Chimney effect in the heater

Fireplace effect in the heater - marketing gimmick or harsh reality. Manufacturers adhere to opposing views, by virtue of advertising policy.

What is the chimney effect

Hot air moves upwards along the vertical slots of the heater body. There is a thrust on the height of the device. Convection of air masses towards the ceiling increases - the described phenomenon is called the chimney effect.

Simple modification of the case, not affecting the main elements of the heater, flaunts so powerful action. The answer is simple.

Winter. Kitchen apartment building. A strong draft from the window. Working gas stove. Great is the temperature difference between the ceiling and the floor level. Feet freeze in the cold, face burning with heat. This creates an unnatural regime for the body. No wonder they say - keep your feet warm and your head in the cold.

The temperature difference reaches 30 degrees. Think about it - summer reigns above, winter is below. The chimney effect causes air to rise from the floor, forming a whirlpool. The action involved the battery heating. Sometimes due to an ill-conceived construction, convection is disturbed due to interference. The chimney effect forcibly creates circulation:

  • air enters the vertical slots of the body near the floor, heats up and rushes up through the channel;
  • warm streams reach the ceiling and diverge in radial directions along the surface;
  • reaching the wall, the air moves down.

Due to the chimney effect, vortex flows are formed, mixing layers of different temperatures. The contrast of conditions gradually disappears.

. Why the effect is called a fireplace

. It is believed that the fireplace effect was named for its similarity with the movement of hot air masses up the tube. Why not call the stove? A subtle marketing ploy - a fireplace is a prestigious design, the stove hints at a peasant hut. Most buyers do not find anything shameful in the furnace, but the word chimney effect with a magnet attracts the attention of the consumer. Plays the role of human curiosity.

Two dark horses do not lay a sled, in the middle harnessed a white-maned horse, referred to as practical. Lured by advertising, the buyer listens to the consultant and understands that, without spending significant funds, he will benefit from the presence of the fireplace effect. No wonder a pair of oil heaters easily warms up a three-room apartment, having a new characteristic feature.

Such a turn in the advertising policy is a fair game. News and rumors about a heater with a chimney effect are spread around the neighborhood not worse than the action of a massive advertising campaign. Coming to visit, traveling, people see in practice how exotic things work, conversations are made, there is a desire to buy something similar.

So the fireplace effect turns into a marketing one. By a successful choice of the name, the flow of visitors is directed to a given direction, as warm air soars up to the ceiling through special channels in the heater body.

Where did the idea of ​​

come from Looking around the ribbed radiators in the form of an accordion, you wonder why heaters with a fireplace effect did not appear before. After all, central heating has long been a key idea. The answer lies in the plane of use since the 60s of reflective thermal insulation in space. There simply were no reasons to save electricity, the people were satisfied with the true state of affairs. When the pursuit of reducing costs began, we remembered the modernization of the structure in the right direction.

. Do

fireplaces have a chimney effect? ​​The chimney effect of shop fireplaces is not gifted. The air in the devices is pulled out. The special design of the roof and chimney will allow you to pick up the maximum heat from the heated flow, but the efficiency is not equal to 100%.From this point of view, the heater with a fireplace effect is perfect. Just remember that firewood and coal fly into the furnace, and a kilowatt clock into an electric device.

Do not give in to the marketing move and compare the heater and the fireplace. These are designs with different purposes. Think of the mass of people who set up false fireplaces to catch the background of the idea.

Should I buy a heater with a chimney effect

Yes! Preference should be given to models where the air flow channels are decorated without unnecessary fads, the flow moves in a straight line upwards. Examples of good construction are oil heaters with a chimney effect Timberk TOR FH 41.2311 and Delonghi TRD 1025. Both cost $ 90 and characterize representatives of the middle segment.

Fireplace without a chimney

People like the fireplace. Two global families that need attention have been created:

  • gas fireplaces;
  • electrofireplaces.

It is accepted to call the fireplace a device that partially imitates the behavior of a true stone product with a furnace, a portal, a chimney and a chimney. An important feature for a person is the flame, which accounts for the lion's share of the attention of developers.

Gas-fired fireplace heater operates on the basis of infrared radiation. The special design of the panels causes the gas to burn in full. Unpleasant smell is absent. With complete combustion, carbon dioxide and water are released from the fireplace. Rays of heat spread through the room.

About electric fires worth talking. If combustion occurs in a gas consuming appliance, here the process of “rapid oxidation” is only simulated. The heater in the form of a fireplace is equipped with tools that allow you to feel the comfort created by open fire in the furnace. Primitive light bulbs or LCD screen - it does not matter, the main thing is to create the right impression.

Curious looks Vitek VT-2145, made in China. This ceramic heater-fireplace looks like a thick plasma panel. How the flame is simulated is not described, but the Internet is full of colorful pictures depicting brightly glowing orange fire at the bottom of the device.

Ancient instincts

Extremely soothes and adjusts the look of an open flame in a peaceful way. Electrofireplaces without heating do not heat, are not intended for this. The only task of the devices is to simulate a burning fire.

The cost of $ 1500 makes you think about buying a plasma panel that plays a record of fire. The developers answer that the external design of the fireplace is a complete imitation of the portal, is devoid of framing, and the glowing tongues in the hearth are “very realistic”.

There is no information whether a fireplace can create a crackling sound without heating. Without the acoustic effect, the charm and harmony of the hearth is disturbed. My heart tells me that for such a price, the dynamics inside must be obliged. It remains to learn how to imitate the smell of a fire, and the impression of imitation of a fireplace will be unique.

Remote control will help you choose the brightness, the possibility of embedding a false fireplace into a pre-equipped portal is available.

Bio Fireplaces

Ethanol methylated alcohol is suitable to produce alcohol. Special fireplaces work on fuel of similar chemical composition. The name Bio comes from the simple fact that water and carbon dioxide are produced during combustion.

Chimney is not required, for installation on the floor is required to buy a special modification of the fireplace. Other models are designed for hanging on the wall. Bio-fireplace did not find a hot response from the domestic consumer. The fireplace does not heat the space, the target is more decorative. Uniquely complements the interior and helps in the presence of guests to create a certain comfort at home.

The similar thing is built inside the firebox of the false fireplace and represents an ordinary spirit lamp. Skilled craftsmen who create their own designs on the basis of the idea are searched for.

Unhappy buyers:

  • not seemingly simple design - for which to pay;
  • is not the value of burned fuel - rich non-drinkers do not consume alcohol;
  • is not a small ability to heat - for this hang the battery.

Stumble upon a producer of fireplaces with bio-fuel on marketing. Bright orange flame on the box when the host is turned on is not observed. Languages ​​require at least a quarter of an hour to climb.

Fireplace enthusiasts claim that the patented branded fuel burns as it contains special additives. And the color is orange and the flame is high.

Fireplace effect

Experts call the chimney effect of enhanced air circulation due to the structure of the heater body. Marketers use the term to make a product solid. And buyers buy fireplaces without heating from the desire to see live fire.

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