Dryer with a rotating brush

This is not just a brush, as it may seem initially blowing air. Dryer with a rotating brush is often used instead of curling hair, soft and lint can be cleaned if necessary. This is convenient, because they get wavy curls, and easily rectified if necessary. Beware of burning hair. Apply heat styling when absolutely necessary.

The appearance of a hair dryer with a rotating brush

Hairdryer resembles a round brush. However, not any device with a similar design refers to the specified class. Some dryers brush does not rotate, delivering fewer amenities. We have to turn the handle by hand, then recoiling from the cord. To use such a phenomenon is inconvenient.

On spinning dryer produced four kinds of nozzles. It:

  1. Traditional brushes brushes for curling and straightening hair.
  2. Curling tongs.
  3. The usual flat comb, having a supercharging air.
  4. steam generators.

Dryer with a rotating brush

A feature is the accessibility of rotating dryers styling. At the same time drying hair fit, receive a simple hairstyle. Model good on sharp bends strands - crowns where wave immediately fixed cooling mode. A special feature hair dryers, brushes consider lower cost. In the market, basically do not exist in this class of device models more expensive 4000 rubles. At the same time the cost of traditional fen-guns comes to 14,000 rubles. Difference weight, we examine the functionality.

First of all, notice that the instructions do not specify a maximum time of continuous operation. This means that the hair-brush is used in continuous operation or provided with protection against overheating of the engine. A small chance that the manufacturer does not count on the continued use of a hair dryer-brush, and therefore holds back the details. Ignorance of the regime have already helped many housewives burn hand blenders. If you intend to commercial use, the buyer is not obliged to warn about this, and the manufacturer has the right to suspend the warranty, if provable fact.

Attention! Protection against overheating externally manifested in different ways. Dryer off, wait for complete cooling. Click on the tumbler off does not give the desired result.

Dryer with a rotating brush Rowenta Brush Active CF9220

Dryer spinning Roventa power of 1000 watts, complete two nozzles attached "Brush" of different diameter, 30 mm and 50 mm, with a ceramic surface, packaged in housings. The air blowing of them on the entire surface. The motor and the compressor within the handle, a large comb obtained.

The spinning brush

A spinning-comb hair dryer Rowenta Brush Active CF9220 has a reverse mode: head spinning in both directions. This is done for two reasons:

  1. For each side of the head opposite the direction of rotation provided by twisting the hair with hand movement with the brush from the head to the side. Start the process from the root, slightly winding the strand on the brush, and go down.
  2. If the hair is wound on the final arrangements, including reverse, to get rid of the scourge. Not necessarily use the rotation. Sometimes it is convenient to just let the warm air.

Allowed to remove the nozzle and into the trip, for example, to use only the handle. There is a lattice hole area smaller cone or hub of a typical hair dryer, but is suitable for travel purposes. Direction of travel switch with two buttons on the handle. Near each set arrow is difficult to err. hair-brush rotates while holding the button.

For short hair is allowed to use second gear separate switch changes the number of revolutions. But long strands is best to dry slowly. Mentioned that the two nozzles. The smaller the diameter, perfect for giving your hair curly light. Fat, on the contrary, flatten curls. Hairstyle will look airy and attractive. Pulling at the same time with the movement of the head with a hair dryer spinning nozzle down, get these locks of hair. Formed helical trajectory strands.

Blow-drying hair

Inconveniently, the first temperature control located downstream of the control handle, than the second. It is initially cooled. Often ladies do not use the last option, necessary to fix the hair, for example, on the crown. Please note that this same knob controls and speed. I get uncomfortable. Roventa - hair dryer with a rotating brush - can warm slightly and slowly, a hard and fast.

Nozzles easy to put on with a mouse, and then fixed by a special knob on the end. Correct direction indicated by an arrow and the word Lock, optional - two icons:

  • closed lock;
  • open the lock.

Should further help with how to plant brush on the handle and lock. Inside two ionizer gives freshness hair. A series of rotating dryers Rowenta Brush Active 9220 differ in that the fixing of the lock on the handle itself is located close to the terminal for installation tips. The device costs 2300 rubles and has no attachments, other than those described. It turns a simple spinning dryer with the minimum required options.

Dryer with a rotating brush Bosch PHA 2302 GlamouRed

The device resembles Roventu Brush Active CF9220, but has a capacity of 700 watts. This means that the fan had to slow down, the heating is not as fast. The bristles of the brush larger ceramic pressing lever removed for instant curl reset.

Dryer with a rotating brush creates volume

There is one three-speed and heat settings, including cooling. Wireless mode is not a single word about the air ionizer. One feels that inexpensive model. The price is 1350 rubles. Of the options loop for hanging on a nail.

A good budget option!

Feng brush BRAUN AS 530, MN

The device costs 1600 rubles and is equipped with a three-speed blowing hot air, and, in any it is possible to disable the spiral. This is accomplished by pressing the ring down the speed selector and retention in this position.

Of the unusual features of steam generating function. At the beginning of a special cap with a removable filter is necessary to get water from the tap. The pair is enough for 3-5 minutes of continuous operation. This allows you to do hair styling, without resorting to washing the head. At the beginning of the work necessary to put the switch on a special icon at the left of the digits, wait two minutes. Finished using, pour the excess water from the reservoir.

Twisted hair-brush BRAUN AS 530 MN is different from the others in that he heads are hollow and must be mounted on the axle that secures the handle. Three pieces of accessories:

  1. Brush brush large diameter.
  2. Brush brush of small diameter.
  3. Volumizer to add volume to hair.

Unclear step is no neutral. Device or works to emit hot air, or a burst of steam or cooling. The latter occurs when the annular knob is pressed and held down.

It seems that such complexity in management can lead to failure of the system, then become only a couple of modes available. However, for professionals a good option if equipped with a separate switch socket. Amazingly operates fixation mode cold air includes not looking thumb pressing down regulator annular spinning dryer. Commercial use, with proof, deprives the warranty.

The most popular overseas styler

One foreign promotional site for the 2014 most popular hairdryer-brush called Conair SD8NP. Worth 1200 rubles, there were no financial stimulation of the manufacturer information.

When power is 1875 watts miracle art provided with air ionizer. Available in two speed settings and temperature, we believe that the following on a similar principle as the Rowenta Brush Active CF9220. And, although the device is called styler, unlike spinning dryer is minimal. The handle resembles a giant comb - on the blade that fits over the nozzle.

Consumers overseas praise this "hair" for its ability to record time to dry hair. Heaters in ceramic, harm from them at least. This gizmo curl hair will not work in the locks - nozzles designed for stacking. The figure has a structure similar to the cooling button, and it is logical, because the device is designed to style your hair. Surprising icy indifference of the West to these cheap devices. Not one decent review was not found!


Buy hair dryer with a rotating brush is a girl who are always on the road. This is a good and cheap replacement ordinary models. A number of models it is possible to use and without a nozzle. And this is an additional saving of space in your travel bag, if only outlet was nearby.

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