How to disassemble a washing machine drum (non-separable and regular)

Damage to the washing machine is very rare, but problems that arise can create big problems for the owner of the device. Very often defects lie in the drum. In this case, users are interested in how to disassemble the drum of the washing machine in order to replace bearings, seals, flanges and other details?


  1. Drum Disassembly Tools
  2. Front-loading washing machines
  3. Top-loading washing machines
  4. Dismantling the drum
  5. Dismantling the drum in a soldered tank

Drum Disassembly Tools

In order to disassemble the drum of an indesit, LG, Veko or any other company washing machine, you will need the following tools:

  • A set of screwdrivers, among which there must necessarily be a cross-shaped and slotted nozzle.
  • Screwdriver.
  • A set of hexagons.
  • Nippers or pliers, hammer.

In addition, if it is necessary to replace certain parts, it is necessary to prepare them in advance (in case there is a suspicion of a certain breakdown).

Most washing machines have a horizontal load, but there are also models with a vertical load. Let us consider in more detail how to prepare a washing machine with vertical and horizontal loading before dismantling the drum.

Front-loading washing machines

Horizontal loading washing machine

Before being disassembled, the washing machine must be unplugged. Also, before disassembling, pull out the drain hose and close the water supply hose. Next, the direct disassembly process begins:

  1. The screws that hold the back of the washing machine are loosened with a screwdriver.
  2. Similarly, the front panel and the upper part are removed.
  3. The powder loading container is removed and, using a slotted screwdriver, the control panel is removed. Note that the panel does not need to be completely pulled out of the washing machine - it is enough to place it on the side so as not to interfere with the process of disassembling the drum.
  4. The next step is to remove the hatch cuff, after which the lower panel is removed as described in steps 1 and 2.
  5. On the bottom panel there are screws that also need to be unscrewed - this is the last step before dismantling the tank.
  6. From the loading tank (drum) it is necessary to dismantle all connected elements - shock absorbers, electronics, as well as other spare parts. The next step is to turn off the motor, which is located on the back of the drum. In case you have never encountered repair of a washing machine and a drum, you must first preview the video on which shows how to properly dismantle the equipment, as well as the installation of the drum in the reverse order.

In some models of washing machines, a glued (or, in other words, non-separable tank) drum is installed - in such cases, even service centers refuse to carry out dismantling, and in this case, it may be necessary to saw the drum itself for repair works.

Top-loading washing machines

Top-loading washing machine

Washer, the design of which provides for vertical loading, takes up little space and is more ergonomic, than standard washing machines Ariston, Bosch or Samsung with loading linen from the front the plane. The loading tank for such models is fixed with screws. Dismantling the drum is as follows:

  1. Screws are removed with a screwdriver, fixing the back wall and the lower front part.
  2. The side panel is pushed to the side, after which it is completely removed from the washing machine.
  3. Around the circumference of the casing, the wiring is dismantled and the screws are unscrewed.

Further, the same actions are performed as in the case in the first case - the screw fixing the shaft is unscrewed, and after the drum is pulled out.

Dismantling the drum

How to disassemble the drum of an Indesit washing machine, Electrolux, etc.? To do this, you need to find the place of attachment of the two halves of the drum (in case the drum is not solid) and remove the screws that secure them.

Drum design

When disassembling, carefully inspect the condition of the seals and other parts - if necessary, they must be wiped from dirt.

The glands are removed from the loading tank with a regular flat screwdriver (for this, the glands must be pry off). The bearings are knocked out with a hammer and a metal rod, the cross-sectional diameter of which coincides with the diameter of the bearings. Disassemble the components of the drum carefully so as not to damage its integrity. Replacing bearings is difficult enough, so you need to use tools with high accuracy and accuracy.

In order to understand in detail the process of dismantling the loading tank, we offer readers video, which clearly explains the main points and shows the disassembly of the washing drum cars:

Dismantling the drum in a soldered tank

Let us consider separately the option of disassembling the soldered tank of the washing machine. Many manufacturers choose this assembly option because it is cheaper and easier to manufacture. As a rule, the breakdown of any part inside such a tank leads to the need to replace the entire tank. We will consider how you can fix the drum and not contact the after-sales service.

Drum cut

The disassembly process is as follows:

  1. We take from the washing machine the tank in which the drum is located.
  2. We determine the location of the weld, and then at a distance of 4-5 cm we make shallow holes in it with a drill (drill diameter - 3-4 mm).
  3. The next step is to cut the tank. To do this, take a hacksaw for metal and saw the tank along the weld.
  4. The front of the tank is neatly cut away, while the back (in which the drum is located) remains in the tank.
  5. We turn over the main part of the tank and find the place of fastening the drum with the tank (fastening is done on the wheel, which is removed using a conventional screwdriver).
  6. After the drum is taken out of the tank, it is possible to carry out repair work with it. Note that the drum itself is designed exactly the same as in models with collapsible tanks.

Assemble in the reverse order. The part of the tank that was previously sawn is installed back and sits on a special glue and is additionally fixed with screws.

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