 15 atm, there is nothing to fear for a motor. There is a desire to achieve extraordinary additional security - screw in the outlet of the cylinder shut-off valve, plumbing fit( shame to rob the housing office).When filling the cylinder valve can be blocked.

Now we collect the parts together, we strengthen the balloon. After starting the compressor, the air will flow while the bypass valve is silent. Air supply should be stopped by turning off the engine.

Complicated constructions of garage compressors from old refrigerators

In the previous case, the inability to leave the device unattended( they won’t take it away - it would blow something good).Although nothing bad will happen, start the bypass valve to whistle, a little good. Another problem: if the valve is jammed, the automation will fail, something will break, the compressor will burn. To prevent the harmful effects of a good gauge to put. People do differently. Buy pneumorele pressure, disabling the engine compressor. The kit is complemented by a pressure gauge, sometimes equipped with two outlets. A typical Chinese set costs 1500 rubles, allows you to adjust the pneumatics as needed. Wait a little for refusing the non-return valve with the bypass; we simply supplement the output with regulating valves.

This will allow you to turn off the engine automatically. The pressure switch has two thresholds: upper and lower. Works according to the hysteresis scheme. Starts the engine by closing the contacts at a pressure of 4 atm, turns off at 6 atm. The gap between 4 and 6 will be working for the drive. Manometers need to control the situation, pneumatic automatics can break. For this reason, we recommend that you leave a check valve in the system & a bypass valve, will be an extra safety net. The procedure is as follows:

  1. The compressor draws air through a nozzle fitted with a filter.
  2. The outlet hose to the tank is equipped with a & backflow valve.
  3. Control valves located at the outlet of the tank, immediately shut off valve is installed.
  4. In the bottom of the tank there is a pipe for draining condensate.
  5. From the control valve the hose goes to the gun.
  6. The pressure switch opens, closes the contacts of the compressor power supply with an electric current.

We add, some use a pneumohydro-accumulator instead of an ordinary tank, we don’t argue about the benefits of such a technical solution. Judging by the figures, diagrams, it can be said that each type of the above-mentioned devices has disadvantages:

  1. Piston expansion tanks deliver constant pressure, this is a plus. The constructions work due to the translational piston, which under pressure oppresses the compressible volume. It is difficult to ensure the tightness of the sealing rings, the device itself weighs a lot.
  2. In the spring drives, the load is replaced by elastic turns of steel. Physics students know that the pressure force is proportional to the tension. Therefore, the pressure drops linearly with decreasing volume. Not so bad, if you forget that such devices are hard to find on sale, they wear out much with time.
  3. Membrane broad tanks nonche most popular. There is a problem - the pressure drops according to a quadratic law. More precisely, hyperbole. In such conditions, the constancy of waiting to get tired, but durability is guaranteed.

The Earth's salt of the latter scheme resembles the shell of a Kinder surprise egg. Barrel, constricted membrane. The form, the order of installation is different, the trouble is the following: on the other side there is air, which creates additional pressure with rubber along with pressure. It turns out a less acceptable scheme. About hyperbole told. And what will happen if we take the expansion tank with a transverse membrane, saw off the top, put the oppression? We believe that if the pressure does not tear the structure apart, in the first approximation, something worthwhile will be obtained in terms of the constancy of the parameters.

We want to add: to keep the tank filled, beware. Negative impact on the longevity of the system. A suitable option is to make a small wheel pumping compressor without control valves. If the tank is small, it will fill up quickly enough. Pressure is injected, reaching 6–8 atm. Hydropneumatic accumulator probably prolongs the life of the receiver’s operating value. The gas pressure in the normal state inside can be 3 atm. And then the bar will not fall below this value until the tank is 100% empty. Then fill again. Advantageous mode is allowed to provide regulating valves, or self-monitoring of the state of the installation. Whistle a metal kettle bypass valve, finally!

Making a compressor with crazy hands will eliminate the need to spend money. Brothers worth when the necessary equipment purchased. A similar factory product for tire inflation costs a couple of thousand Papuan bananas. You can see: the costs shown at the beginning as a guide are slightly lower. But the refrigeration compressor will give 15, 20 atmospheres, drop out a good deal. Enough for long continuous work.

In the refrigerator, the compressor motor is protected by a special relay. You heard about him. Protects from overheating, helps the asynchronous motor to start. In the new progressive compressors, the latter is unnecessary. Inside induction coil, pushing core. Protection against overheating is needed in any case: the compressor from the refrigerator is an unpretentious, durable device that requires careful handling. It is sometimes pleasant to make extravagant hands with crazy hands, if there is time, it is a lot of power.

Who performed the necessary listed technological operations, note: the use of the compressor has a low noise level. The fact is that the requirements for decibels are higher for household appliances. Here is the result. An additional advantage of the device is that it can be used at home( away from the colors of life).Power is single-phase current. It turns out the same fridge, minus the consumption of lighting lamps. At times, engine cooling is forced. Decide to make the compressor out of the fridge - move the entire system. Measure to ensure the normal operation of the engine, save from overheating.

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