How to grow raspberries in the country?


Growing raspberries for some is considered a simple matter. But many do not know,to grow a rich and delicious harvest of berries, you need to know some secretsplanting and care for this seemingly undemanding culture.


Table of contents

  • Growing raspberries in the country
    • Where to plant?
    • When is it better to plant - in autumn or spring?
  • Basic Methods
    • Trench
    • Pit
    • According to Sobolev
  • How to grow raspberries from seeds
    • In open ground
    • In flower pots

Growing raspberries in the country

Where to plant?

Correctly choosing a place for planting crimson bushes, you will ensure yourself a stable harvest of delicious and fragrant berries.

Usually for planting gardeners allocate the most junk places. It is not right. The yield is insignificant.

To make the berry sweet, you need the sun. Raspberry is a moisture-loving plant. Therefore, the place for it should be chosen:

  1. Solar.
  2. Protected from winds.
  3. Wet, but not waterlogged (well, if in this place in winter we will accumulate a lot of snow).
  4. With a fertile layer of soil.
For planting raspberries choose a sunny place

When is it better to plant - in autumn or spring?

Raspberry bushes can be planted in any, warm season, butThe best time to plant yet is autumn.

In autumn, the best ratio of temperature and humidity. Autumn-born bush, in the spring they grow faster and less sick.

When spring planting, the plant takes root for a long timeand the percentage of survival rate is less than in the autumn planting.

When planting raspberries in autumn, please note that bushes need to be planted 20 days before frost.

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Preparing the soil for raspberry bushes should be dealt with in advance. If bushes are planted in autumn, thenlanding pits are prepared a month before disembarkation.

When spring planting pits are prepared from autumn. Unsupported for some reason seedlings in the fall should be prikopat. In spring it is important to have the plants planted before the buds awaken.


Basic Methods

Raspberries are planted on the plottrench, pit or hole method. And just as interesting is the method by Sobolev's method. What is the difference?


Raspberry planted in a trench way,saves time on caring for her. Less watering, it is convenient to cover for the winter, the harvest of berries increases.

Rules for planting in a trench:

  1. Choose a well-lit place.
  2. For a uniform illumination of the raspberry, the trench should be directed from the north to the south.
  3. The length of the trenches is arbitrary, but with a depth of 60-70 cm and a width of 40-50 cm.
  4. If the rows are more than one, then the distance between them is not less than 1.5 m.
  5. Heavy soil with loam should be relieved. Pour a layer of 10-15 cm of gravel or sand onto the bottom of the trench. Mix the soil with humus. On top of it, sprinkle mineral fertilizers per 1 sq m:
    • 200 grams of phosphorus;
    • 60-70 grams of potash;
    • 300-400 grams of wood ash.
    • You can use complex fertilizers: 200 grams of nitroammophoska or nitrophos.
  6. Again, mix thoroughly. Top with 10 cm of fertile land. Leave 30-40 cm of free space to the top of the ditch.
  7. Strengthen edges with bumps. They should not crumble. To strengthen fit: boards, ruberoid or polycarbonate.
  8. From the ends of the trench, install T-shaped columns. The height is 1 m.
  9. Tighten 2 rows of wire. From the earth in 30-40 sm and on top of columns.
  10. Plant the seedlings in one line with a distance of 1 m between the plants.
  11. Dig out the holes. Plant the plant. Fall asleep with soil. To plant the plant firmly, round the soil, compact the soil.
  12. Pour in two meals, in small portions until the saturation of the soil with moisture. After watering the soil around the raspberries is recommended to cover up. This will prevent it from drying out and will save you from unnecessary hassle of weeding and loosening. As mulch, peat, humus, pine needles or compost are suitable.
  13. Saplings with growth should be tied to the wire. Start the garter from the lower tiers.

Trenchless method of growing raspberries is effective, but not necessary andsuitable for large raspberry sauce.

Trenchless way to plant raspberries saves time to care for it


If you have a small amount of raspberries, then it is better to plant it with a pitor by a cluster method followed by fan-shaped crown formation. Pits should be cooked two weeks before planting.

Rules of landing:

  1. Dig deep holes and a width of 35-40 cm. Between the pits the distance is from 0.6 m to 1 m.
  2. Fill fertile soil:
    • 5-6 kg of humus;
    • 150 grams of double superphosphate;
    • 50 grams of potassium sulfate;
    • 200 grams of wood ash.
  3. Pour the mixture on the bottom of the pit, and put 10 cm of simple soil on top.
  4. On the perimeter of raspberries put a barrier. Suitable boards, ruberoid, slate or polycarbonate.
  5. Saplings trimmed roots to healthy. Trim the shoots. Leave 35-40 cm.
  6. Lower the plant, spread the roots and fill it with soil. Seal around the dough.
  7. During planting, the root neck should be above the soil level by 3-4 cm. After shrinking the land, it will be at the soil level.
  8. After raspberries are planted, water should be poured. Watering in 2-3 times in small portions. Until the soil is saturated with moisture.
  9. Soil around the stem to be covered. For this purpose, humus, peat, sawdust or ground grass is suitable.
A small amount of raspberry is best planted in a pit method

According to Sobolev

According to gardeners, growing only a few raspberry bushes on the cottage by Sobolev's method, it is possible to get up to 5 kg of berries from a bush.

So, what is the method:

  1. Preparation of beds and places for planting. We choose a well-lit place and in a range we have from north to south or from east to west.
  2. Screw boards out of the boards or make them out of slate. It is important that the bed is above the soil level by 20 cm.
  3. The width of the bed is 1 m. The length is as much as the raspberry bushes. Between plants the distance is not less than 1 m. Rarely planted bushes are better illuminated, blown. They are easy to take care of. The level of diseases decreases. This increases the yield of raspberries.
  4. Raspberries are planted in the ridge in early autumn.
  5. The pits are excavated in a width of 30 * 30 cm. Plant one seedling each.
  6. Make trellises.
Planting raspberries according to Sobolev guarantees a plentiful harvest

It is not recommended to plant more than one seedlings in one hole. Raspberry in one place grows more than 15 years, therefore some bushes in one place will interfere with each other.

The yield of raspberries by this method is alsodepends on correct pruning. In spring, after raspberries give young shoots, carry out the first pruning.

At the end of May or the beginning of June, cut off at a distance of 80-100 cm from the ground. At this height, it is convenient to take care of bushes. They do not lean towards the ground under the weight of the harvest.

In the second year, the second pruning of bushes. Side shoots should be cut to 10 cm. With such pruning, the bush becomes like a small tree.

It produces a lot of stems on which berries are tied. As a result, the harvest on the bushes increases.

Growing under the bushes of offspring is not recommended to leave more than 4-5 pieces. The rest of the offspring are cut out, and the remaining ones are pruned in the same way as with the main stalk.

By the method of Sobolevstrong offspring better transplanted to a new location, and the rest of the shoot cut. Thus, an ordinary variety turns into a repair variety. The bush fructifies until late autumn.

In addition to pruning, raspberries also need proper care, which is watering, feeding and mulching.

Having formed a bed according to Sobolev's method, the gardener does not need to dig and loosen the soil. Raspberry is a moisture-loving plant, thereforemust be timely watering and should not allow the drying of the earth.

To keep moisture in the soil, pour mulch into the ridge. If there is a possibility, thenas a mulch is better to use fresh manure. Dung goes as a fertilizer, and covers the soil from drying out and weeds.

If there is no manure, then we mulch the garden with available means. The layer of mulch should be at least 10 cm.

Raspberry needs fertilizing, mulching and watering

Despite the manure of the bed,possible shortage of nutrients. You can determine it by the type of plant: the shoots become thin and weak, the color of the leaves changes - they twist, spots appear and the edges dry out.

In this caseshould be fed organic food: pour infusion mullein or chicken litter with wood ash.

How to make an infusion: in a third of the tank, collect cow dung and pour it over with water. Insist 2 days.

For watering it must be diluted in water: 0. That is, on a bucket of water take 1 liter of infusion, add a glass of wood ash. Stir well and pour raspberries.

Before you cover the raspberries for the winter, you need to cut off the fertilized branches under the root. Young stalks, of the current season, should be bent neatly to the ground and pinned with forks.

Now cover the bent stems for the winter. Cover with doomed branches, and cover up with a non-woven cloth, tarpaulin or any improvised material from above. In winter, the artificial shelter will be carried by snow, which will keep it from freezing.


How to grow raspberries from seeds

Many varieties of raspberriespossible to grow out of seeds. The process is laborious, but interesting. What is needed for this?

  1. Buy raspberry seeds in the store or collect the ripe berries of the variety you like.
  2. Press through gauze berries. Get a gruel. We dilute this gruel with water and wash the seeds. Empty seeds will float to the surface. They are not needed. The rest is collected and dried.
Seeds can be planted in the open ground or grow seedlings in pots at home.

In open ground

In early September, in a specially prepared garden,seeds are planted at a depth of 2 cm. Cover the top with humus and sand.

Leave the seeds for the winter. In the spring the seeds will ascend. Further care as usual.

In flower pots

To grow raspberry seedlings in pots,seeds must pass stratification. To do this, place the seeds in a wet napkin for two weeks in the refrigerator.

After planting in pots or a special box. Prepare loose ground,Peat and soil mix in a ratio of 50 * 50.

Plant the pots in March: plant seeds to a depth of 0.5 cm, water every 3 days. Also, fertilize every 10 days with urea.

After the seeds germinate,we grow seedlings before the onset of heat. Then transplant raspberry seedlings into the open ground.

Raspberry can be grown from seeds in the open ground and in pots

Now you know,how to grow raspberries by different methods, how to care for her, how to grow raspberries from seeds. This will help you grow a good and delicious harvest of raspberries.

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