Quartz heaters for home

For home, quartz heaters produce two types. Both are equally called infrared. More specifically, the device on a quartz lamp meets the definition of 100%, made of sand - half. However, the concepts are different. In the lamps heats the spiral enclosed inside the flask, molded products are a slab.

Quartz Heaters Teplopit

There are heaters on the market that can be painted. The working body is a melt of quartz sand. Inside, a nickel-nickel spiral is laid, generating heat when current is passed through the filament. According to the manufacturer, the working surface is heated to 95 degrees. Dangerous for children and animals, it is easy to burn yourself. The store has decorative grilles for customers who have chosen Teplopit.

The appearance of quartz heaters differs little from an ordinary plate, the products, in fact, are the mentioned device. The phenomenon of heat generation is called the brick effect. The stove, which has a high thermal inertia, heats forever and cools quickly. The weight of the device can not be called small. The 500W quartz heater is supplied with a mass in the region of 10 kg and is intended to be hung on the wall. The kit includes three brackets:

  • top;
  • two lower.

The weight of the device is perceptible, although it hangs low. Representatives of the manufacturer say that the product will work for a long time and correctly, because the coil will not get water or air, the main factors of oxidation and failure of the spiral. Let us call danger the device's ability to easily break, since it occupies a middle position between glass and ceramics. It is unacceptable that water gets on the spiral.

The manufacturer calls the creation of the technical department MKTEN - quartz monolithic heater.

Why Teplopit is ranked as an infrared heater

It seems, judging by the temperature of the case, it is a device of convector type, like a surface Underfloor heating. There are grounds to believe that the epithet infrared to the device is quite applicable. The surface of the plate is incredibly flat, which means that the area of ​​contact with air is relatively small. These quartz heaters are strikingly different from heating radiators, which are specifically given an uneven texture. Shallow cracks - as if the manufacturer did not try to make a quartz heater even.

Quartz glass is transparent to the visible and infrared ranges. Consider a device operating on the basis of the specified quality. However, quartz glass plates resemble little. It was not possible to find the transmission spectrum of the product for radiation, therefore the subsequent story is based mainly on assumptions.

Quartz conducts heat poorly, being a dielectric. Similar ceramics, clay and glass. It is known that such materials are used in the form of insulators on the pillars of high-voltage lines - they do not conduct electricity well. The spiral inside the quartz heater is heated to a high temperature. Much higher than the outer 95 degrees. We suppose that radiation arises inside, part of it passes through quartz, giving heat to objects. This happens in infrared heaters.

The maximum radiation of a body with a temperature of 95 degrees is 8 microns. It falls into the mid-wavelength range of infrared radiation. Actually power, however, is small. Think about it, if at 95 degrees the body radiated heat, a household iron would be called infrared heaters. We assume that the material of the case of mica was chosen for a reason: it conducts heat poorly.

The spiral inside heats up to a much higher temperature and begins to emit waves passing through the mica. Otherwise, the choice of material as an insulator is inexplicable. Economically it is much more expedient to use for this purpose standard concrete that does not need heat treatment. Perhaps the choice of material is associated with mikatermicheskie infrared heaters. There the electrodes are also covered with mica, just a layer much thinner. This saves air from burning out, but the temperature of the device reaches 200 degrees, hence the working element is protected by a solid grille from all sides.

When testing mikatermichesky heaters show excellent results, we hope that our ward is not worse. Now we will estimate that quartz heaters Teplopit are able.

Possibilities of heaters Teplopit

The manufacturer claims that, being equipped with a thermostat, quartz heaters Teplopit are not afraid of anything. This seems controversial. Ceiling infrared heaters are used offline, but are based on quartz glass lamps, where the other principle of operation. The mentioned devices do not heat up, giving away the photon energy to the surrounding objects, are relatively safe. If you equip a private cottage with a set of fuses, the risk of fire for electricians in the house is reduced, and the lamps mentioned are not fire hazardous.

Explain interest. There is a scant chance that the plate will fall, crack, and the spiral will survive. Like a torch will light the surrounding objects. Quartz heaters Teplopit safe while hanging on the wall. The lamp will simply cease to function if it falls, and the spiral zigzagged inside the plate acts differently.

Automated thermostat control makes equipment promising. The disadvantage is the mass. Every 10 square meter space requires a 500 watt heater to be installed. Each weighs 10 kg.

Ceiling quartz infrared heaters

Ceiling heaters for the home are gaining great popularity for obvious reasons:

  1. Lightweight, do not take up much space.
  2. Easily mounted alone.
  3. Give the ability to adjust.
  4. The most fireproof for today.
  5. efficiency close to 95%.These are the most effective devices.

Studies have shown that the speed of the infrared heater of the ceiling type is ahead of fan heaters, oil radiators and mikatermicheskie devices. The small inertia inherent in the models is due to the fact that the radiation propagates instantly, transferring the lion's share of heat.

What is the basis of the work of the quartz heater. The key role is assigned to the work item. The detail represents a quartz glass lamp that is transparent to the visible and infrared wavelengths. Inside the inert gas that does not react with the helix. More specifically, an inert gas halide. The device would have looked eternal if oxygen molecules had not penetrated. Special technologies make even the atoms that leave the helix under the influence of high temperature go back. This will ensure high metal persistence.

Under the action of current the spiral heats up to a high temperature and begins to glow. The lion's part of the radiation is invisible to the eye and is in the infrared spectrum. Rays freely pass through gas and glass, reaching objects, giving heat. The morning sun rises from the horizon in a similar way. Such a heater sends energy over relatively long distances. From the ceiling, the rays easily reach the floor. This is amazing, as the legs in the first place freeze. By the way, the surface of the heated floor is called an infrared heater, most likely for the similarity in the results of the work.

Instruments are easily controlled by automation. Heating home infrared heaters is gaining popularity, electronic thermostats easily understand the commands transmitted via wireless protocols. Thus, the concept of smart home is realized. The quartz infrared heater is simply deprived of analogs and competitors, does not waste energy. The owner manages the system from a smartphone or via the Internet through the application. True, cases of hacking of household equipment operating in the network, while in advertising, innocuous purposes, have already become known.

Considering that in the future it is planned to increase the volume of intelligent devices, we believe that infrared heaters have a bright future. Safer than conglomerates Warm floor, get along well with cables knocking icicles from the roofs and drowning ice on the porch.

As a heated floor, ceiling heaters for the home do not take up space, but the appearance of the room will suffer. We mention an additional factor. In houses where works of art are hung out, infrared heaters will become a true disaster for paintings. As you know, rarities can not be exposed to sunlight. Infrared heater is a lot like a star.

For a person, the instrument's spectrum is useful, even used for medicinal purposes. Infrared rays penetrate a few centimeters below the surface of the skin, increasing blood circulation. Quartz heaters are good for health.

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