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Red color is more active than others affecting the psyche and the consciousness of a person, with both positive and negative, so apply it in the interior you need in moderation, in the right shades and thoughtful combinations.

  • Red cuisine has the following advantages:stimulates the appetite of the household, stimulates their mental activity, creates an atmosphere of hospitality;
  • Cons of the kitchen in red colors:the abundance of red tires, irritates, provokes mental tension and anxiety;

  • Who fits and does not fit:red kitchen is suitable for hypotension and is contraindicated in hypertensive patients, since this color raises the pressure, Also this is an excellent option for extroverts and large originals, energetic, active, hospitable of people. But, if you value peace and quiet in the house, then the kitchen in red is not the best choice;
  • Optical properties of color:red visually draws objects, expands and makes them heavier in appearance.

For those who just started planning the design of the kitchen or want to refresh the already formed interior, we prepared 5 tips for the design and 100 photos of kitchens with red in the interior for your inspiration.

5 design tips how to fit the red color into the kitchen interior

1. Do not overdo it with red, even if you have a large kitchen

Consider the above optical properties of red color, decorating a large or small kitchen. Since red visually approximates, expands and makes massively objects of furniture or walls, it is more appropriate in the interior of spacious kitchens that lack the feeling of intimacy and comfort. However, the scarlet scale is so active that as a background and dominant this color is not worth using even in very large rooms, and it can be counterbalanced by white, beige, gray companions and abundance tree.


2. In the interior of a small kitchen use red in the form of accents

In the interior of a small kitchen, red color is better to use only as accents, which do not overload the space, but will bring the necessary momentum of energy or coziness. For example, it can be chairs, dishes, decor, textiles or appliances.


However, it is quite acceptable and red kitchen set, if the wall decoration has a neutral color, and better - white as in the photo below.


3. Consider the temperature of the red and the orientation of the kitchen

Red color is attributed to warm colors, but not everything is so simple, because some of its shades can be cold. Therefore, choosing wallpaper for the red kitchen, a tone of paint for walls and kitchen furniture, try to remember the well-known rule: "Northern" rooms should be "warmed up" with warm shades of red (first photo), and "southern" - cold (bottom photo).

According to the same principle, try to choose additional and auxiliary colors of the interior. So, for example, in a kitchen in which there is not enough natural light, yellow, sandy, beige shades will perfectly match with scarlet.

In the well-lit "southern" kitchen will add a little coolness and freshness cool colors-companions: blue, blue, gray, pink shades.

Also, the glossy facades, glazed tiles, glass, chrome and metal surfaces will help balance the heat of red.


4. Do not paint the walls red whole

Do not completely paint the walls with red paint or glue them on red wallpaper, but you can draw a scarlet one accent wall, as shown in the next photo compilation.


On the selection of wallpaper and paint for walls read here and here.

5. When composing the color scheme of the interior, be guided by the principles of combining colors

Do you plan the interior of the future red kitchen or want to refresh the look of the already formed environment, create a successful combination of colors and the desired atmosphere will help you color schemes and color a circle. How to learn how to make the right color combinations yourself can be seen in this video.

Also you can find your palette on special sites like Color Palettes, Color Balance, etc., which make up the color gamut from the background (main), complementing and accompanying shades. That's what combinations with yellow, blue, green, gray, beige colors we found in the database site Color Palettes.


Photo Gallery

For your inspiration, we have collected a large selection of photos of red kitchens, as well as white-red, black-and-red and other design options in a variety of styles.

Red and white kitchen in the interior

The most versatile and safe option, especially relevant for the design of a small kitchen.



Black and red kitchen in the interior

This contrasting range is more suitable for kitchens in the Art Deco style, minimalism, modern, loft and, of course, pop art.



Kitchens of burgundy color

Bordeaux is an excellent alternative to the bright red kitchen design, which looks great both in modern and traditional style.



Kitchens with a red apron

If you want to add a few bright spots to the interior color scheme, then you can decorate the kitchen apron with red. In the next collection of photos are examples of a glass apron, mosaic, tile, "pig" or brick.


Kitchens with red curtains and textiles

Hanging the red curtains in the kitchen in any style, you will make it cozy and warm, but it is better to avoid bulky curtains made of completely scarlet fabric - red curtains in a cage, peas or a strip.

Red kitchen in classic style

In the classical style and other traditional directions like country and provence looks great furniture is not bright red, but burgundy, terracotta, madder and other muffled or deep shades.


Red kitchen in the style of pop art

Red kitchen in the interior in the style of pop art is appropriate as in any other. If you want to refresh the design of your red kitchen a little, then you can easily do this by hanging retro posters on the walls and adding a few black and white accents to the situation.

Red in combination with other colors

Red perfectly combines not only with the base colors: black, white, gray, beige, but also with neutral green, cold blue, and also warm yellow.

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