Door error in the washing machine Atlas

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What does the error code Door on the washing machine Atlant: the door of the hatch is not closed properly.

The electronic control stick displays the DTC on the display. Electromechanical models of Atlas without a screen identify the error of the Door with a glow of 1, 3, 4 indicators.

We will look for the causes of the problem and understand how to eliminate the breakdown with your own hands.

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and solutions
  • 2How to fix a problem with electronics
    • 2.1Mechanical faults
    • 2.2How to replace the handle of the hatch

Causes and solutions

What is the error of Door in the washing machine Atlas, you understand. The door of the hatch can not be closed due to problems with the electronics or with mechanical elements.

What to do:

  • Check how the door closes, press the hatch more tightly.
  • Inspect the handle lock, the manhole lock. Check the wiring that connects them to the control module.
  • Evaluate the operation of the control board.

Before you start fixing the situation, try restarting the Atlant Stylalk. De-energize the CM for 10-20 minutes, then turn it on. If the Doo error is gone, then the reason was the system crash.

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If the error reset fails, you need to take action.

How to fix a problem with electronics

SMA Atlant is equipped not only with a mechanical lock - for secure protection, the door is locked at the electronic level. Responsible for this is the castle UBL.

How to determine that the reason is in UBL: the hatch closes normally, but the washing does not begin. The Atlas machine will not start until the hatch is fixed at the electronics level. The Door error appears on the display.

The device of blocking works from electronic impulses - under their influence the plates of the device expand, pressing on the lever. It happens that the plates wear out and UBL requires replacement. But first, check the device for service by a multimeter.

Inspect the lock hole for obstruction. Perhaps the clogged garbage prevents the lock from being fixed. For cleaning, you need to disassemble the UBL.

If the Door error still remains on the display, check the wires between the control unit and the UBL. Perhaps there are defects that need to be isolated or replaced.

Lastly, the module is checked: measure the resistance of the board elements with a multimeter. In the event of a breakdown, it must be repaired. If the module is completely burned, install a new one.

Mechanical faults

There are also other reasons why the Atlant machine writes the error Door. To resolve this issue, check the following items:

  • Position of the side loops. The door could be skewed due to improper installation or after a long operation - and the latch does not reach the lock hole. Check if the washing machine Atlant is on a level surface. Tighten the hinges by positioning the hatch in the correct position.
  • A pen. If the handle has broken, it is necessary to completely remove the door from the machine and install a new part.
  • Lock tongue. The fixing element can be displaced, because the pin, which holds it, drops out. To return the tongue to its original position, it is necessary to disassemble the lock mechanism.
  • The plastic guide is prone to wear. Therefore, if you do not hear a click after closing the hatch, you need to check and replace the guide.

How to replace the handle of the hatch

If you understand that the washing machine Atlant gives a Door error because of the mechanical nature, you need to replace the handle or its elements.

  • Remove the door from the AGR by unscrewing the two mounting bolts.
  • Lay the hatch on a flat surface.
  • Unscrew the bolts securing the two parts of the door.
  • Unclip the latches, remove the outer part together with the glass.
  • If your goal is to return the tongue in place, correct the pin that holds the handle.
  • To replace the entire mechanism, push and pull out the pin.
  • After disassembling the handle mechanism, install a new one.
  • First there is a spring.
  • Install the latch and, holding it, insert the pin.
  • Put the handle on top and secure the mechanism by pushing the pin.

In replacement video will help you:

Now you know what to do if the washing machine Atlas shows a Door error on the display.

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