How to choose a convection heater

Electric convector heaters are endowed with virtues, but to call them clearly better not be. We give life situations in the article, and the reader will decide on their own, should they apply electric convector heaters or better to choose otherwise. In addition, often outside of the city there is a question of fuel. For example, if a gas boiler works for natural gas, it seems obvious to translate into an existing type of energy as much as possible devices. Consider how to choose a convection heater in what situations is useful.

Convection heaters for baby

Inside electric convector heater should the heating element. Not a standard spiral or PETN, and fancy detail, often with X-profile. The surface indented grooves for easy passage of air and increase the heat transfer area. To an electrical convector heater oxygen not burnt, the heating element is covered with the ceramic layer. Special processing reduces dust settling. European standards require a central heating radiators, and other heating devices similar wing have a temperature no higher than 60 degrees. Ceramic convection heater should be prescribed by regulation.

Ceramic convection heater

This is advantageous because it is difficult to get burned. If you put a hand in the water temperature of 55 degrees, feeling on the verge of patience average man, but with a light touch of the metal gives off heat worse, damage to electric convector heaters are not inflicted. Said device hang on the wall in the children's ordinary apartment in case of disconnection of the boiler or other accidents. Electric convector heater will save the baby from freezing. We hear the opinions of doctors.

Infrared radiation is successfully used in medicine, there are a number of contraindications, but not for children. Unlike ultraviolet prima there was no danger, but mediated observed:

  • problems in the cardiovascular system;
  • deviation of the psyche.

This pathological condition that can occur in history. Consider the pros and cons in the light of the confrontation "infrared heaters convectors VS" in the nursery.

Convectors warm air in the room. 1 kW is enough for 10 square meters. It is better to have two weak instrument, rather than only stronger. Foresight provide two circulation point.

The main advantage of the convector in the ability to heat the room. Which will enable automatic management at the highest level. The thermostat sensor fix the limit when the desired climate conditions are achieved. This is important for the children.

What we see in the case of an infrared heater. Before the device can not reach, therefore, the device is safe. And if a child accidentally launch the ball to (hypothetically)? Infrared heater afraid of strikes. But illuminate a given sector, for example, a crib, is it worth saving a few rubles for children's health? We say - no. Additionally, infrared heater warms objects, they are already receiving the air temperature. When the bed is heated, the atmosphere will cool.

How to carry out the control. We heard about the infrared type sensors for thermostats, but objects to calculate the heating mode is difficult to obtain predetermined conditions.

We believe that the first round won Convection heaters.

work heater


Suppose, at the cottage or a private house near looms yellow gas pipe. People living in rural areas know how to increase energy bills in the winter. On the recommendation buy an electric convector - is better to take the gas. Cylinders may be used, in each case opt for a specific process.

Gas convector heater will require drilling in the outer wall of a solid opening, avoid installing the rules of communication within the premises. coaxial line is held in the resulting window. It consists of two sub-tracks:

  1. Fresh air supply.
  2. The combustion gases.

A separate pipe is introduced gas. Not every homeowner wants to communicate with such capital projects. Natural gas is cheaper electricity, although the connection is worth a lot. In addition, workers will have to call the gas service for the installation of equipment is a prerequisite. Violators warned: 40,000 fires occur each year, and in winter accounts for an overwhelming percentage of cases of mishandling of the heat-generating appliances.

Gas heater convector

Convection heaters are to give gas, but we recommend not to leave appliances switched on without protection. For holiday villages version of burning in the hearth room, even though the isolated type, and does not appeal. Fire - there is a fire. We recommend that gas heaters only people permanently living with the household far outside the city.

As for holiday villages with security, much more attractive to use infrared heaters or electric heaters with the option Anti Frost. The last is automatically activated when the temperature drops below five degrees Celsius.

Summing up, the second round will leave for infrared heaters. Except for children, Where to install electric heaters. But not gas.


Today looking for equipment for different departments. In large rooms with high ceilings win infrared heaters. It seems incredible, but the power devices is converted into light, slightly absorbed by the air. The main thing - to focus the heat in the workplace. Then the miller, going up to the machine, will feel that the equipment warm. It is important during operation. Top will be slightly bake, but according to the instructions put to work in the hat or scarf.

Infrared Convection heaters

What to do in this case, with doors and walls at strong frosts. Do not leave too much objects unattended dangerous. Rather, the answer would be a good central heating. If you completely abandon the circuitry described, try to use it convectors. Hung along the walls, do not give to freeze capital structures, enough power devices. The door will have to cover a thermal curtain. Infrared heating for massive weight of flaps each tonne weak.

For small spaces, choose electric heaters, ideal for small spaces. If a shop does not handle the specified units, small office quite pull.

In the workplace, good Infrared Convection heaters - devices on the principle of heat transfer is difficult to attribute to a particular family. Heater radiates some energy, but some proportion is drawn airflow. Modification look like large area panel is inside the special guide. For instance:

  1. Thermals.
  2. Nobo G5R (C) 095 - 140.
  3. TeploPlit.

Careful attention should be the last group of devices, domestic production line is made of stone... (more precisely, an alloy of quartz sand). About the device difficult to get burned. If the first model of the company Teplolit rather cumbersome, today's products are decorated in a priglyadnom and look favorably even without a grille.

Inside plate weighing 15 kg extends spiral. Infrared-convection heater is difficult to fix, provided included three arms. Quite naturally warm the back of the natural stone. If the supplement thermostat devices will be able to easily heat the clerks in the room. Follows each workstation on the stove place, that employees do not feel cold. This approach just to save on electricity, is killed at once two hares:

  1. Comply with the rules "keep your feet warm and head out in the cold."
  2. the room air will be cooler.

Convection-infrared heaters, electric appliances are a specific kind of worth used in conjunction with good interior is allowed to perform even the decorative panels on the order based boards. Now the picture will warm the person.

It showed that each type of heaters (even within the same family convectors) is used, but you can not say that only in the list - fit the device, while others are not suitable for 99%.

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