Washing modes in the washing machine: features and designations

Various programs and functions in washing machines allow you to effectively wash any type of underwear. Choosing a mode, you "explain" the machine, what you want to get the result.

Most washing regimes that are installed in modern washing machines, and do not find use. Therefore, before buying, you need to understand what each program means and whether it makes sense to overpay for it.

Content of the material:

  • 1Description of the main washing regimes in the typewriter
    • 1.1Basic (standard) modes
    • 1.2Additional modes
    • 1.3Intelligent Functions
  • 2Mode icons on washing machines
  • 3Selecting a mode for washing
    • 3.1Choice by time
    • 3.2Can I change the mode during washing?

Description of the main washing regimes in the typewriter

Different brands of cars have functions with a different set of characteristics. But all manufacturers provide for three main types of modes:

  1. The first type includes programs that allow you to adjust the process depending on the type of laundry.
  2. The second group is economical programs, which allow to reduce the washing time. Using them, you will save on the consumption of water and electricity.
  3. The third group is a function for taking care of your health. These include: washing clothes for allergy sufferers, disinfection and others.

In the table below there is a description of all the programs, what they differ and what they are for.

Basic (standard) modes

Name Application
Cotton (Flax)

It is used for washing heavily soiled items from cotton and linen fabrics, bed linen.

There are 4 temperature modes for different things: 30, 40, 60, 90-95 degrees. For example, white laundry is suitable for washing at high temperatures, while colored fabrics can be polished when washing above 40 degrees.

The longest time mode, includes 4 rinses, since underwear from natural fabrics absorbs moisture more, and rinses worse. Rinse is done in cold water.

Spin is carried out at high speed.

Synthetics It allows you to wash synthetic and mixed things. The water temperature is 60 degrees. The mode is quite long, spin at high speed.
Hand wash (Delicate mode)

Manual and delicate programs are slightly different. If the label of clothing indicates "Hand wash then the drum in this mode will gently and slowly rotate at a temperature of 30-40 degrees.

With delicate washing, there is a weak spin, while in manual washing it is absent.

Economical modes

· ECO program - the laundry is washed at low temperatures. Allows you to save up to 40% of electricity. For Asco machines this can be "Economy / Efficiency in Samsung - ECO +.

· Saving time (AEG) makes it possible to halve the cycle time.

· The mini-program lasts for 20-30 minutes. Allows you to refresh new or slightly soiled things. In different models, the name may differ: Miele - "New Things Gorenje, Ariston, Indesit, Whirlpool - "Daily Wash Asko - "Express Wash Samsung - QUICKWASH.

· Quick wash. Due to the shortened rinse cycle, it can save 10-20% on electricity and water.

Intensive mode Used for heavily soiled things, the temperature is 60-90 degrees, the cycle time is increased. Not suitable for delicate fabrics.
Prewash Precedes the main wash. The powder is immediately filled into the cuvette in two compartments. The first cycle takes place at 40-50 degrees. Then the usual daily washing begins.
Soak The linen lies in the washing machine at a temperature of 30 degrees. The length depends on the brand of the machine. The longest soaking in the brands Gorenje and Elektrolux.

Additional modes

Name Application

It guarantees accurate care for woolen and cashmere things. With a small amount of water, the drum tilts slightly. The program prevents the formation of canes, does not allow things to sit down.

In different brands of AGR the program can be called:

  • Ariston - Cashemire Gold (Golden Cashmere).
  • Electrolux - Affectionate Wave.
  • AEG and Bosch - Hand wash the wool.

Important! Do not load more than 2-3 woolen things into the drum. They strongly absorb the water, which can lead to an overload and an unpleasant result.

Silk Washing of silk, viscose, lace is very delicate. In Miele machines, the drum rotates for 4 seconds, after which it waits 11 seconds. Rinse passes in several stages with a lot of water, without squeezing. At the end of the cycle, the spin does not exceed 600 revolutions.

Immediately at low temperatures, prewash starts. It is recommended to use biopowders that thoroughly wash complex spots.

In different models the mode is called "Sport "Washing of sports shoes and clothes". But the "Outerwear" mode allows you to clean things from microfiber, microfiber, and membranes.

Kids' things High temperature, as well as additional rinse, help to wash clothes thoroughly and get rid of the powder.
Without pressing By activating the mode, you will keep the structures of delicate fabrics, because at the end of the cycle the CM will not include spinning.
Cold Wash Used for fabrics that can deform, shed, deteriorate when heated.
Night mode The machine does the job quietly, without spinning. At the end of the program, the CM turns off without a signal.
Mode of delayed washing Load the laundry and fill the powder. Set the beginning of the cycle at any convenient time. Coming from work, you will get washed laundry.
Water level monitoring Choose this program when you want to save on the consumption of resources. Depending on the amount of laundry in the drum, the system automatically determines how much water to use.
Ironing After rinsing, the machine squeezes the laundry at a lower speed, more delicately. This allows things to crumble less. From the drum you will get a slightly wet laundry, which will facilitate the ironing process.
Additional Rinse

Also has the name "Hygiene "Hypoallergenic "Superbadness". In some models, the mode provides washing at 60 degrees for 30 minutes. Due to this, all allergens are killed. Before installing the program, look at the label of clothing.

In other machines, additional rinsing is used with a large volume of water, so all powders are thoroughly washed out.

Half load If you download things less than normal, enable this mode. So the machine uses less water than usual.

Intelligent Functions

Outdoor (Impregnation) Helps to freshen clothes from waterproof fabrics.


This means that the washing machine is equipped with a control board that analyzes the type and weight of the laundry, the hardness of the water. Then he selects the same methods of washing next time.

Allows you to save energy, water, time, choosing the optimal mode.

AQUASTOP Protects the machine from water leaks.
Balancing control Control the uniform arrangement of laundry in the drum. If there is an imbalance, the system turns reverse gears to resume the balance.
Foaming control In order to get rid of the detergent as qualitatively as possible, spinning starts between rinses. A special sensor monitors the amount of foam, after which the pump pumps it out.

Mode icons on washing machines

The designations on the washing machine allow the user to quickly understand which mode to select. It is worth one or two times to use it, as you visually remember the icon and its meaning.

In washing machines of different brands there are often such signs:

  • The picture of the basin with the downward arrow is the discharge mode.
  • Basin with hands - Hand wash.
  • Taz with wavy lines - Fast and Intensive washing.
  • Iron pattern - Light ironing function.
  • A lock with a smile or a child's face - a lock of the panel from the children.
  • The key is the locking of the hatch door.
  • Snail - Spin.
  • Dial - Delayed start.

The decryption of the remaining symbols is indicated in the photo below.

Icons that occur on the panels of Ardo:

On the washers of Indesit, Ariston:

On the machines Burning, Beco:

Selecting a mode for washing

Which mode to choose depends on your preferences, the degree of contamination of the laundry and the type of fabric. Modern SMA offer optimal modes for each type of clothing. How to include this or that program is indicated in the instruction. Also there are common values ​​on the panel for each brand.

  • Producers CM Siemens, Samsung, Beko indicated the names of each mode, so for a long time you will not have to doubt. Icons are rarely used.
  • In zanussi's washers there is a rotary selector that will help you choose the main programs. Selection of additional functions (steam wash, tulle washing mode, first wash mode) occurs when the buttons are pressed.
  • The icons on the Electrolux panel are combined with the names of the programs.

Choice by time

The duration of the programs depends on the type of tissue. For example, cotton products are erased the longest - about 2 hours. The fastest mode is "Fast wash lasting from 15 to 30 minutes.

Can I change the mode during washing?

If you loaded laundry and started washing, but realized that you chose the wrong program, press the Pause / Stop key. Hold for 5 seconds - the previous program should be reset.

Another option is to turn the selector to neutral or reset the AGR.

Before disconnecting the machine from the network, read how to do it correctly in order not to damage the electronic module.

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