Design kitchen area of ​​17 square meters. m

  • Layout Options

Kitchen area of ​​17 square meters. meters can accommodate everything you need, and even more, for example:

  • Spacious table for 4-6 persons;
  • Bar counter;
  • Island or peninsula;
  • Kitchen set with a large work place and a lot of storage places; while it can be built out of the box in a non-standard way and more conveniently, for example, in a U-shape;
  • Large household appliances, for example, a Side by Side refrigerator or simply additional equipment, for example, a wine cabinet or a washing machine;
  • Sofa or couch (instead of a pair of chairs or just for rest);
  • Sideboard or sideboard;
  • Fireplace (decorative).

How to correctly dispose of available meters without cluttering up the space, but also not missing out on additional opportunities? In this material you will find photos of six real 17-meter kitchens, an overview of the main types of layouts, as well as advice on design and repair.

Layout Options

The layout of the kitchen area of ​​17 square meters. meters depending on the data can be very different, but in general, the layout of furniture is divided into 6 types:

  1. Single row;
  2. Double row;
  3. L-shaped;
  4. U-shaped;
  5. Peninsular;
  6. Island.

Further we suggest to consider the listed layouts and design variants on real examples.

Single-row kitchen

Let's start, perhaps, with a review of the simplest layout - single-row (linear), when the headset is lined up in one straight line.


In which cases it is recommended:The linear layout is suitable for kitchens combined with a hall / dining room, for kitchens in studios. It fits well with the island, peninsula and bar counter. Often a one-row set is almost the only possible solution because of the kitchen access to the balcony, ledges / niches and / or doorways.

Minuses:It is inconvenient, because during cooking the hostess has to travel several times along the entire kitchen, wasting time and effort.

Pros:Universal, compact, easy to design.

  • With this layout, the kitchen should be built higher than usual, almost to the ceiling, in order to provide enough storage space.

Below in the photo slider you can consider the design of a combined kitchen-living room, in which the kitchen and dining room occupy about 17 square meters. meters.


For more details, see the material: All about planning a straight (linear, single-row) kitchen

Double-deck kitchen

Two-row (parallel) kitchen layout assumes the arrangement of functional zones in two rows parallel to each other.

In which cases it is recommended:Suitable for rectangular and narrow kitchens.

Minuses:Furniture in this arrangement somewhat clutters the space and narrows the passage. For a square room, a two-row kitchen will be inconvenient in cooking due to too much distance between the "working" points.

Pros:The layout is compact and convenient (for narrow kitchens), leaving enough space for the dining area.



  • In order for the kitchen to be really comfortable, there must be a passage between the two rows, m. The minimum permissible distance is 1 m.
  • Most often a two-row set is built at the entrance, so to save space and more convenience, the door should open in the direction of the hallway, not the kitchen. Also, you can replace the swing door with a sliding structure or completely leave the opening open.
  • With this layout, the stove, the sink and the dishwasher are installed in one row, and everything else (refrigerator, oven, microwave oven, etc.) can be installed opposite.
  • If the kitchen is 17 square meters. meters has the right square shape, then in the center between the two rows of furniture can be placed a dining group. The truth in this case, the stove, the sink and the refrigerator will have to be built in one line. An example of such a 17-meter kitchen design is presented in the following photos.

More details in the material: How to equip a two-row kitchen-galley

L-shaped kitchen

L-shaped (angular) layout is the most versatile, and therefore popular.


In which cases it is recommended:corner set is appropriate in almost all cases and is especially relevant for kitchen-dining rooms, as it leaves plenty of room for a large dining group.

Minuses:practically does not have, but in convenience it loses the U-shaped, peninsular and insular kitchen.

Pros:Corner kitchen is convenient, since it allows you to place a stove, a sink and a refrigerator on the principle of a "working triangle". In addition, it is compact and leaves enough space for the dining area, possibly with a cupboard or sofa.


  • To the corner kitchen was really comfortable, the stove, the sink and the refrigerator should be placed not along one line, but, as already mentioned, on the principle of a triangle. It is desirable that between the "work points" the interval is not more than 1 meter, otherwise the space will become inconvenient.
  • Angle modules (especially floor) are better to choose a trapezoidal shape, then in the corner you can build a sink, stove or work area.

U-shaped kitchen

Pros:The U-shaped kitchen can be very comfortable if you place a sink, stove and refrigerator not far from each other. In this case, all kitchen work can be done standing in practically the same place. Especially good is the kitchen, the working area of ​​which is located at the window. An example of such a planning solution can be seen in the next design project.

Minuses:The U-shaped set may look cumbersome, takes up a lot of space, is not available for all kitchens, when building under the window it requires complicated repairs with transfer / extension of communications.


In which cases it is recommended:On the area of ​​17 square. meters U-shaped set is actual in case if the priority is the functional part of the kitchen, and not the dining area.


  • To the suite less cluttered interior, one or two of its sides can be left without hinged cabinets.
  • To make the U-shaped set more compact and leave more room for the dining area, one side panel can be made shorter.

Peninsular kitchen

Peninsular planning implies a combination of a headset of any shape with a peninsula - a functional table, one end resting on the wall or being part of the headset as in the next 17-meter kitchen-dining room in the studio apartment in the photo below.


Pros:The peninsula can be on one side with a bar counter, and on the other - a working area for preparation of products. Also it can be equipped with a stove, a sink (seldom), a small refrigerator, a wine cabinet. The peninsula is very easy to prepare, zonates space, while it is much more compact than the island.

Minuses:Equipping the peninsula with machinery often requires complex repairs with lengthening / transferring of communications, raising the floor level and lowering the ceiling (for ducting the hood).

In which cases it is recommended:Particularly relevant is the peninsula for combined kitchen-living rooms or kitchen utilitarian purposes.


  • It is easiest to install a peninsula without machinery and plumbing, when it is intended only for preparing food and snacks.
  • If you want the peninsula to be functional, but do not require complicated repairs, then choose combination: peninsula + built-in electric hob + recirculation hood with carbon filter. In this case, you do not have to extend and hide the air duct and other communications.

Island cuisine

The island is a multifunctional table, which, unlike the peninsula, can be bypassed from all sides.

Pros:The kitchen with the island is as convenient as the peninsular.

Minuses:The island requires more space than the peninsula, and therefore is not available for every kitchen. On 17 squares the island can be either very small, or replace the dining table.

In which cases it is recommended:For kitchens with open plan, as well as in the case when a full dining table in the kitchen is not required.


  • The shape of the island must match the shape of the room. So, for a rectangular kitchen choose a rectangular island, for a square one - a square one.

In this L-shaped kitchen the island is equipped with a sink and is designed for 3 persons.

  • The project of Olga Pochuyeva
  • The project of Olga Pochuyeva
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