Error codes washing machine Haier

Fault code interpretation Causes of occurrence Repair

Short circuit.

CM - washing machine.

SMA - automatic washing machine.

ERR1( ERP1) Program crash. A problem with the device to lock the door( UBL), the door lock is broken.

1. Replacement of UBL.

2. Installing a new lock.

ERR2( ERR2) CMA Hyer water drain error. Timeout has expired( drain time exceeds 4 minutes).Clogged drainage system CM.

1. Cleaning the drain hose and filter.

2. Check and replace drain pump.

3. Check the pressure switch, install a new part.

4. Repair of contacts of the electronic unit.

ERR3( ERR3) Error ERR3 reports problems with the thermal sensor. In SM Heyer the water is not heated. Thermal sensor out of order. Change of thermal sensor.
ERR4( ERP4) Problems with heating. Water does not heat to the set temperature. Malfunction of the heating element( heating elements). The solution is to replace the heating element.
ERR5( ERR5) Problems with water in the Hyer washer.

1. Low pressure.

2. Shut off water tap.

3. Clogged filler filter.

4. Disturbed wiring between control module and pressure switch, pump.

1. Check the pressure in the water pipe.

2. Unscrew the cock. It may not be fully open or blocked.

3. Flush the strainer strainer.

4. Replace defective contacts.

ERR6( ERP6) If the CM Hyer gives an ERR6 error, then there is a problem with the control module. Defect of the control board, contact failure, wiring. Examines the control board for damage. It is necessary to tightly connect the connectors, isolate defective areas.

The electronic unit is defective.

Warning critical code!

The unit could fail due to short circuit, or from prolonged use of the machine in a wet room. A change of electronic unit is required.
ERR8( ERP8) If the ERR8 code is on the screen, it means there is a problem with the water intake system.

The water in the tank of a Haier washing machine is more than necessary for washing.

1. Malfunction of the pressure switch( water level sensor).

2. Failure of the electronic controller.

1. It is necessary to replace the level sensor.

2. Repair of the electronic control unit and its contacts.

ERR9( ЭРР9) The ERR9 code is displayed on the panel. Problem with water in CM Heyer.

The tank is full of water.

1. Breakdown of the water supply valve.

2. A problem with the control board.

1. Check, change intake valve.

2. Diagnostics and installation of a new electronic board.

ERR10( ERR10) An error occurred during water intake. Likely to break the pressostat. Troubleshooter troubleshooting. Installing a new part on the washing machine Heyer.
UNB( YUNB) Uneven arrangement of things in the drum of the Hyer washing machine. Imbalance When washing things got lost in someone, the balance was broken. To clear the error, you need to stop SM Heyer and manually distribute the laundry.
EUAR( EYUAR) Error in the electronic board. Disturbance of the electronic circuit.

1. Check wiring for defects and damage, repair defective areas.

2. Repair or replacement of the controller unit.

NO SALT( NO SALT) Unsuitable detergent composition for SM Hyer. There is no powder in the tank, or its composition is not suitable for washing.

1. To reset the error, check the dosing tray.

2. Add washing powder.

3. Examine the powder feed channels in the tank, clean it.

4. Select the washing mode without detergent.

The Haier washing machine self-diagnostic system, when it detects a problem, issues a fault code to the panel. In electronic models, the error is shown on the display or on the display; indicators on the washers without a screen will flash. Therefore, it is easier for you to understand the causes of the problem, you just need to understand the meaning of the code.

After reading the material, you will save time on diagnosis and find out what the error code means, what to do when it appears. And also how to fix or fix the damage with their own hands.

Error table: what the codes in the Hyer washing machine mean

Now you know what the fault codes in the Hyer washing machine mean. You have the opportunity to self-diagnose the problem and make repairs yourself.

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