What does a hybrid of strawberry and raspberry look like?

Raspberries and strawberries are favorite delicacies of both adults and children. The superpopularity of these berries stimulates breeders to bring out more and more new varieties of these goodies. Recently, a very interesting variety of these berries appeared under the promising name Klubmalina .And there is such a wonder is much more expensive than its relatives: raspberry and strawberry. What kind of berry really is: a miracle of selection or a consumer deception? Let's figure it out.

Table of Contents optherbaceous plants. Of course, selection does not stand still, but moves forward by leaps and bounds. But have the breeders already reached such heights that learned to cross grass with bushes? Is it a crossed strawberry and raspberry? Alas, such a miracle is impossible neither from the theoretical side, nor from the practical one. But what then do we buy?

Brief description of Strawberry-Raspberry

In fact, under the guise of a hybrid, in our latitudes appeared a little-known yet for our country variety of raspberries called Strawberry-Raspberry.

This raspberry is also known by the following names: :

  1. Seductive.
  2. Chinese.
  3. Tibetan.
  4. Himalayan.
  5. Strawberry.
  6. Strawberry.
  7. Dwarf.
  8. Rosalyn or Rosolistnaya.
Rosolistnaya or Tebetskaya raspberry

This berry came to us from East Asia. In the wild, it is found on mountain slopes, in mixed forests. In the natural environment is a high shrub, its height reaches 3 meters .The cultural variety that has taken root in our climatic conditions is much more modest in size and does not grow more than 1.5 meters.

The plant is extremely decorative. Its shoots are fluffy and prickly, which makes it possible to use it not only as a tasty delicacy, but also as a decorative beautiful hedge.

So what does raspberry strawberry look like? The name Rosalyn or Rosolithic, the plant received due to the similarity of the leaves with rose leaves, also resemble a rose rather impressive spines on the stem. Leaves corrugated bright green color. Flowers are quite impressive size( up to 5 cm in diameter), delicate white shade, with 5 petals. A characteristic feature of this variety is that flowers get along well with the fruits, and the entire fruiting branches are decorated with beautiful large flowers , which in tandem with bright scarlet berries, give the plant an incredible charm and charm.

Freshly picked strawberry fruits

The fruits of this plant are also very unusual and beautiful. Berries are large, the largest reach the size of a walnut, bright scarlet color, in shape resemble strawberries. The fruits are directed to the top, as if they are drawn to the sun, they are clearly visible even from afar.

Tastes of fruits are also excellent, they are juicy and sweet, with a pleasant, barely perceptible sourness. On one branch can ripen up to 5 berries, this is a very fruitful variety of raspberries. The berries can be eaten raw or they can be used to make jams, jams, compotes.

This berry is almost impossible to find on sale in the market. This is due to the fact that the fruits are very soft and tender, and do not tolerate transportation. Therefore, to grow such a berry on an industrial scale is not recommended.

Cultivation: planting and reproduction

Plant this variety like ordinary raspberries. The place for the beds is chosen mainly on the south side, the plant is quite unpretentious, it can grow both in open sun areas and in partial shade. Planted bushes in pre-made holes, between which there should be a very large distance : 70-100 cm. Rows must be at least 1.5 meters.

The yield of a hybrid of strawberries and raspberries depends on the soil.

Such beauty grows on any soils, but greater yields will be, if you still plant it in fertile and loose soil. It is possible to fertilize before planting the hole with peat or organic fertilizer .

Planted plant in the spring or early autumn.

If you plant raspberries in the fall, you need to do this at the end of August - the first half of September in order for the plant to take root before the first frost.

This decorative type of raspberry is reproduced by the root processes, which are produced quite a lot over the season. This feature should be considered when landing. To plant a new plant, you just need to carefully dig it up, and root it in the right place.

Features of care

The plant is quite unpretentious and requires elementary care, therefore, the cultivation of such a hybrid does not require much effort. Watering needs abundant and timely ( especially in the heat).But it is also impossible to overdo it, if the soil is constantly moist and wet, the raspberries may die. Weeds should be pulled out carefully, as the root system is located very close to the surface. In particularly hot regions, the soil around the plant can be mulched with compost, or humus.

In summer, in dry weather, the shrub needs to be watered regularly, and in the heat it should be done daily, and preferably at night.

The plant does not need for frequent fertilizers. It is quite enough in early spring to feed the bushes with either organic fertilizer or synthetic universal fertilizer.

This beautiful raspberry variety is quite frost resistant. It normally tolerates the moderately frosty winters of the , but if the winters are not very snowy and the frosts are quite strong, it is necessary to additionally sprinkle the roots with earth.

With proper care, such a raspberry will not only be suitable as delicious gastronomic delights, but also will delight the eye with its unique beauty and originality.


Nikolai Ivanovich, gardener: first planted this type of raspberry. Of course, I paid a lot of money, I bought it as a hybrid of raspberry and strawberry. When I read on the Internet that this was not a hybrid at all, I was a little upset. My mood changed radically when the plant blossomed and began to bear fruit. This is a very beautiful and tasty variety of raspberries.

Maria Vasilyevna, pensioner: first saw and tried these berries from a neighbor in the country. I planted it myself. Tastes somewhat inferior to the usual raspberry, but the decorative properties are excellent. This is a beautiful hedge that pleases the eye with delicate white flowers and bright red berries at the same time.

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