Error codes washing machine Zerowatt

When the Zerowatt washing machine gives an error code on the scoreboard, all the user needs is to understand its meaning.

The self-diagnostic system operates in such a way that when a fault is detected, an error code immediately appears on the display. After reading the table, you will understand what the code means and what you need to do to solve the problem.

Table of errors Zerowatt CMA: value, causes, ways of troubleshooting

. Error code Meaning Causes of occurrence How to solve the problem
Е01 The hatch door is not properly closed. When the E01 error is on the Zerowatt washing machine, probably:
  • The handle or the hatch door lock has failed.
  • Malfunction of the blocking device of the hatch( UBL).
To clear the error:
  1. Press the door harder until you hear the lock click.
  2. Inspect the door handle and lock for damage. Replace parts if broken.
  3. Test the locking device with a multimeter. If UBL is defective, install a new part.
E02 The system signals a full tank. On the CMA board, the malfunction code E02:
  • was highlighted. Problems with the inlet valve.
  • Water level sensor malfunction.
How to fix the situation:
  1. Check the water pressure power.
  2. Check inlet valve for proper operation. If necessary, install a new valve.
  3. Inspect the level sensor( pressure switch).If a problem occurs, install a new part.
E03 There is no water intake and discharge. Reasons for issuing the error E03:
  • Incorrect connection of the washer to the sewage system.
  • Breaking the pressure switch.
  • Water supply valve malfunction.
To reset the error E03, do the following:
  1. Check the drain hose connection. If it is connected incorrectly, water is self-draining from the tank.
  2. Inspect and replace the pressure switch.
  3. Install a serviceable inlet valve.
E05 What does the error code E05:
  1. mean? Water is not heated.
  2. Wash occurs in cold water.
  3. Faulty TEN.
  • A break in the wiring between the heating element( TEN) and the control module.
  • Breakage TENA SM.
To solve the problem:
  1. Examines the wiring for damage and defects. Damaged areas need to be isolated or replaced by a wiring loop.
  2. TES is being tested. Replacement at breakage.
E09 DTC E09 on the Zerowatt washing machine appears when there is a problem with the engine. Likely causes of failure:
  • Engine tacho failure.
  • Oxidated motor contacts.
  • Broken wiring from the module to the engine.
How to troubleshoot:
  1. Change the engine tachogenerator.
  2. Stripping motor contacts.
  3. Inspecting and replacing the CMA engine wiring.

After reviewing the error codes of the washing machine Zerowatt and their value, you can try to fix the problem yourself. If you are not strong in repair, it makes sense to contact the service center.

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