Washing modes and time in the washing machine Beko

Manufacturers of washing machine Beko have taken care that the user long did not reflect, what program to choose. Therefore, the control panel was equipped not with icons, but with names of modes and functions. To meet the designation of washing regimes on the SM Veko can only be standard, as with other brands.

Now you do not have to guess what the symbols mean, each program is signed. However, this does not give information about how long it lasts and what its characteristics are.

Content of the material:

  • 1Descriptions and designations of washing regimes Beko (Beko)
    • 1.1Table of programs: basic
    • 1.2Additional modes of Beko
    • 1.3Useful functions of the washing machine Beko
    • 1.4How to choose the right mode in the washing machine

Descriptions and designations of washing regimes Beko (Beko)

After reading the instruction manual, you can find out in detail what the program means. But this is not always possible, if not a new technique was bought or the instruction was lost. Therefore, in the table below we will examine the basic modes and functions of the Beko machine.

Table of programs: basic

Name Value Approximate washing time *
Cotton Washing of cotton underwear is performed at a high temperature - from 60 to 90 degrees. Since cotton is not afraid of boiling, the regime can be used for heavily soiled things. Natural fabrics are strong and absorb a lot of water, so the spinning is carried out at maximum speed. 120-150 minutes.
Cotton Eco The program performs cotton washing with minimal electricity consumption. 180 minutes.
Synthetics Choose a mode for synthetic and mixed fabrics. Due to the optimal temperature of the water, the laundry does not stretch and does not shed. 104-118 minutes.
Dark fabrics The program is designed for cotton and synthetic linen. Dark and colored things can shed or discolor, which prevents the program. 102 minutes.
Washing shirts Gently wash the shirts at a temperature of 40 degrees, avoiding strong crushing. 120 minutes.
Mix 40 Comfortable mode, since you do not need to divide underwear by the type of fabric. You can wash cotton and synthetics together. -
Mini It is used for cleaning lightly soiled laundry in small quantities. 30-90 minutes (depending on temperature).
Handwash Careful care for delicate, delicate fabrics that involve hand washing. Now you can take care of them in the washing machine. At the same time, they do not wear out or deform. 40-55 minutes.
Baby things (Baby protect) Guaranteed removal of powder and other detergents from the baby's clothes, by using a large amount of water. about 160 minutes.
Woolen things A special program allows you to wash woolen products. Soft rocking of the drum and a small amount of water prevent the formation of pellets. 60-70 minutes.
Pooh In this mode, you can wash like ordinary things, and blankets and pillows. Allows you to get rid of allergens, such as a dust mite. -
Quick wash Reduces the time of the programs "Cotton" and "Synthetics". Used for lightly soiled laundry, while only half of the total volume is allowed to be loaded. 90-115 minutes (depending on the type of tissue).
Sportswear You can wash things with complex spots. Suitable for synthetic and cotton fabrics. 100-140 minutes (depends on the fabric).
Saving Washing at low temperatures - 20 degrees - for slightly soiled things. It is recommended to use liquid detergents, since the usual powder may not have time to dissolve. less than 100 minutes.
Refreshing cycle Refresh new, slightly soiled things or those that are stuck in the closet. Allows you to get rid of an unpleasant smell. 17 minutes.
Jeans Care of jeans clothes. The optimum temperature prevents molting. 100-105 minutes.
Self-cleaning The machine itself is cleaned from the inside, carrying out a cycle without laundry. 120 minutes.

* The table gives approximate figures, they depend on the model of the machine. Look in the instruction - in the description of the programs their duration should be indicated. If not, refer to the ranges given above.

Additional modes of Beko

Name Value
Soak Soaking allows you to cope with complex stains and dirt in front of the main wash.
Rinsing To thoroughly remove the powder from the garment, include additional rinse.
Easy ironing Minimum spin and incomplete drum loading; protects clothing from creasing.

Useful functions of the washing machine Beko

With the development of technologies, new functions are added. Useful developments from "Beko" - below in the table.

Name Value
Removing animal hair Thanks to the large amount of water, the function allows you to maximize the cleansing of things from animal wool.
Panel Lock After starting the program, the keys on the control panel are locked, which avoids accidental pressing. The function is useful for those who have children in the house.
Aquafusion Save consumption of detergent along with this mode. It remains in the drum until the end of the cycle, and this - saving and high quality washing.
Aquawave The system monitors the rotation of the drum, preventing imbalance, which allows you to clean the laundry carefully, without crushing.
Restarting A useful feature that allows after a power outage to resume the program at an interrupted stage.
Overfill Protection A special sensor monitors the amount of water in the tank. If it exceeds the allowable level, the drain automatically turns on.

How to choose the right mode in the washing machine

The choice of Beko programs does not differ in the management of different models. How to install and configure the mode is described in detail in the instructions.

Turn the selector knob to select the quick wash mode or any other. To set the temperature clockwise, the thermostat turns. The time depends on the cycle time.

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