Error F09 in the Indesit washing machine

Error F09 in the washing machine Indesit indicates a malfunction in the operation of the control module.

In the electronic models CMA Indesit on the scoreboard is lit F09, on the mechanical - the lights "Delay wash" and "Additional rinse" are displayed. The "Turnover" indicator may flash.

What to do, and how to fix the error yourself?

Content of the material:

  • 1Causes and signs of breakage
    • 1.1Why the board breaks down
  • 2Self-inspection and repair

Causes and signs of breakage

The electronic module is a complex part, and the microprocessor in its structure is the most expensive part. Before commencing repair or replacement of the control unit, it is necessary to accurately determine the failure.

Why the board breaks down

Causes of the DTC:

  • Factory marriage is typical for both cheap and expensive models of Indesit.
  • Long operation in conditions of high humidity. It is proved that moisture is the most frequent cause of breakage of the module, because it leads to a short circuit.
  • Power surges in the network.
  • Frequently turn off the washing machine from the mains during the washing process.

Washing machine Indesit gives error F09 for malfunctions in the control board. What external signs may indicate this breakdown:

  • The control unit hangs in the spin mode, the system does not respond to button presses, and does not show error F 09 on the display.
  • The temperature sensor readings and the actual water temperature do not converge. The electric heater (TEN) overheats or, on the contrary, does not warm water at all.
  • The indicator lights flash randomly, the machine does not respond to your actions.
  • Suspicious change in the speed of rotation of the drum, not envisaged by the program.
  • Inadequate behavior of the program: washing is started - there is no set of water, or immediately there is a discharge. The system hung. After the reboot, the error is reset and the operation is in normal mode.
  • All programs work, but in reality nothing happens, washing does not start.
  • With any program selection, the wash lasts too long, the water does not drain, the system hangs.
  • Immediately after turning on the program hangs and turns off.

These are only possible signs of module failure. How can I fix it and remove the error?

Self-inspection and repair

To solve the problem, check the connection of the Indesit machine to the network and reboot. If there are no results, then:

  1. Carry out a self-test of the washing machine. For each model, detailed instructions are given in the user manual. Exceptions are ultramodern models, where there is self-diagnosis. The test will indicate the error code of a particular part of the display.
  2. Do the test with a multimeter, calling the board and all the other details. This will help you find out the cause of the problem.

If you decide to repair the control module yourself and fix F09 error on the Indesit machine, you need to call each element of the board. And only then something to change or solder.

The latest electronic models are too complicated, which means that it is necessary to call a professional. The master is best allowed to inspect the part on site to accurately identify the problem.

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