Growing melons in the open ground at the cottage. - practical experience

My parents were engaged in growing melons in the open ground. We have 9 hectares of no-man's land next to the dacha, we plow it every year, plant potatoes, pumpkins, corn, sunflower, even for a small melon we have a place. I still remember how proud my father felt when he brought small melons of the Kolkhoznitsa variety from the dacha. I have no experience. But I really want to try a melon grown with my own hands. Therefore, by publishing this article, I begin to accumulate experience that will help to decide on growing melons in the garden.


  • Useful properties of melon
  • Melon growing experience

Who will not have to taste a hunk of sweet, fragrant and juicy melon? Especially on a hot summer day? Melon is a southern inhabitant, it is very demanding for heat, therefore it only ripens on melons in the southern regions of the country.

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Useful properties of melon

Melon is a one-year-old herbaceous plant. The fruits are large, with lots of seeds. They are very sweet because of the high content of sucrose. By the way, melon contains much more vitamins than watermelon. And there is a lot of iron in it.

For medicinal purposes only ripe fruits are used. Melon is useful for obesity, with a violation of fat and cholesterol metabolism. Melon juice, despite the sweetness, is useful in diabetes, arthritis, in the presence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Folic acid, contained in melon in large quantities, helps prevent brittleness, fragility of blood vessels, normalizes blood pressure. A high calcium content strengthens bones and teeth. Silicon, found in melon, favorably affects the skin and hair.


Sunflower seeds have a beneficial effect on increasing potency in men at any age. To this end, they prepare and drink melon milk.

The benefits of melons are great, perhaps that's why its cultivation is moving north and north.

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Melon growing experience

Below I will describe the experience of melon growing Lyubov Andreevna Zaitseva from. Krasnogvardeyskoe of the Krasnodar Territory.

"I have a ten-year experience of growing melons on our land, although the old-timers insisted that the melons in the kitchen garden will not grow full. only in the field.

Have grown! Under the melons took 6 hectare. Seeds were sown in three terms - in 10 days.

There was no knowledge, so I applied for advice to an agronomist-vegetable grower, who not only shared his knowledge, but also gave me to read the necessary literature.

The land was plowed under melons twice: in autumn and in spring. In autumn they plowed deep and did not level to prevent snow from blowing away. In the spring there was shallow plowing, fencing and cutting shallow grooves. Melon requires a large area for the growth and branching of the weaves. Therefore, the grooves are rarely located - at a distance of 3 m from each other. Melon seeds were sown dry, not soaked. The distance between each seed is 12-15 cm. Then the grooves were trampled down. After the emergence of sprouting began to thin them. Thinning was a few. After the first, the distance between shoots was left 50-70 cm, then increased so that after the third weeding the distance was -2 m.

There is another way of planting melons. Prepare the holes at a distance of 2 m from each other. In each plant several seeds. Then, thinning, leave the best plants.

At the moment of seed sowing, the temperature of the earth is very important. For this purpose, the thermometer is immersed in the earth for 10 cm and as soon as the ground shows early 18 we must start to sow.


Seeds are planted in the soil to a depth of 3 cm. In each hole, make a handful of wood ash.

Great importance for obtaining a good harvest of melons has the formation of plants - pinching shoots. Without this, not do. This is one of the most important operations for caring for melons.

As soon as the fifth leaflet grows on the main lash, it is pricked. After this, lateral shoots will appear. They are usually 3-4. It is necessary to wait, that on each of them there was a fifth sheet and also to pinch each.

Now we are waiting for the ovaries to appear. As soon as the small melons reach a size with a walnut, we inspect each plant. It was time to form the future harvest. On each lash leave no more than five or ten ovaries. Five - if the variety of melon is large-bodied, and ten - if small-fruited.

It is necessary to cut off all the flowers on the braids of the second order. And if scoops without ovaries are found, they should be removed so that they do not take food from the future crop. If there is a wet weather, under each ovary you can put a piece of glass, tiles. This will protect them from decay. The veneer, the plank are not suitable, since they retain moisture and do not protect the ovaries from rot.

Zhelteya, rushing, melons make a pleasant aroma. Ripened melons are recommended to hold in the fresh air - their aroma will become more intense, stronger. It is desirable to harvest the harvest from the melon till the first night frosts. "

The materials of the newspaper "Niva Kuban" dated September 5, 2014



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