How to make a garland yourself

  • Christmas garland of snowflakes
  • Brushes of thread or paper silently
  • Garland of cones in the "snow"
  • Garland of balls
  • Pompons from yarn
  • LED garland with flowers from the egg box
  • Flags of paper in silence
  • Garland of pasta
  • Garland of felt
  • Garland with luminous balls

Garlands look beautiful all year round, but are especially good for holidays - New Year, Easter, Birthday or Halloween. Decorate the garland you can wall, ceiling or windows of any room - from the kitchen to the children's room, as well as a Christmas tree or a mantelpiece. In this article we will show you 10 ideas with step-by-step master classes, how to make a garland with your own hands from improvised, natural and even junk materials.

Christmas garland of snowflakes

We present the first idea of ​​making garlands for the New Year with our own hands - from snowflakes. Probably, we all remember how to cut a flat snowflake from a square sheet of paper. This way will help you if you want to make a garland as soon as possible. However, if you want to make a more elegant decoration, then we suggest to collect it from bulk snowflakes. They are done a little longer and more difficult, but the resulting garland will survive more than one holiday.


Prepare a paper, for example, a regular office, pencil, scissors, stapler with staples, glue or double-sided tape and thread.

  1. Divide a sheet of A4 paper into two equal strips.
  2. Now put each band in an accordion. You can do this in the following way: fold the strip in half, then fold it half again in half, Then quartet also bend in half and continue the action until the entire strip is found folds. Next, orienting yourself on the fold line, assemble the accordion.

  1. Cut one small strip from your accordion, cut it in half, and then draw a pattern on it to cut out the snowflake patterns. The pattern is drawn arbitrarily, but so that the edges of the assembled accordion in two or three places remain uncut. An example of a template can be seen on the right upper photo.
  2. Bend the accordion in half and staple it in the middle.
  3. Pencil around the outline of the template on one of the halves of your workpiece, and then with scissors cut off the corresponding parts of the pattern.
  4. Repeat Step # 5 with the other half of the workpiece using the same template.
  5. Fan each half of your workpiece with a fan and glue their ends together.
  6. Hang the medallion snowflakes on a beautiful thread, for example, a silver one.

Brushes of thread or paper silently

And now we present the idea of ​​making a garland by our own hands, which is the most fashionable attribute of celebrating the day of birth or weddings - a garland with tassels. From our master class you will learn how to make a great version of the decoration, but on the same principle you can easily make mini-brushes (eg, for decorating a Christmas tree) by using smaller paper.


Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Sheets of paper in silence 50 × 50 cm or 50 × 60 cm (for making 2 brushes you need 1 sheet);
  • Scissors;
  • Tape.
  1. Fold a sheet of tissue paper in half, then again half-and-half, but the other way to get a quarter.
  2. To create a fringe, start cutting your workpiece into strips (not more than 1 cm wide), not reaching the fold line approximately, -3 cm.
  3. Now cut the quartet with the fringe into two halves along the fold line. You will get two blanks as in the photo below.

Blanks for one brush

  1. Unfold one piece and start tightly folding it, as shown in the following photo.

  1. When you completely fold the workpiece (see Fig. photo above), fold it in half, and then twist the two halves together to create a loop for hanging on the tape. Fix the loop with transparent glue (eg, PVA) or thread.

  1. Make a few more brushes of different colors and hang them on the ribbon.

In this video you can see a detailed master-class how to make a garland of brushes with your own hands.

In the next selection of photos, other ideas for garlands of brushes are also provided.

The idea of ​​a garland for the birthday of the child

Christmas tree garland of brushes


Garland of cones in the "snow"

Garland of cones - a natural and durable decoration, especially relevant in autumn, winter and, of course, in the New Year. You can just take dry and clean bumps and tie them to, say, a jute rope. But in order for the garland to have a really festive look, try decorating the cone scales with "snow" from any white paint. It's time to get old white enamel from stocks!



  1. Pour a small amount of paint on a paper plate and dip the cones in it.
  2. Rotate the bump so that each tip of it is covered with paint. Set aside the cone to dry and repeat the actions with the remaining ones.

  1. When all the bumps dry, proceed to hang them on the thread. To do this, wrap the end of the thread around the bottom of the first bump and tie the knot. Then the second, third and all other knobs also tie around their lower parts, and on the last "link" of the garland you tie a knot.

  1. In addition, fix the position of the cones with a hot glue-gun.

There are other ideas for decorating cones. For example, they can be completely dyed (dilute the paint with water and dip each lump into it or just use a spray-paint) and even paste on the tips of gold leaf, as shown in the photo below.

The idea of ​​a garland of cones with your own hands

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Garland of balls

Balls of paper can be used to create both a New Year's garland with their own hands, and any other. It all depends on the colors that you choose. To make a garland of balls yourself you will need: glue or double-sided scotch, beautiful paper (eg, color or scrapbooking paper), scissors or special punch for cutting circles.



  1. To make 1 ball, you need to cut out of paper 6 circles of the same diameter. However, you can cut from 3 to 16 circles for one ball. The more circles you use, the more voluminous it will be.
  2. Each circle is bent in half so that the front side of the paper is inside.
  3. Now you can proceed to the formation of the ball. To do this, the resulting halves of circles merge with the opposite sides to each other.

  1. Before you glue the last parts of the ball, pass the ribbon through its core.
  2. According to the described scheme, make a lot of balls and fix them all on the tape.
  • If you have a sewing machine, then the process can be speeded up in the following way. Cut out mugs of medium-density colored paper (no more than 6 pcs. on the ball) and arrange them in piles. Keep in mind, the paper should be colored on both sides. Then in turn, stitch the pile on the typewriter, and when the garland is completely "sewn just straighten each semicircle of the ball. In the end, you should get something like this decoration.

By the way, on the same principle, but using details cut in another form, you can create a garland of any subject.

  • Christmas garland made of paper holly
  • Christmas garland made of paper holly
  • Garland of hearts, made by hand from sheet music notation
  • Garland of hearts, made by hand from sheet music notation

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Pompons from yarn

Depending on what color yarn you take, you can create a garland for any occasion. So, for example, on New Year's Eve you can take white, red and green colors, for Halloween - orange and black, and if you take skeins under the color scheme of the interior, get a fashionable decor item.


Christmas tree garland made of pom-poms made by own hands


Garland of pompoms for Halloween

There are many ways to make pompoms with your own hands, but for a garland the one that best allows you to quickly make several balls at once.


  1. Wind the yarn around the legs of the inverted chair as shown in the first upper photo.

  1. Remove the resulting skein from the legs and tie it along the entire length of the remainder of the thread, maintaining an interval of about 5 cm.
  2. Then simply cut the skein into identical tangles so that each tangle has a bandaged middle.
  3. Equal villi and spread the balls, turning them into balls. If the balls are not enough, repeat the action with another skein.
  4. Secure the balls to the tape.

LED garland with flowers from the egg box

And now let's find out how to transform an ordinary LED garland with flowers from... box boxes for eggs. Decoration will not only be beautiful, but also appropriate to the idea of ​​recycling waste. And the box can be not only cardboard, but also plastic.



Prepare the following materials and tools:

  • Packing for eggs (6-12 pieces);
  • LED garland;
  • Acrylic paint (in spray or can);
  • Hot glue gun;
  • Scissors;
  • Stationery knife.
  1. Cut off the lid of the box and set it aside.
  2. Using a knife, cut out the cells (for tulips) and / or the sections between the cells (for small or narrow elongated buds) of the box.

  1. Using scissors, form petals from the walls of the cells. Do not be afraid to experiment and cut out petals of different shapes and sizes.
  2. Once all the flowers are cut, proceed to painting them. Dry the flowers can be on wooden skewers stuck in the lid of the box.
  3. When the flowers dry, cut a small cross at the bottom of each bud.

  1. For each light bulb of the LED garland, "put on" the bud.
  2. Now you can hang your garland of flowers to any desired place.

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Flags of paper in silence

Bright colored flags on the ribbon - this is a classic decoration, appropriate for any holiday or just for decorating the interior. Today, we propose to make it an updated version, namely from paper silk or tissue paper and with fringe.


To make a garland of flags with your own hands you will need: a paper of tishu / cigarette paper of different colors, scissors, a pencil, a plate (any round object that you can circle), a ruler, a tape that can be bent in half and glue stick.

  1. Fold the paper in a pile and draw a circle on the top sheet using a plate.
  2. Without looking at the stack, cut out the circles. Then cut a stack of circles into halves.

  1. Start creating a fringe on the workpiece. To do this, simply cut the semicircle into narrow strips, not reaching 1 cm to the top edge and observing approximately the same interval.
  2. Now just glue the upper edge of each semicircle to the ribbon.
  3. By the same principle, make a garland of flags and pennants, but use a different color paper.

Garland of pasta

Figured pasta - it's almost ready to garland details, which need only a little decorate and thread / fix on the thread. So, for example, you can use butterflies (bows).



Prepare one or two batches of butterflies, paint, PVA glue, sparkles and a pretty thread.

  1. Paint the butterflies and leave them to dry.
  2. When the pasta is dry, grease them with PVA glue with a brush, then sprinkle them abundantly with sparkles. Shake off the excess and let the butterflies vysohtnut.
  3. Tie each macaroni to the rope.

If you want, you can replace the bows with any other curly pasta, for example, seashells, tubes. Not only from the bows you can make a garland, fit any curly pasta and straw as in the photo below.

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Garland of felt

Feather does not crumble on the cut, keeps the shape and is sold in a variety of colors. Cut from it, say, hearts or stars, you can connect them in a pretty garland.



  1. Draw a template of the desired shape on a cardboard or thick paper and cut it out.
  2. With a pencil, drag the outline of the template onto the felt sheets.
  3. Cut out the details.
  4. Observe the desired order, stitch all the details on the sewing machine or sew them with contrasting thread by hand (see. a photo).

Garland with luminous balls

Small spheres, glowing in the dark and seemingly hanging in the air, look very impressive. To make such a garland, you will need to buy a large number of ping-pong balls, prepare a stationery knife (and preferably a mock-up) and, of course, the electric garland itself.


  1. With a knife, cut each cross on the cross.

  1. Put a ball on each bulb. Hooray! The garland is ready!

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