What is express washing in a washing machine

If the control panel of your washing machine has a button "Express-washing it is worth knowing how to use it correctly. And if there is no such button, we will help you to understand the analogues of this convenient program.

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  • 2For what things and cases the "Express" mode will work
    • 2.1How long does the express wash

Explanation: what is an express wash

"Express" or "Fast" - a mode that is practically in every stiralka.

So, the prefix "Express" - what is it? Literally it means "instant and the regime itself means that the process is accelerated and takes time from a quarter to half an hour.

The cycle time is reduced due to less intense and frequent rinsing and lack of water heating (or minimal heating). Usually the water temperature is not more than 40 degrees, more often - 30. Modern models also reduce washing time thanks to sensors that automatically determine the weight of the laundry and the degree of contamination.

The spin during washing is set to maximum or slightly less than the maximum number of revolutions. Depending on the model of the AGR, the number of revolutions per minute can vary from 800 to 1400.

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A mode similar to express washing, you will find in almost all models of such brands:

  • Bosch and Siemens.
  • Atlant.
  • Electrolux.
  • Samsung.
  • Kuppersbush.

Important! In this case, no more than, kg of dry laundry can be sent to the drum. If this limit is exceeded, the laundry may be poorly washed.

Now you know what it means to wash in a washing machine. It remains to understand its features and timeframe.

For what things and cases the "Express" mode will work

The cycle is used when clothing does not require intensive washing - it should just be refreshed a little. With the proviso that there are no spots on things.

Cotton and indelicate fabrics are the most suitable for the express mode. This also applies to clothes that were worn only 1-2 times.


Attention! Do not wash only a pair of socks or one t-shirt. Load a towel or something else in the drum to avoid imbalance of the drum.


You can use the mode when things need to be washed, but there is no time for it. Just do not be lazy and before washing, soak clothes and wash the stains on it, after which you can safely send to the drum.

How long does the express wash

In washing machines of different brands, washing time may differ, and the name of the mode itself may not be "Express" or "Fast". By the way, by the time the last two modes are usually different: the first takes 15 minutes, the second - half an hour.

Consider how many minutes similar programs can last for different brands:

  • In CM brand Kandy mode is called "Quick wash".

  • In the brands of Hayer and Hans, the program "Express" or "Fast" is designed for 15 minutes.

  • In the Bosch brand cars there is a function "Super-fast washing" for 15 and 30 minutes.

  • Almost all models of LG mode is called "Fast 30" and is designed for half an hour.

  • In the washing machines of the brand Gorenje, this cycle takes 17 minutes.

  • In Beko, the high-speed washing mode is called "Mini".

  • In the AGA of the AEG brand there is a "20 Min" mode for 3 kilograms of laundry.

  • In some models of the Whirlpool, in addition to a half-hour wash, there may be a Quick Wash button.


Important! Some stilalki, for example, Ariston, do not assume such a regime, but there are designations in time. So, on the control panel of such AGR, you can find the marks for 15, 20 or 30 minutes.


So, the considered regime can have more than ten titles, its duration is not more than half an hour, and the temperature is maximum 40 degrees. The only difference is the features resulting from the settings provided by different manufacturers.

Some brands have a sharp injection of water into the drum, others are equipped with the Eco Bubble option, while others take water not under pressure. All this affects the quality of the process, so some owners of machines this cycle to their liking, and the other does not fit.

Try, test and make a choice in favor of fast, but effective express washing.

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