How to wash a winter jacket in a washing machine

To care for warm clothes did not play with you an evil thing, you need to know how to wash a winter jacket in a washing machine. Those who could successfully cope with this, recommend machine wash, and who was not lucky - and the jacket went to the dump, consider it a risky undertaking. In the article we will consider the care of winter clothes and give clear instructions for manual and automatic washing.

Content of the material:

  • 1Washing rules: mode, temperature
    • 1.1Than to erase
    • 1.2Machine washable
    • 1.3Drying
  • 2How to wash a winter jacket manually

Washing rules: mode, temperature

Speaking about whether it is possible to wash a winter jacket, it is necessary to orient in the rules of care for warm clothing. Although the recommendations are common for all clothes for the winter, they will still help you understand how to wash the jacket. Consider how to properly care for and monitor it:

  • When preparing to wash completelyfree pockets. Unfasten all removable parts: fur collar, decor, knitted items, if any. The hood can also be washed separately.
  • Any clothes on both the sintepon and polyester will react poorly to the intensive regime, so you need to choosecareful programswith minimal spinning.
  • To preserve the filler, roll it into the drumballs for washing. If there is no special, use the usual tennis - this will help the filler not to lose.
  • One rinse will not be enough - the detergent penetrates deep into the down jacket or jacket, and at one time it can not be washed. Click the "Double Rinse".
  • Give preference toprofessional liquid preparations. From the thing with both natural and artificial filler powder can simply not be washed.
  • Do not soakhis park or other jacket - it will hurt the filler.
  • Determining at what temperature to wash clothes, lean towards low-temperature cycles -not higher than 30-40 degrees. Hot water adversely affects the "filling".
  • Finding difficult spots, smear them with soap before washing, or even better - treat with a special tool.

Than to erase

No less important stage of washing is the choice of the remedy. The lion's share of success depends on it. If you ignore this recommendation and wash with powder, be prepared for white spots and divorce. The review of professional "chemistry" will help you find the right tool:

  • Grangers Performance Wash- high quality gel, activated in cold water. Excellent leaching out of the fibers of any fabric, including fillers.

  • Lion- shampoo for outerwear, developed in Japan. Ideal solubility is accompanied by excellent leaching. In the composition there are no allergens.

  • SODASAN Active Sport- German shampoo, used for washing sportswear, is also great for down jackets and jackets.

  • Holmenkol Natural Wash- shampoo for the care of outerwear for any season. In the composition there are no aggressive components, which does not prevent it from actively fighting stains and washing out for 1 rinse.

  • Cotico- A budget option for both sportswear and casual clothing. Used for washing jackets. It works at low temperatures, removes spots of a different nature, rinsed over a couple of rinses.

Important! If you have not found any of the above gels in the store, ask for a tool for washing sportswear - 95% it will fit.

Machine washable

Those who decided to wash the jacket in a washing machine, we need our useful instruction with tips:

  • Prepare the jacket for washing by checking the pockets. Zip all zippers, buttons or buttons.
  • Load the thing into the drum.
  • Throw balls into it.
  • Close the hatch.
  • Understand in which mode you will wash clothes. Some AGRs are limited to the "Delicate" or "Hand wash" modes, and in other models there are modes "Down jacket "Sports wear "Duvet" - all of them are suitable for such a case.
  • Turn on the additional rinse to improve the quality of the process.
  • Correct the temperature mode: select 30 degrees, maximum - 40.
  • Reduce the speed of the drum when spinning to 400-500 rotations in 1 minute.
  • Start the wash and wait for the cycle to finish.


The jacket is dried in the same way as a sleeping bag or ski suit, which we wrote about in the relevant articles. Spread the product on a dryer, ironing board or large table (if it is not wooden or not made of chipboard, fiberboard). Put a fleece towel or a blanket under the jacket and over it - this will help absorb excess moisture faster. When drying, straighten the wrinkles by hand and turn over, shake the product every few hours.

Important! Transfer the place of drying away from radiators and heating devices. Do not hang in the sun - choose dark, but ventilated places. Do not dry in the AGR, even if you have this option.

How to wash a winter jacket manually

You can manually wash the down jacket or jacket - it's even more useful for such clothes. But the strength and time of hand washing will select more than the machine. Take into account several important factors:

  • The jacket requires a long rinse with several water changes. The ideal option - shifting the jacket from one container to another, for example, from the pelvis to the bath and vice versa.
  • I need a lot of water.
  • Screwing is forbidden, it is necessary to wait until excess water drains itself.
  • A wet heavy jacket should be brought to the place of drying. It is necessary to act carefully so as not to tear the tissue - in wet form it is more vulnerable to damage.

The washing process proceeds in this way:

  1. Prepare the jacket as described above.
  2. Type in enough water in the bath, dissolve the gel in it.
  3. Put the jacket in the bath for 10-15 minutes.
  4. Next, wipe the sponge with stains, treating the outer and inner parts of the clothes.
  5. After the jacket is impregnated, and you finish wiping the cloth, drain the water.
  6. Fill the rinse bath. Carry out the procedure 2-3 times.
  7. Release the water and wait for the water to drain from the jacket.
  8. Lightly squeeze out the remaining water, but do not twist it.
  9. Dry according to the scheme described above.

Summing up: automatic washing of winter outerwear is not prohibited if certain rules are observed. And those who want to save the attractive look of a jacket for a long time, will help tips on hand washing.

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