Errors F13, F14, F15 in the washing machine Ariston

Error codes F13, F14, F15 are characteristic of Ariston machines of the Margarita 2000 series (EVO-I). While electronic models show an error on the display or the scoreboard, an electromechanically controlled CM indicates a malfunction by blinking the indicators.

Therefore, if F13 is faulted, the indicator flashes 13 times with a break. The control selector will rotate in a circle.

Content of the material:

  • 1What are the codes
  • 2What to do with a mistake at home
    • 2.1Drying in the washing machine Ariston works continuously
    • 2.2Drying does not work
    • 2.3The connection between the temperature sensor and the drying system is broken.
    • 2.4Replacement of the temperature sensor

What are the codes

Washing machine Ariston gives an error F 13, F 14, F 15, which means a disruption in the drying process - this mode may not be included at all. The cause is a failure of the temperature sensor, or a wiring violation connection.

How to fix it and solve the problem at home, read below.

What to do with a mistake at home

Note that error code F13, F14, F15 does not appear in Hotpoint Ariston washing machines.

Let's figure out how to fix the problem and reset the error Ф 13, Ф 14, Ф 15.

Let's list the possible breakdowns and options for their removal at home.

Drying in the washing machine Ariston works continuously

  1. See if there is a pin in the CN1 connector that is on the connection board. If it is broken or moved away - put the connector back into place. If it fails, blown - replace the connector.
  2. Check the connection quality and operation of the level sensor. If necessary, replace the appliance.
  3. Is the fault in the backplane? Then it is better to replace it with a new one.

Drying does not work

Probably, the wiring is broken:

Inspect the contact between the electronic controller and the drying heater. Then check each item individually. If there is a malfunction, a replacement is needed. And if the connection is broken, pull the connector back into place.

The connection between the temperature sensor and the drying system is broken.

What can be done:

  1. Inspect the connectors leading from the temperature sensor to the heater.
  2. Check for a faulty thermal sensor. If the device fails, we will tell you how to change it.

Replacement of the temperature sensor

If you checked the temperature sensor and it is faulty, and the error still lights up on the panel, do the following:

  • Before starting work, disconnect the Ariston styralk from the network.
  • After unscrewing the screws, remove the top panel of the machine.
  • Open the heating chamber by unplugging the wires and unscrewing the bolts.
  • Pull out the rubber seal, open the heater cover.
  • Remove the old sensor and put the new one in the same position.

If the recommendations helped to remove the error, everything is done right. Washing machine Ariston will work in normal mode.

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