What to buy a hair clipper

A lot of people would like to have a beautiful haircut without visiting hairdressing salons and hairdressers. Should I get a hair clipper? The answer is in the details.

Hair Clippers

Clippers for people resemble electric razors. The knife makes reciprocating movements in two ways:

  1. When the rotary movement of the rotor inside is an electric motor of small size. These hair clippers have maximum power, are the choice of professionals. Inside on the shaft there is an eccentric - a round thorn, offset from the axis. The axis drives the knife. Therefore, the speed of the clippers is usually measured in revolutions even if there is an oscillating mechanism inside.


  2. The magnetic field is used to create oscillatory systems. No matter how inside the coil is located. These hair clippers come at a low cost. Professionals do not take them( performance does not pull hard work 8-hour barber shop).

Find out the type of drive used in the hair clipper. The obvious method is to remove the knives, look. They say that for most oscillatory systems this operation is simply not allowed. But the rotary is useful to inspect the drive. It is better if the eccentric is metallic, as opposed to plastic. Considering the above, a hair clipper with a fixed blade should not be taken by professionals, by definition, for other categories of citizens, just a recommendation.

As for hairdressers, the wizard is removed for maintenance. For reasons of hygiene, after the visitor knives must be cleaned. Blades brush the brush without touching the cutting part( make sure that the accessory is included), the removable unit is placed in the disinfector, then the nozzle is re-lubricated rubbing parts. So it is with a haircut for money. As for home use, for maintenance it is easy to take a screwdriver, unscrew the unit, do the necessary operations. Lubrication is also needed.

If the knife block is removable, it is easy to determine the type and material of the drive. Models by type of drive vary significantly in power:

  • rotary type models rarely consume less than 20 W;
  • oscillating systems barely reach 15 watts.

Using the search engine, we estimate the accuracy of the above statements. Imagine, among the parameters of power was not. Omnipresent Channel One names the main indicator.

In the group of hair clippers the parameter describing removable knives is not specified. Therefore, there is no way to estimate power. Hairdressers will have hard time looking up. Let's call it a major drawback. Landmark available. The review shows that the power of battery models is less than 12 W, which means that the method is incompatible with rotary engines.

Hair Cutter Checking Technical Specifications of

Hair Clippers Surprisingly, half of the rotary models are battery powered. Therefore, the video expert made a mistake; the Internet dealer found out that the device's power is 6W.This coincides with the figures indicated by the expert that the battery devices consume little.

During a short search, a video was found with a brief description of the device. It turns out that the trimming attachments are removable, the type of motor is rotary. When you go to the specified store power is already indicated 10 watts. Omnipresent Channel One does not recommend taking devices up to 8 W.The video features a power of 6 watts. As a result, we give the electronic address of the store, there are human, brief descriptions of hair clippers parikmaher-shop.in.ua. Video( link from the description) made by a professional.

Moser 1591-0052

The machine is not suitable for a professional, although it is listed in the appropriate section. It is said: the hair clipper Moser 1591-0052 is designed for edging. And this is different than a haircut. Gave a link, look for similar video stores before spending money. There is a chance of inconsistency characteristics. When it comes to professional approach, we strongly recommend not to trust sites without specialization. The information of the experts is partially erroneous. For example, the statement that the rotary models of hair clippers do not fall less than 20 watts. Think about it if you want to find a professional hair clipper.

The second aspect is the inconsistency of numbers. A video has been viewed where the Oster model is equipped with an oscillating drive, but the nozzle is removed simply. Consequently, not only rotary models are suitable for professionals. Watch the video and read the reviews you need, looking to the needs. The type of drive, power definitely do not make a hair clipper professional. In the edging model, the knife will quickly wear out if you cut( heads).The device gives shape, contours, shape, power is relatively small. On the eve of the purchase you need to know which knives are included.

The process of cutting

Knives of hair clippers

In deciding what type of hair clipper to buy, they pay close attention to knives. Professionals choose titanium, steel blades. Both options are self-sharpened, unlike ceramic. The latter are less heated, do not burn the skin when edging. Sharpening ceramics can not be, it is fragile. Add that steel coated with Teflon. The coating is not as resistant to abrasion. It is not for nothing that bowls of multicookers are specifically recommended to buy silicone spoons in order not to scratch the coating.

Teflon first erased. The coating does not have the strength of steel, although it is very smooth, due to which the products do not burn, and the friction force probably decreases. How long will Teflon last? The service life of the multicooker bowl with such a coating does not exceed two years, a decrease in properties is noted already after six months. Without friction. Perhaps the machine for an intimate haircut, it will be good to slide thanks to Teflon, but, as for other statements, we are skeptical.

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