Pumpkin seeds - good and bad, how to choose, prepare, preserve and eat properly

I love pumpkin seeds since childhood. The use of pumpkin seeds, harm, their side effects, their composition by medicine are well studied. They contain almost the most useful, have amazing useful properties. The famous Japanese dietician, A table of useful products has been compiled by Osawa. So, they occupy the first place in it! A special glory belongs to them for the amount of a trace element of zinc in its composition. They say that the zinc content is second only to oysters. But oysters are not available to all, but pumpkin seeds - please! Pumpkin seeds - a by-product - were eaten by a pumpkin, and the seeds remained.


  • How to choose the pumpkin seeds correctly?
  • How to store pumpkin seeds?
  • How to eat pumpkin seeds?
  • Pumpkin seeds with honey - recipe

And how many vitamins they contain! All is even difficult to enumerate. For example, they contain vitamin K, which is involved in the human blood coagulation system. Without it, our body will not normally coagulate blood. Already only this one speaks about the benefits of pumpkin seeds.

They contain almost the most important for us vitamins A and E. These two vitamins have a huge impact on our health, on the state of our body, on regeneration, on the renewal of our tissues, on the skin condition. Vitamin A, to all the rest, affects the state of our vision.

Pumpkin seeds contain phosphorus, a substance without which our bones can not exist. Without phosphorus, calcium does not function as it should. And our skeleton, not getting enough phosphorus, can not be strong enough.

And, finally, an absolutely outstanding useful property of pumpkin seeds, of which I have already partially mentioned, is presence - zinc and legnan (legnina), which prevent excessive growth of cells of the prostate gland men. Of course, the use of pumpkin seeds already enlarged prostate gland can not be cured. It is possible to slow down this process somewhat, but it is hardly possible to completely remove the inflammation. Rather, recommendations for their use are more useful to young men, as a preventive tool. After all, their main property is to prevent the development of prostatic adenoma.


I want to emphasize that when we talk about the benefits, the impact of certain products on health, this never means direct treatment or withdrawal of drugs prescribed by a doctor. This should be the image of your life.

Boys, boys, young men eat pumpkin seeds! Eat them as much as possible, more often and regularly - from childhood to old age - you risk a prostate enlargement will be minimal. Such an unpleasant disease, like prostate adenoma, will bypass you.

Regular use of them strengthens the gastric mucosa, expels parasites from the body, since they contain antihelminthic poison - cucurbitin. This poison is absolutely harmless to humans, but deadly to worms

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How to choose the pumpkin seeds correctly?

Very important question. Now a large selection of different beautiful packages with pumpkin seeds. They are sold in shell or peeled, simply dried or fried, salted or without salt. What will we choose? Which ones will bring the greatest benefit?

Of course, the shell protects the seeds from premature drying, from loss of nutritional properties, from a variety of microbes. In addition, without the shell, the oil contained in any seeds, oxidizes, rumbles - there is no benefit from such, and they are not tasteless. Therefore, I advise you to give preference to buying unrefined seeds.

Heat treatment, roasting of seeds kills nutritious, useful substances. Of course, such delicacy "caresses" our spoiled taste, but it does not benefit our body. Therefore, buy not only unpurified, but also unroasted pumpkin seeds.

Well and last - salt to us to what - to our health the benefit will bring only unsalted sunflower seeds.

If there is a question about the color of the peeled seeds, then the color does not matter, since it depends on the pumpkin variety. Pay attention to the terms of packing and storage.

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How to store pumpkin seeds?

You raised it, ate a pumpkin. How to properly prepare and store seeds for food?


Selected seeds from ripe pumpkin I place in a colander, washed with plenty of water to release from the fibers. If the first time all the fibers do not fall behind, then pour the seeds for several hours with cold water. Then I rinse again, let the water drain, I spread them on a plastic film or an oilcloth in one layer. Spread out where there is no direct sunlight. Four or five days, sometimes more, they lie, dry, I periodically mix them. They dry up. After that, ready for storage.

You can dry the pumpkin seeds in the oven. But on the baking sheet, they should also be laid out with a thin layer, so that they are dried there, and not stewed. The temperature should be set to minimum, leave the oven door slightly open - your hand should safely withstand its heat. Stir also need to periodically. But the drying process is reduced from a few days to -2 hours.

By the way, pumpkin seeds, dried in the oven, are easier to release from the shell.


For storage, I use cleanly washed glass jars. I put seeds in it, close it with a boiled dry plastic lid. Everything, so they can be stored long enough at room temperature. I keep them in the locker on the loggia. For storage, you can use any plastic, ceramic food containers with hermetically sealed lids.

If you have prepared for storage of purified pumpkin seeds, for example, collected from gymnosperm pumpkin, then They will also have to be kept in a clean, hermetically sealed container, but in a cold place - a refrigerator or cellar.

Always remember that peeled pumpkin seeds are not protected from contact with air, contain oil, and how all oil products are perishable.

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How to eat pumpkin seeds?

My grandmother always added ground pumpkin seeds to salads, condiments, sauces to second courses. I remember it well from my childhood. In addition, she always had a bowl with dried pumpkin seeds near the stove. No one has ever restricted us, children, ate as much as they wanted. Probably, she did not do this alone. Maybe, therefore, the diseases of prostate adenoma among former generations of men were rare?


Grandmother had an ordinary bench in the yard. To one end of the bench was screwed the croaker - it made croup of corn, which was fed chickens, ducks, geese. And the grandfather from the sifted small corn groats cooked tasty hominy (thick corn porridge with garlic). How much I then did not try to cook this, but, alas, what turned out for me was delicious, but the taste of childhood did not remind... But I was distracted!

To the other end of this wooden bench was an old cast iron grinder with large holes in it grate - on her grandmother chopped peeled pumpkin seeds, many other things, such as hazelnuts, walnuts nuts.

I did not just do such a big digression with childhood memories. I reminded you one of the ways to properly consume pumpkin seeds - add them to any dish - sauces, salads, soups, culinary products.

I remember from childhood the delicious grandmother's cookies on top sprinkled with lightly crushed pumpkin or sunflower seeds, as she said - for beauty, but I think that for the good, too.

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Pumpkin seeds with honey - recipe

And further. In winter, the grandmother always gave us, children, every day before eating a dessert spoon of honey with crushed pumpkin seeds. Taste is extraordinary! Of course, we did not have a single spoonful, but my grandmother was adamant - we did not receive this mixture at one time. She always kept saying: one spoonful is of great use, and a lot is not. I think my grandmother was cunning - there was not that much prepared mixture, it had to be stretched for the whole winter. Then my mother already prepared this useful treat for my daughter. And now it was my turn to pamper my granddaughter.

A mixture of honey and pumpkin seeds is very easy to prepare. Only two ingredients: honey and crushed seeds in equal parts. Do not grind the seeds into dust. When they are shredded in larger pieces, it turns out to be more delicious. When the mixture is infused, the seeds become soft, and the honey acquires a completely indescribable specific taste.

The fact that it's delicious, I think, you do not need to convince. But it's still very useful. Such a mixture supports immunity, saturates the body with important vitamins, microelements, which is very important for children and adults during the spring vitamin fasting. And further. Grandmother was convinced (I think she's right) that a mixture of honey with pumpkin seeds protected us from all parasites, worms, for example.

And, of course, do not refuse to just click the pumpkin seeds. By the way, it is also useful - calms the nerves. Only do it with your hands, not with your teeth!

As a confirmation that pumpkin seeds are useful - the next movie. Look - smile!


The cat, for sure, intuitively understands what is good for his body!

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