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If you like the atmosphere of calm, freshness and refinement in the house, then using gray in the interior of the kitchen will be a win-win solution. Let's see, for what this cool color designers love, and in what cases it is most appropriate.

  • While one finds the color gray grim, depressing and too serious, professionals value it for its neutrality, versatility and amazing ability to reveal the beauty of its companion colors - bright and restrained, “cold” and “warm”.
  • Designers like to use this color as an alternative to other basic colors, for example, white and beige, which most often play a dominant role in the interior.
  • Gray color of any shade is perfectly combined with the tree, shading its warmth.
  • Often gray and its shades are used to decorate luxurious and richly furnished interiors in classical or art deco style, because it can balance the abundance of decor surfaces and objects, “facilitate” massive furniture, emphasize the beauty of noble natural materials.

  • Light shades of this color visually increase the space and do not "hide" natural lighting, therefore, it is very suitable for decorating walls and floors of a small kitchen.

  • Another argument in favor of this color is the harmonious combination of gray walls or furniture with steel and chrome facades of household appliances.
  • Gray surfaces are more practical than white ones or, for example, dark brown ones, since dust, fatty deposits, stains and dirt spots are less noticeable on them. If you don’t like a completely gray kitchen, then you can use this color only for especially branded areas: apron, worktop, floor and / or walls.
  • If the windows of your kitchen are facing the south side, then the cold gray scale can visually “balance” the temperature in the room and add a feeling of freshness to it.

And now let's think about how you can use the gray color in the interior of the kitchen as efficiently and beautifully as possible, avoiding dull monochrome and excessive coldness.

Walls and flooring

Gray walls and kitchen floors are an excellent solution from both a practical and aesthetic point of view.

  • Only light gray, gray-blue, gray-beige shades are suitable for decoration of walls and floors of small kitchens.

Here is a selection of photos of kitchen interiors, in which the gray color of the walls successfully plays the role of the background( scroll the photo to the right).

As a wall decoration, gray wallpaper with an unobtrusive pattern is perfect, as in the photo below, plain or wallpaper for painting.

It is undesirable to use dark shades to decorate the walls of a small kitchen, but if it is well lit, then if you wish, you can draw only one accent wall with this color. For example, in this small Scandinavian-style kitchen, dark gray wallpapers decorated one wall in the dining area.

Gray floors, such as parquet flooring made from bleached oak, tiles, and porcelain stoneware will not only be beautiful and delicate, but also practical and easy to maintain.

Kitchen set and color combinations

Gray + White

The duet of these colors is a classic and always a win-win combination.

Design of gray kitchen against white walls, apron, countertops can be viewed in the photo below:

But a selection of photos of white kitchens in combination with walls, apron, countertops and interior items in asphalt, graphite and other colors.

Gray + Beige and Brown

If you want to create a very cozy kitchen, the beige color can play the role of a "companion" of gray, which softens its rigor and asceticism.

And, as mentioned earlier, this color is “friendly” with all shades of brown, which in the interior of the kitchen can be present in the form of wooden or rattan furniture, as well as in textiles and decor.

Gray + bright colors

Gray combines with almost all the colors of the rainbow, but with some shades it looks especially impressive.

For example, in combination with purple and pink accents.

The combination of gray with yellow and its variations is presented in the following selection of photos.

Another spectacular color pair is gray + green.

A combination of gray shades with blue, blue and turquoise tones is also possible, but to neutralize the coldness of such a color pair, shades of warm brown color should be present in the interior, for example, in the form of wooden furniture or finishes.

And finally, the dark shades of our color( graphite, asphalt, anthracite) get along well with red and burgundy color spots.

Monochrome in gray color

Gray and many of its shades can form the basis of the color palette of the interior. In whatever style the monochrome kitchen furnishings are sustained, its excessive coldness must be compensated for by the abundance of wooden furniture and natural textiles. Examples of monochrome kitchen design in different styles are presented in the following photos.

Since gray is the color of concrete, stone and metal, the color of severity and austerity, it often forms the basis of the male interior in the style of high-tech, minimalism, loft and industrial.

The following selection of photos presents the interiors of men's kitchens.

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