Why there is water in the drum of the washing machine

You started the machine, did the washing cycle as usual, but at the end noticed that there was water left in the drum of the washing machine? Perhaps the reason is a simple blockage, but serious failures also occur.

To find out the reason, you need to pay attention to the symptoms of the problem, as well as carry out a diagnosis and a thorough examination of the machine.

Content of the material:

  • 1Symptoms and causes of the problem
  • 2How to proceed, if after washing in the drum there is water
    • 2.1Clean the pump filter
    • 2.2Remove the clogging of the drain pump and the nozzle
    • 2.3Check and replace the pressure switch (level sensor)
    • 2.4Examine the electronic unit
  • 3What to do if water is poured into the drum without interruption
  • 4Fault prevention

Symptoms and causes of the problem

Notice when you found that there was water left in the stylalk:

  • After the wash cycle, during the removal of laundry from the drum. Things got bad.
  • When the machine is frozen, a fault code is displayed on the display panel. The door of the hatch does not open.

Why do such failures occur? There may be such reasons:

  1. There was a kink of the drain hose, or there was a blockage in the drainage system.
  2. The drain pump broke.
  3. Defective pressostat (pressure switch).
  4. The electronic board is faulty.

How to proceed, if after washing in the drum there is water

Conduct a check correctly from simple to complex, so immediately check the drainage path. Proceed in sequence, start cleaning the drain filter.

Clean the pump filter

  • Disconnect the machine from all communications and mains.
  • Drain the water. Pre-prepare the tank, unscrew the water inlet hose and drain the water.
  • In the front part of the body at the very bottom is a small hatch. Open the lid by pressing the latches with a flat-blade screwdriver.
  • Place the container and unscrew the drain filter. If it is clogged with garbage - clean it.
  • Before installing the filter, look into its hole, check that the threads on the impeller of the pump are not wound.

Filter cleared. To check the remaining details, go to the next step.

Remove the clogging of the drain pump and the nozzle

The reason for the fact that there is water in the drum after washing can be a lump in the pump or drain pipe. To get to the pump, in some CMA models you need to remove the casing, in others - to remove the bottom. Details about disassembly of washing machines of different brands we wrote in previous articles.

Note! If you tilt the machine on its side to get to the pump through the bottom, be sure to check the dispensing tray for water. If the control module gets wet, the repair will be very expensive.

You have opened the access to the pump. Now do this:

  • Disconnect the wires leading to the pump. You can preliminarily take a picture of their location.
  • Remove the mounting bolts. Unclip the hose clip.
  • Unplug the nozzle and check for blockage. You can clean it under a strong pressure of water.
  • If after inspection of the pump the clog is not detected, check its winding using a multimeter.
  • In case of malfunction, replace the winding.

Check and replace the pressure switch (level sensor)

If there is water in the drum, this may indicate a malfunction of the pressure switch. The part is responsible for monitoring the water in the tank. It is this sensor that sends a control signal to the control board about the termination of water recruitment in the AGR. If it is broken, then there is no signal - the pump will not start, but the water does not pump.

What to do:

  • Remove the top cover from the case by unscrewing the two screws from the rear.
  • Near the wall you will see a level switch.
  • Disconnect its contacts.
  • Unscrew bolts of fastening.
  • Disconnect the pressure switch and check for clogging.
  • Using a multimeter, measure the resistance by applying probes to the sensor terminals.
  • If necessary, install a new element.

Examine the electronic unit

The reason for the fact that in the tank machines Indesit, Samsung and other brands accumulates and remains water, there may be a control unit. Such breakdowns are rare, but take the time of this version, especially if you checked all the other details.

On the control board are triacs. Each of them is responsible for the operation of a particular part in the washing machine. In this case there can be two variants of a malfunction:

  1. Burned triac pump, so it does not receive a command to start. Consequently, the water from the tank is not pumped out.
  2. Faulty triac of the pressure switch. Therefore, the unit does not receive information about the amount of water in the tank and believes that it does not need to be drained.

It is very difficult to independently check the module if you are not an expert in electronics. Therefore, it is better to contact the master to avoid damaging the expensive part.

What to do if water is poured into the drum without interruption

The situation differs from previous cases when water is collected in the drum of a switched off washing machine. The reasons for this malfunction are:

  1. The jammed valve broke.
  2. There was a blockage in the sewage system.
  3. Incorrect hose connection.

As the water is constantly poured, the machine passes it through the hatch of the hatch. This means that the fill valve is defective. The cause may be hidden in its membrane or electronics.

  • The electronic board sends a signal to the fill valve when it is necessary to collect water and when to stop the fence. With the fill, the diaphragm of the valve opens and the flow enters the tank. To stop the set, the membrane closes. If the valve wiring is faulty, it will not receive a signal when it is necessary to stop the water set.
  • Over time, the valve membrane could be damaged. As a result, water is constantly being recruited into the tank.

How to make sure the valve is faulty? Tighten the water tap. If the drum is dry, then the reason is in the valve. Repair the part is not subject to, but the replacement can be done independently:

  • Remove the top cover of the machine - the valve is at the back wall.
  • Disconnect the wiring connectors.
  • Unscrew the screw on the back wall, which holds the valve in place.
  • Disconnect the hoses leading to it.
  • Install the new part.

If there is dirty, waste water in the drum, the cause is in the obstruction of the sewage system or incorrect connection.

Incorrect connection of hoses leads to the fact that sewage flows through the hose into the tank of the washer. And if there was a blockage in the sewage system, then the water from the siphon knee is poured into the tank.

To solve the problem, it is necessary to clean the sewage system and make the correct connection of the system to the water supply.

Fault prevention

Faults are easier to prevent than repair. It is recommended that you comply with the installation rules that are described in the instructions. Some users artificially extend the drain hose, thereby increasing the load on the pump.

Things before washing need not only to sort, but also to remove from the pockets foreign objects. Clothing with paillettes, beads is erased only inside out, or placed in a special bag.

The drain filter is periodically checked for blockage.

Stick to these simple recommendations, and your washing machine will last much longer.

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