How to choose an automatic tonometer

How to choose an automatic tonometer


According to the statistics of the WHO (World Health Organization), the dynamics of diseases of the cardiovascular system in the last 50 years has become an epidemic. The number of people suffering from disorders and vascular diseases is increasing every year. Monitoring cases demonstrates that the ailments of this category tend to be "Rejuvenation so in the risk group are people not only elderly, but also middle and even young age. In such a situation, the availability of individual means of monitoring one's own health becomes particularly important. One such tool is an automatic tonometer.


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  • 2Advantages of automatic pressure gauges
  • 3How to choose an automatic tonometer
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    • 4.2Crochet Meters
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    5Leading manufacturers of automatic tonometers
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    • 5.2Table: rating of automatic tonometers for convenience in operation
  • 6Reviews of users of automatic tonometers
  • 7How to correctly measure the pressure
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    • 7.2Why does the pressure gauge show different results
    • 7.3Why the tonometer does not show measurement results

Purpose of the tonometer

The tonometer serves to determine the internal pressure of the arterial blood on the walls of the vessels. The principle of its operation is quite simple. The purpose of the measurement is to determine the maximum and minimum pressure at the time of contraction and relaxation of the heart. This measurement is carried out by clamping the vessels with a special soft rubber cuff inflated with air. With a gradual bleeding of air doctor using a phonendoscope or the device automatically determines the upper and lower limits of pressure in automatic mode. The procedure assumes a fixed position of the subject and the location of the cuff at the heart level. The pressure is determined in conventional units - millimeters of mercury.

Mercury tonometer is designed to measure blood pressure in manual mode and requires certain skills from the one who uses it

For the first time, the recording of pressure as a method of examining the patient's internal state appeared at the end of the 19th century in the works of the Austrian physiologist Samuel Siegfried Bach. For this he invented a sphygmomanometer. Later, about 15 years after that, the Italian pathologist and pediatrician Scipione Riva-Rocci was asked to use a rubber cuff for measurements. Russian Surgeon N. FROM. Korotkov in 1905 completed the improvement of the device, carrying out a theoretical justification for using the auscultation method for measuring blood pressure.


Advantages of automatic pressure gauges

Tonometers are divided into mechanical and electrical devices. Electrical devices, in turn, are divided into semi-automatic and automatic.

Until recently, a mechanical tonometer was the main diagnostic tool. The air cuff was inflated manually by squeezing a rubber bulb provided with a non-return valve. At the same time, it was necessary to monitor the indication of the mercury indicator, as well as the appearance and disappearance of pulse beats in the headphones of the phonendoscope. Only an experienced professional with certain skills could get an accurate survey result.

The mechanical tonometer with the analog dial was a few decades ago was the only version of the device for measuring pressure

With the advent of electric tonometers, the procedure was noticeably simplified and became available to the most inexperienced user. The inflation of the cuff in such a tonometer takes place with the aid of an electric compressor, the readings are fixed and the sensitive sensors are processed. The user only needs to correctly put the cuff on his wrist or forearm and press one button on the device. The results of measurements are displayed on the electronic display and are often duplicated by an audio message.

Semiautomatic tonometers use manual cuff pumping, but there is no mercury column, it was replaced by sensory spring gauges and a graduated scale.

Automatic tonometers work completely autonomously.Participation of a person is reduced to a minimum.


According to the degree of accuracy (in domestic conditions), automatic devices benefit, since they exclude the influence of the human factor. The subject is completely motionless and relaxed, and to start the tonometer, it is enough to connect it to the network and wait for the results.

The automatic tonometer independently conducts all measurements and displays the result on a large digital display

The error in measuring the pressure by an automatic tonometer is not more than 3 mmHg.

How to choose an automatic tonometer

In order to choose a tonometer that best suits your interests, you need to know the following:

  1. The size of the cuff should correspond to the volume of the forearm. The average volume of the forearm of an adult is 22-34 cm. The cuff must be fastened freely without tension. If its size is small, the instrument will show incorrect (overstated) pressure values. In case the arm size is above average, it is necessary to choose a tonometer with a larger cuff (designation L and XL). There are also cuffs for a child's hand, reduced in comparison with the standard ones. Their size starts from 14 cm.The general rule of cuff selection is that its width should be at least 40% of the length of the forearm.
  2. An important factor affecting the correct operation of the device is the presence of arrhythmia in the user. If this happens, and the device is not designed for this, significant distortion of the measurement results is possible. In such cases, it is necessary to select a tonometer based on individual characteristics. Apparatus equipped with an arrhythmia indicator can correct the result of measurements in accordance with the individual characteristics of the user.
  3. If you intend to use the device for several users, it is advisable to purchase a tonometer equipped with a memory function. In this case, it will be much easier to avoid confusion when calculating average indications, for example, for a month. All measurements will be remembered for each user separately.
  4. For those who suffer from tachycardia, the best choice will be a tonometer equipped with a special function that automatically conducts 3 measurements in a row and displays an average result on the display.

Video: how to choose the right device for measuring blood pressure

When buying a tonometer, it is important to consider two factors:

  1. Age of the user.
  2. Health status.

For people of middle age (up to 35-40 years) without expressed signs of hypertensive disease, it is justified to use a tonometer with a cuff that is worn on the wrist. Such devices are compact in size and operate autonomously from the batteries. They can be used to control blood pressure during exercise, on trips, outside the home.

Video: automatic wrist tonometer

Elderly people use a device with a shoulder cuff. On the forearm there is a large artery, the pulse on which is well listened, so the measurements taken in this place will accurately reflect the state of the vessels in the body. In addition, for these users, special functions of the tonometer have been developed to facilitate the examination:

  • the audio signal will duplicate the display of the electronic display, and the color scale next to them will show the level of the measured pressure;
    The arrow in the left corner indicates the color designation of the pressure level: green sector - normal pressure, yellow - high, red - high
  • the arrhythmia indicator will indicate the need for additional measurements;
  • the quality control function, if necessary, will warn that it is better to conduct another control measurement;
  • the alarm timer will remind you that the time has come for the next control measurement;
  • a painless cuff will reduce the load on the forearm when inflating air.

Which automatic tonometer to choose

As we have already said, all automatic tonometers are divided into two large groups: humeral and wrist.

Shoulder apparatus

Shoulder models of tonometers with basic functions are characterized by a high degree of accuracy and simplicity of the measurement procedure.

The cuff is attached to the forearm and is located at the level of the heart. This version of the tonometer is recommended to everyone without exception and is universal.


The list of basic functions of tonometers with a cuff for the forearm includes:

  • function Dual Check System (dual control system). In the device is installed not one but two sensor sensors. If the discrepancy between their readings exceeds 45%, an error message is displayed on the screen. If it is within the permissible range, the tonometer analyzes the readings of the sensors and gives a more accurate result. This function is integrated, for example, in the model Omron M6 Comfort;
    The Omron M6 Comfort automatic tonometer has a built-in Dual Check System that increases the accuracy of measurements
  • the Intellisense function. Allows you to pump up the cuff to the required level, without causing painful sensations in the user. In addition, the function performs a double control during the measurement, taking the first reading during cuff inflation, and the second - at the time of bleeding air. The speed of measurements is significantly increased due to more intensive air release from the cuff. In the presence of cuffs with different sizes (standard, children's, large) the device can be used by the whole family. The energy-saving component is also noted - the battery life of the devices with this option is significantly increased. The name of the technology is patented by the Japanese company Omron, however the devices of other manufacturers have the same function, but under a different name. For example, in the tonometers B.Well and Microlife, it is called FuzzyLogic, and from Nissei - IQ System;
    Tonometer B.Well WA-77 is able to make pressure measurements at the time of air inflation and at the time of its bleeding and compare them
  • technology AFib. It allows in the early stages to diagnose atrial fibrillation - the disease is dangerous because it occurs without pronounced symptoms. This function is equipped with devices of the brand Microlife, for example, Microlife BP A110.
    The automatic tonometer Microlife BP A110 helps to diagnose atrial fibrillation in the early stages

Crochet Meters

Carpal tonometers are used mainly for "marching" conditions or in places not equipped with electricity.

Tonometers with a wrist cuff are not so generously equipped with various additional functions, like their shoulder braches. Their range of tasks is narrower, and compactness implies only the most necessary functional. However, there are exceptions. For example, in the wrist tonometer Nissei WT20 installed a sensor that determines the percentage of fat in the tissues. Many wrist blood pressure monitors are also equipped with memory with a large volume (up to 90 measurements).

Video: How to use a carpal tonometer

Leading manufacturers of automatic tonometers

To give preference best to those brands that have long been known in the medical equipment market and are marked by positive feedback from consumers.Well-established manufacturers give a long guarantee for the product and carry out its after-sales service.These include firms such as Omron (Japan), Nissei (Japan), Microlife (Switzerland) and others.

The tables below contain information on the most popular models of automatic tonometers leading manufacturers and their main advantages and disadvantages are shown on the basis of the analysis of their owners. Here is our rating of the tonometers, compiled also from the users' reviews.

Table: main parameters, advantages and disadvantages of pressure meters of leading manufacturers

Model M2 Eco WS-820 UA-777 BP A100 WA-55 CH-437C
Country of origin / manufacturer Japan/
United Kingdom/
Hong Kong
price, rub. 2000-2200 1900-2100 1800-2000 2200-2500 1600-1900 1500-1800
Cuffing Method shoulder wrist shoulder shoulder shoulder shoulder
AC adapter there is no there is there is there is there is
Functional features
Number of users / memories 1 / 60 2 / 30 1 / 90 1 / 30 2 / 99 1 / 7
Storage of measurement data in memory when the device is switched off there is no no no there is no
The presence of an arrhythmia indicator there is there is there is there is no no
Automatic calculation of mean value 2-3 last measurements all measurements for the period of use all measurements for the period of use absent absent absent
Disabling the sound that duplicates the instrument reading there is no no no no no
Recording and viewing by date there is there is no no there is no
Built-in timer there is there is no no there is no
Advantages of the survey results high reliability, long-term guarantee compactness, measurement accuracy reliability, comfortable bag multifunctionality, reliability of indications optimal price-quality ratio Affordable price, convenient display design
Disadvantages of the survey results high price high price above average dimensions high price there is a certain percentage error small amount of memory

Table: rating of automatic tonometers for convenience in operation

Model M2 Eco WS-820 UA-777 BP A100 WA-55 CH-437C
Functionality , , , , , ,
Ease of use , , , , , ,
convenience of measurement , , , , , ,
cuff convenience , , , , , ,
Design Features , , , , , ,
User's manual , , , , , ,
final grade , , , , , ,

The leader of our rating was the device of the Japanese company Omron M2 Eco. He defeated his competitors by a large margin in terms of functionality and quality the attached instruction that describes them, and showed an enviable stability over all the others indicators. The main drawback of this model, users call it a high cost.

The Omron M2 Eco automatic tonometer is the most functional instrument among all those considered in our rating

Reviews of users of automatic tonometers


In a family where there were problems with pressure, the tonometer is a necessary thing, since it is a very important indicator that indicates the state of human health. This model (Omron M2 Eco - approx. author) is very convenient. First, the convenience lies in the fact that the device works both from 4 finger batteries, and from the network. Secondly, it is very convenient that the last measurement readings are stored in memory. That is, the readings of pressure and pulse. In the presence of problems with pressure or pulse, the program gives out the possible troubles, which are painted in the book. Thirdly, the device does not work noisily. Fourth, this is the accuracy of the testimony. A small minus-price. But it justifies the quality of the device.



I the hypertensive patient with the experience. And before the purchase of this model of a tonometer I used the UB-201 tonometer of the Japanese company AND and was absolutely happy. Because for the compact models of the tonometers the future, they can be used on the road, at work and they do not take up much space. So, the WS-820 model from Nissei differs from the previous one in that it measures pressure only when the pressure in the cuff decreases in contrast to the device AND which produces a measurement when pumping the cuff, which is not good, since it additionally consumes energy, but the plus of this model is a hard case and two memory pressure values, which allows you to use it together and also a clock that is convenient to always determine time. So this model is a little expensive and can be found cheaper and also a Japanese company.



Before buying the reviews did not read, so I took at random, from honey. A & amp; amp; Medical and Omron are the most popular, so I decided to choose from them, my eye fell exactly on this model, AND UA-777, and I do not regret it. It certainly is rather big in itself, but it is very simple to use, it works relatively quietly. I highly recommend a tonometer in your medicine cabinet! The device of this company and model I really liked!



How to correctly measure the pressure

Each set of tonometers includes an instruction for use, which describes in detail the procedure for measuring pressure.

In order to measure blood pressure with an automatic blood pressure monitor, the following general rules must be adhered to:

  • use only serviceable instruments that are suitable for age;
  • during the measurement, you can not move, talk, smoke;
  • the cuff should be at the level of the heart;
  • do not allow folds of the cuff;
  • re-measurement can be done no earlier than in 1-2 minutes, giving the vessels time to restore the normal rhythm of work;
  • to carry out measurements better at the same time, but if there are suspicions of pressure deviations, you can do this at any time.

As a rule, the pressure is measured on the left hand, since it is located closer to the heart. But if for some reason it is more convenient to carry out measurements on the right hand, this is entirely acceptable. Indications will not be radically different. In general, it is recommended to carry out measurements on that hand, whose pressure is higher.

With wrist tonometers, the pressure is measured only on the left arm.

Video: how to measure pressure with automatic tonometer


Why does the pressure gauge show different results

The reason is that, with several measurements taken at short intervals, the tonometer shows different results, there may be several. Human pressure responds quite sensitively to the smallest changes in the internal and external environment. Factors in which there is a change in blood pressure, are very diverse. These include:

  • stress, anxiety;
  • drinking coffee;
  • eating;
  • smoking;
  • acceptance of alcoholic beverages;
  • Times of Day.

The list goes on and on. But if the device shows results with a small amplitude, this should not cause concern.

Why the tonometer does not show measurement results

If the display shows Err1, Err4 or similar, you need to refer to the instruction manual. The electronic system thus transmits error information in an encoded form.

If the automatic tonometer displays non-standard messages beginning with the letters Err, then an error has occurred, the description of which can be found in the device operation manual

In general, tonometers are classified as highly reliable instruments, and malfunctions with them are rare. Most often they are associated with mechanical damage or power failure:

  1. To eliminate power problems, you need to change the batteries in a timely manner and keep the power cord intact. Batteries should be of appropriate size, and they need to be changed all at once. The power cord must not be broken.
  2. Of mechanical parts, the cuff suffers most often. It is necessary to ensure that the cavities of the rubber chamber do not lose their tightness and do not stick together. The cuff material should not be exposed to sharp objects and high temperature. In case of damage, the cuff should be replaced.
  3. If the device fell into water or on a hard surface from a great height and ceased to work at the same time, it should be carried to a repair shop. The list of service centers is usually found in the technical passport.

Like any measuring device, the tonometer is to be checked after a certain period of time. Modern devices have such a period of 2 years. Diagnosis should be carried out in specialized institutions certified by the manufacturer's certificates.

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