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Onion is used for cooking many dishes, so any hostess, when choosing crops for cultivation on her site, gives preference to several varieties at once. Variety in the beds allows you to create new masterpieces in the kitchen, and at the same time improve in gardening. In this article we will find out what kinds of onions, domestic and wild, there are, we will talk about their description and learn the main characteristics.


Table of contents

  • Variety variety of onions: what species are there?
  • The most popular onion varieties
    • Onion seed
    • Onion (turnip)
    • Varieties of salad onion
    • Red onion
    • White Onion
    • Sweet onions
    • Names of onion varieties for storage
  • The best bulbs for the suburbs

Variety variety of onions: what species are there?

Adopting the experience of their ancestors, often the preference is given to the same varieties of onion when planting the garden.It's time to change the stereotypes, improve and achieve new results, because the dish can start playing with new flavors, if you use Setton or Leek instead of the usual one. Moreover, in the central part of Russia, a large number of varieties can be planted, as practice has shown. Though salad green though. And further we learn where any species can grow.

Bow on the garden plot
To determine the seeds of bulbous plants, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of different species, their preferences and nuances of planting. Also, it is worth paying attention to the conformity of the conditions for the growth of the culture and climate of the region. This will be discussed in this article.

The most popular onion varieties

All varieties of culture differ not only in their taste qualities, but also in the rules of planting, maturation, and yield.


Onion seed

  • Chalcedony grows on the open ground, is very popular among gardeners in the southern regions of Russia. Suitable for growing a feather and root. The aging period (from planting to harvesting) is 95-110 days. From the square meter is removed an average of 4 kg with a commercial weight of one small specimen of 85-100 gr. Sometimes there are onions with a weight of up to 400 grams. There is good immunity to peronosporosis, a vulnerability to cervical decay. Taste: pleasant with a small ostrinkoy.
  • Stuttgarter Risen early ripening, from sowing to harvesting takes about 3 months.Round-flat onions are on average 150-250 grams, but giants are also found up to 350 grams. The plant rarely shoots arrows, is not covered with spots, characteristic downy mildew. Taste: spicy with a sharp aroma.
  • Sauboll is characterized by large rounded bulbs with an average weight of up to 200 grams.The root crop ripens about 100-110 days, gives a good harvest. Taste: tender with a slight note of witticism, it is used mainly for salads.
. . Onion sableball.. Onion chalcedony.. Onions are a contractor.

Onion (turnip)

  • Zolotnichok is a medium-sized species, is distinguished by rounded onions of medium size with a weight of about 60-70 gr. Used for greenery and growing turnips for planting in the next season. The middle is white and juicy with a light ostinkoj.
  • Shaman refers to early ripening varieties, ripens in 86-95 days.Root has an elongated shape, pink-red rather juicy middle. The average weight of the turnip is 55-65 gr. Advantages: stable high yield, high taste qualities. It is stored for a short time.
  • Oporto ripens in 98-107 days, it belongs to the middle-ripening species.The weight of the turnip reaches 270-300 grams, the shape is regular rounded. Advantages: high yield when using seedlings, immunity to diseases and pests, preserves the presentation for a long time. Taste quality allows you to use oprichito for all types of processing.
. . Onions are golden.. Onion octopus.. Shaman bow.

Varieties of salad onion

  • The exquisite ripens for about 130 days, the taste is very sweet with an abundant release of juice.The turnips are round and very large, reaching 550 grams, but there are also specimens of 700-800 grams. The only shortcoming of culture is a small period of storage (no more than 3 months).
  • Yalta is extremely popular due to its excellent taste qualities.The plant ripens after 138-150 days, the turnips are large flattened violet tones, reaching an average of 200 gr. In the middle belt, you can grow a variety with seedlings. The onion is stored up to 4 months.
  • Ermak is the record holder for aging, the crop is removed after 75-95 days after sowing. It has good immunity, a long shelf life (until the next season). The gastronomic feature is a soft juicy structure with a slight sharpness.
. . Onion of the yermak.. Onions are excisibles.. Onion Yalta.

Red onion

  • The crimson ball ripens in 85-95 days, annually gives a stable harvest.The dark purple turnips of the rounded form justify the name. The middle is juicy of pleasant taste, set off by an easy or a light; a mild ostrinkoj. Deficiency is a short shelf life (up to 4 months).
  • Campillo F1 presents a hybrid of red onions, which has a rounded shape with a dense center and a pleasant purple hue. Advantage - the pigment is not transferred to kitchen accessories and fabric. Taste: a delicate structure with abundant juice, good palatability. Can be stored for a long time without losing its properties.
  • Retro is famous for its high yield and rapid aging (up to 90 days).The middle is a gentle dark red with white stripes. Onions are very sweet without sharpness, so it is added even in children's salads.
. . Bow purple ball.. Onions are F1.

White Onion

  • Albenka is fast maturing (up to 95 days)and interesting taste qualities that combine mild acuity and sweetness. Grown for greens and onion-sowing. Not suitable for long-term storage.
  • The white globe has a good seed germination and rapid maturation.You can harvest the crop 95-105 days after planting. Round, slightly elongated turnip on average hangs 160 gr. The variety is characterized by a high stable yield, immunity to Fusarium.
  • Sterling represents a group of hybrids of white onions with a maturity of 110-120 days.The weight of the average turnip is 120-200 gr. The shape is rounded with a white husk. The middle is soft and juicy with an unusual taste, not similar to other species. Root storage is short (3-5 months), but when growing, immunity to many diseases and pests is noted.
. . Bow of the Albion.. Onion white globe.. Onion sterling.

Sweet onions

  • Kaba ripens for 145-155 days,has immunity to diseases. The yield is stable, stored up to 4-5 months. The weight of the turnip is of round shape with a slight depression of 80-125 gr. The middle is dense, but sweet and juicy.
  • Globo ripens 110-125 days, the size of the root represents a real giant.The weight of one onion reaches 600-900 gr. The taste is gentle, sweetish, ideal for salads and various other dishes. Growing a crop from seedlings, you can get a crop from 1m2 to 12 kg.
  • Spanish 313 is different in yield,immunity to diseases and pests, suitable for fresh and processed. The weight of the average turnip is 120-150 grams, the shape is round large. Onions are recognized as domestic gardeners for a long time and are popular due to their unpretentious care and sweet flavors. Productivity with 1m2 - 4-5 kg.
. . Onion globo.. Onion Spanish 313.. Onions kaba.

Names of onion varieties for storage

  • Red Baronhas a dark red color, onion rounded slightly flattened. The plant ripens in just 90-95 days, the weight of the turnip is 95-110 gr. Advantages: stable high yield, light taste with a small ostrinka.
  • Volsky Onionprefers nutritious light soils. The root crop ripens after 120-140 days with an average weight of 90-140 g. The turnip grows in such a way that the top is on top of the ground, which simplifies collection. Taste characteristics: sharpness is well felt.
  • Orionrepresents an exclusive hybrid, over the breeding of which for a long time English breeders worked. The variety quickly ripens, which makes it possible to grow crops even in northern regions. The turnip has a regular rounded shape of a beautiful violet color weighing an average of 150-200 g. Among gardeners, Orion is very popular, but neither in the suburbs, nor in the Urals, will probably not grow.
. . Volsky onion.. Onion bow.. Bow ed a baron.

The best bulbs for the suburbs

  • CenturionIt has gained popularity all over the world due to its high taste qualities.Circular-elongated turnip reaches a weight of up to 110 g. Yields average, but stable (up to 3-4 kg with 1m2). Advantages of the variety: not subject to the release of arrows, long shelf life (up to 8-9 months), resistance to decay. Root crop has a sharp taste.
  • Hercules is considered a prolific culture, giving from one meter square to 8-9 kg of root crops.Breeders, working on a hybrid, initially set the task of obtaining long-guarded onions. The result exceeded expectations - good resistance to disease, long-term storage without loss of useful properties, resistance to the vagaries of nature. The weight of the turnip is up to 120 g., The palatability at the height (acuity is light, juiciness, moderately sweet).
  • Sturonrepresents a hybrid grown by Dutch breeders. As a result of painstaking work, a variety that is resistant to diseases and pests has been obtained, which keeps a good appearance for 9-10 months.Ripening of the plant occurs in 100-115 days, the weight of the average turnip is 120-150 g.Gastronomic feature: suitable for all kinds of treatments, neutral flavor notes with a small ostrinka.
. . Onions Hercules.. Onion Sturon.. Onion centurion.

Observing all the recommendations for preparing the soil, planting and care, you can remove a very abundant harvest of onions from the beds. And even celebrate annually a giant root crop, winning their own records.

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