How to blow-dry

It is said to dry the hair dryer is harmful. For colored fair. Exhausted of little procedures (hydrogen peroxide), addition of dry heat scheduled. How to blow-dry, hard science. The long hair is confused, difficult to capture short. Let's see now how to use a hair dryer properly.

General recommendations

Any hairdryer to dry hair will be easier. Avoid antiquated methods as in "7 brides corporal Zbrueva" (iron for ironing). The rest is hard to do wrong. Some recommend starting the process with tips, go to the head, a professional hairdresser doing the opposite. Use a comb (brush):

  1. Is placed on the hair dryer hub. Some call spout nozzle. We found a flat comb, hock lock near the bottom of the head. Leans at a low temperature to the top tip tresses, with a crest in the direction of pull, until the end of the hair length. Start saving mode as necessary move to a more hard.
  2. Near at hand was found a round brush, can be slightly curled hair. It is a nozzle spout. Strand is taken from the bottom, slightly screwed onto the brush. Taking his hand and try to turn the brush in the direction opposite to that which tends to rotate under the effect of unwinding the strands. Nose runs parallel to the comb in a pressed state.
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Note: the length of the hub must be pressed against the slit strands. Runs parallel to the comb. In other strand will go to straight, uniform drying conditions are not met.

Dyed hair washed a special shampoo. For example, Avedo Color Conserve. Series Air-conditioning suitable for care. Means to protect colored hair. To hairstyle turned lush, add bubble styling Phomollient Avedo. The composition is ground to a slightly white, fingers spread is applied to the hair. After blow-drying procedures for fixing use Pure Abundance, fixing the result of labor. Sprayed lightly over your head at a distance of 20 - 30 cm.

Short hair... Firstly, the use of Brasov. Comb hair goes down, with the teeth pursues nose hair dryer. Well, when the result is visible in the mirror. If you want to quickly dry the male or female short hair, you can use your own hand. Divaricata lightning movement palm raise the hair, pour the hot jet.

We heard, you must use a hair dryer at a distance of 20 to 30 cm from the head, it is necessary to stock up on dragon patience to complete the procedure. Much faster operating methods above. Professional hairdressers divide the scalp into three or four zones, dried successively:

A simple Hair dryer

  1. The back (rear part).
  2. Two sidewalls.
  3. The crown portion.

The last segment is sometimes lacking, hair dryer sequentially processing portions in the manner specified list. For dividing the scalp often use special clips, which hardly exist in every home. Is it possible to dry the hair dryer in the absence of devices do not undertake to argue. The process continues until an acceptable result. Note: cheap hair dryer can roll up the hair a couple of the motor through the bars. Be careful using the device.

diffuser dryer

Of course, we heard about the diffuser. Thing, to do the work the opposite hub. Air dissipated, special plastic teeth are used for hair fluff. Here is a diffuser dryer:

  1. Imagine a fungus that has been turned up hat, hollow, leg, too.
  2. In the resulting deflection billion holes through which shines through when the dryer is running.
  3. Top sticks dozen spikes hollow inside, at the ends on all sides oblong slit.

Hair drying with a round hairbrush

So, air is supplied into the hair, providing percussive action. It turns out, the strands are blown from all sides, a high speed of the process. The best way how to quickly dry the hair dryer.

Diffuser picks up the hair from the bottom, the top, as if combing a large crest. Quickly have a positive effect for the upper strand, the lower longer have to tinker. Keep moderate temperature. According to some reports, by unnecessarily high heat is produced dandruff.

Brush head dryer

Do not tip, hair dryer variety, allowing air to penetrate into the hair thick. In the shape of a round a brush device is often provided with a curling hair. As an extra tip. It can be carried out at the same time perm. With typical hairdryers pistols hard to do. Charming, complete Bosch PHA2661 have attachment for hair straightening. It turns out, can be curled, not like - to remove the effect.

To speed up the process of a brush the teeth clean, drying will take place over the dispute. At a price of 1650 rubles device looks attractive, given the size, easy to fit in your bag. You can buy a hair dryer as a marching variant.

The ideal blow-drying hair

Air ionizers in hair dryer

air ionization occurs in all devices. Provoked two types of actions:

  • the presence of strong alternating electromagnetic fields;
  • items with a high temperature.

That's why the computers, microwave ovens are considered harmful. Ions formed have a positive charge, causing drowsiness, reducing efficiency, immunity. A negative effect on health. In the case of a hairdryer voluntarily showered stream itself harmful ions.

To compensate for the damage inside the embedded electrode, producing negative particles. In the collision of ions of opposite signs, both cancel each other, permitting the surrounding conditions. Negative particles affect the drying process, the water penetrates into the hair (retained on the surface). Hairstyle becomes lush, as "after the storm." Hair gain vitality ceases to accumulate static electricity.

Custom functions fen

It is not allowed to use the wired hairdryer in the bathroom, many are equipped with batteries. Some work from a special gas canister. Braun selling price of 500 rubles each. There is nothing better in the cold apartment, how to dry the hair dryer in the bathroom, these devices allow to operate in the style favorites.

Hair Dryer - each your hair

Sector of household appliances supermarket model with speed regulation of heat / speed (cold-hot, fast-slow) please. Digital devices will present, flexible drive parameters of the request of the owner down to the degree. Convenient for capricious hairstyle. You do not need a mask for over-dried hair dryer.

There are exotic options. Feng hood hair drying costs 600 rubles, resembles a soft astronaut cap. Silver with a hose. Inside air is supplied may be built ionizer.

Hair dryer wall is endowed with unique properties, it is always connected to the network. Devices recommended hotels increased comfort to the owner was confident in the security of guests. Skilled workers will connect the device correctly, you can not worry about security. low cost of the device can not be called for a five star hotel with the price of 6000 rubles / day will pay off in the short term, depreciation amortization write off, not to pay taxes.

Hair dryers without dryer

The network posted a few tips how to dry your hair without a hair drier, it would not have carried the words of a practical. Dyson vacuum cleaner with cyclonic effect will need to heat flow. Not talking about the ceramic air heaters. Dust should not be afraid, remain in the filters!

Of practical advice: try putting a towel on the battery before going to the bathroom. Wrung out her hair, wrap a turban on his head. It helps dry the hair dryer is not worse. Cheap waffle towels even better, better absorb moisture.

Heating coil for use bath tissue will not be dry. It is much better to find the battery, go to the nearest store equipment, to buy a used dryer for 200-300 rubles. Throw away the appliance with the essentials to give in good hands. Really serious attempt to save the appearance of $ 10. If the husband is a greedy, does not give money, let him buy construction hairdryer. You can dry your hair, if you act cautiously. If you ask, why do we need a device to say - just in case.

Product worth 1,000 rubles, you need to use caution. It gives a jet temperature of 100 degrees Celsius and above. Keep away from the head, proceed carefully. The thing is necessary, the paint dried, the electronic equipment is collected.

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